Google outs Android OS 4.1 Jelly Bean, says Galaxy Nexus will be “the first phone” to get it


  • zefoutch

    good news but….im still waiting for my 4.0.4 update …

    • Theywillbepissed

      I’m all for innovation and all but Google needs to do one of two things: 1. Slow down the updates – everybody loves new features, problem is most of us don’t even have ics yet, or 2. Mandate that OEM’s make stock android available for all of their devices right away, and then give them the option to provide a custom skinned version of the same update down the road for those who want it

    • Tom

      Google needs to return to controlling the updates.

      Letting Samsung & the carriers control the updates was a big mistake.

    • RIMrumours

      It really depends what kind of Android phone you get.
      If you get an Android phone:
      Nexus, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, and more recently a Flagship Samsung, you will be at the top of the cue, but if you get an
      LG, Branded phone etc. you will be out of luck.

      Google will be releasing 3-4 “Google phones” ( By Samsung though) in Sept-October, Those would be the phones to get if you want to update soon to Key Lime Pie; the next version of Google.

    • ArtZ

      unlock bootloader and flash the stock google one yourself and you will get 4.1 when it comes out …. wait for canadian update? maybe if u get a new phone then u’ll get one lol

    • anona

      Or, you know, 3. Get a Nexus phone from Google and you don’t have to worry about the updates. You chose to go non-Google, deal with the consequences.

      @zefoutch- the 4.0.4 image is sitting on Google’s AOSP page. Flash it or quite complaining and keep waiting. The Nexus exists so you don’t have to wait for the middle-man OEMs and Carriers.

    • Bad Apple

      Don’t rush or don’t be impatient. 4.0.4 is a screw up. Loosing signal, strange screen switching, google calendar does not update the phone all the time, have to force it!!!
      screen goes blank and few other things…. 4.0.1 or 4.0.3 were way better. I have restored my phone endless times already to no change what-so-ever…
      I have Nexus S…

  • kramer

    im still on 4.0.1 -.-

  • Hub

    When most of the phone don’t have ICS.

  • Rebellion

    The phones in Canada are on a different revision and as a result we won’t get the first update unless you rebrand it to the Google Play version.

    I personally went out and bought the unit from Google Play as I didn’t want to be on the hook for $649 on a 3 year for a $399 phone.

    • RIMrumours

      Isn’t the “Devices” section of google play available only in the US??

  • Andy

    Darn. My Jalebi OS did not get approved.

  • mike

    LOL google is already talking about a new Jelly bean update when my Galaxy Nexus is still on 4.0.2 lol. what happened to all the previous updates before Jelly Bean Google????

    • Nathen

      My Galaxy Nexus AND my Nexus S both have all the latest Updates past and present.
      Something is wrong with your phone or you dont have Auto updates on.

    • Mike

      I have a galaxy nexus stock rom running 4.0.4. Have you not gotten any updates? ive been running 4.0.4 for a month now..

  • Daniel Szilagyi

    it’s Samsung Canada’s fault for the lack of the update…normally we would get 4.1 though.

    Hope we get passed 4.0.1 though….I’ve been on it since December
    virgin/stock ICS

  • Al

    Seems like i’ve made a good choice when i flashed over to yakju stock rom! Will be getting this the second it’s out! 🙂

  • JLP

    Just flash yakju already, problem solved. I’ve been running it since a while, no issue

  • Azzo

    Google should make an announcement to carriers & makers to hurry the F*** up with their updates.

  • Adriel Michaud

    As has been mentioned above, go Yakju. I’d bet $1 that Yakju will get 4.1 before the other Canadian builds even get past 4.0.1

    • Al

      haha, betting $1 doesn’t seem very supportive for your argument XD Nonetheless, i agree with you! (I shall bet an additional dollar along with you)

  • Samuel

    Google store play lists no phone

    • Kida

      Not available in Canada through Google Play, yet. The poster who said he got one must have a U.S. shipping address. (Which, while awesome for him, is less useful for the rest of us.)
      The GN can be had for around $470 CAN if you shop around, though.

    • Rebellion

      The Galaxy Nexus in the Google Play store is only available in US. You have to have to have a US address and US credit card.

