Microsoft to open first Canadian retail store in Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre


  • Pewz

    We need one of those in Montreal! Either DT or Carrefour laval!

  • RIMrumours

    Wash your hands on your way out, don’t touch the door handle, you don’t want to cath a VIRUS!

  • Azrael010


    Now, I know this will sound crazy, but I predict Apple will get its lawyers involved.

  • aregularonhofo

    You won’t catch a virus with RIM…the phones never work.

  • MIJ

    Please sell your beautiful Windows Phone 7 and/or 8 outright and unlocked. Don’t repeat what Sony’s stupidity.

    • Nathen

      Hi MIJ, That is NOT going to Happen.
      The only Phone like that is the Google Brand of Phones.

      The Windows phones will be locked with the Carriers (rogers,telus,bell,ect…) UI installed on them.
      Always have been and Always will be , untill everyone stops buying that crap.
      only THEN will they get the message.

  • vengefulspirit99

    We are getting more and more attention from the world. Well considering we have the most technology per capita I’m amazed this wasn’t sooner

  • OgtheDim

    Brown, beige, white and blue?

    Weird scheme

  • Crocography

    Want one in the downtown core.

  • Keith

    Finally, the center of the universe and it’s only now getting a Microsoft Store. Just teasing, I used to live there and quite like the city and I’m way overdue for a return visit.

  • Matt

    Time to walk in with my Android shirt to buy the MS Surface?

    • tom

      Or Apple store staff walk in with an iPad, which just happened to be in the same mall!!!!

  • Megahertz

    Wow now I have a place to lineup in front of when Windows 8 comes out!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!

    Rather see a Samsung store instead of this.

  • Ron

    Nice, I’ll have to check this out sometime!

  • Czaxon

    VANCOUVER PLEASE!! I would love to work at a Microsoft store!

  • Marion

    what computers would they sell though? or is it just a software selling store?

    • Keith

      They sell signature PCs from 3rd parties, software of course, Windows Phones, Xboxes, Kinects and accessores, keybords, mice, webcams etc and the upcoming Surface tablets will probalby be Microsoft Store stars.

  • AllanVS

    I just applied for a job there tonight … I’m hoping I get called for their “Job Fair” on Tuesday. I got an email from my school tonight about it. Apparently, only the campus I attend is having a job fair. I wonder if people not affiliated with the school (Alumni, Faculty and Students were invited to meet with them) will be turned away….

  • Rafael

    Why couldn’t it be Samsung Store?!?!?!

  • jess

    wtf they go too toronto yet vancouver is a hours drive from microsoft h.q wow

  • caribouroader

    Absolutely!…Yorkdale is my home turf as well. Looking forward to the opening in the fall.

  • Ulysses G

    Are they going to put the store beside Apple Store?

  • Mike

    Be one of the first 100 customers and you get a free blue screen of death.

  • yorgo

    I want one in MTL DT. These days I’m starting to love Microsoft with the new logo new windows phone8 and speacially specially the surface.( an Apple user who had enough from apple running after companies for stupidity )