  • vengefulspirit99

    Less than 1 in 10 devices use ics and they’re pushing for jb already?

  • cody

    So excited, this could mean the htc One XXL is closer than I thought 🙂

  • Lirodon

    Yakjux ones will probably get it before the world ends

  • ELNY

    Perfect, even more Android fragmentation.

  • dubs

    Anyone wanting to flash their gnex to the yakju build just needs to search for the wugfresh toolkit… Backing up your phone is the longest part, other than that it takes about 10 minutes, and the toolkit takes all of the guesswork out of it! Between running.4 for months now.

  • LeDerp

    cant wait for custom roms to come out muahahah

    *ready to flash*

  • Gilbert P.

    If this releases on June 27th, the SGS III will be outdated the day it comes out. Hopefully CM9 integrates JellyBean quickly so we can all have it.

  • Phyxius

    sry for typos was eating and typing with one hand… but fou = for you
    flshed = flashed

  • uhho

    for all those complaining about updates, get a nexus. that will send message to OEM’s. I got the htc magic, rogers refused to pay for 2.2 upgrade. thats when i decided to get nexus. yes we wont have the best of the HW but the OEM;s will get the message that we like running latest OS than your “skin”.

  • newuser1

    It’s been 6+ months since the Galaxy Nexus has been available in Canada (yakjuux) and we’re still on 4.0.1

    Here’s hoping they can beat that with 4.1

  • Nathen

    I think some of the more IN THE KNOW user here should SPELL out WHY there ( Android phones ) still don’t have 4.01 ICS on the Device they purchased or got on Contract.
    The short story is some others have pointed out here……
    ” If you purchased your (NON Google branded) phone from your Carrier then it is UP TO THEM and NOT Google to update the OS for your phone. ”
    For axample….any Carrier , Say Rogers can not prevent or deny your from Getting the latest Updates of ICS or any OS from Google as it has no say because it is a GOOGLE UNLOCKED Open Phone.”
    ALL the rest come with Rogers UI installed and so you will be at the Carriers Mercy .

    End of Story. Don’t Blame Google. Call you Carrier.

  • jacktackle

    Jelly bean was suppose to start with version 5.0 featuring a dual O/S android + Google. if they are starting with 4.1 then ICS have no room for updates e.g 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 etc. this all sounds fake to me. i wasted my comment. 😛

  • monsterduc1000

    My Nexus S is ready to flash JB!!!

  • Megahertz

    Anyone know if the Telus Samsung Galaxy SIIx will be upgraded to ICS?? This phone doesn’t even have a place to Check for Updates!!! 🙁

  • Jon

    @ megahertz, sync your gs2x to Kies and you can update it to ics on there

  • Corrector

    Donut was 1.6 while Eclair was 2.0 and 2.1

  • GNexUser

    Also stuck on 4.0.1 here in Canada (yakjuux) for the past 6+ months, you’re right we could flash to yakju and get the updates OTA ASAP after that, but we shouldn’t have to do that in the first place.

    Samsung Mobile Canada blames Google and Google is impossible to get any kind of response from. Sure I removed the Carrier layer by buying a Nexus phone this time around, but it doesn’t seem much better just because we happen to live outside the US. Though from the sounds of things Verizon users there only JUST got 4.0.4.

  • jake

    @Gnexuser I agree i have a gnex and i think that you shouldnt have to flash a version to get the official updates. Ive been a android fan for awhile n1,O3D, and now my Gnex but if google wants to keep its customers happy the least they can do is keep their own phone updated. The verizon version tho is different from the official google version and is a carrier branded phone.

    I ended up using Wugfresh to update my phone 3 months ago, easy process other than my crappy computer lol. Finally rooted my phone last week(1st time rooting) and now im running Blackice kangorade build 39 with franco’s kernal and loving it

  • Blaise Petric

    Correction: Donut is not 2.0, it’s 1.6. Eclair is also 2.0 but only 1 phone got 2.0

  • Clyde

    I have a galaxy nexux from wind. And i chk for the damn update all the time. Still running 4.02. My friend with the nexus s also on wind has 4.04. I dont understand. Quick updates was the reason i got this phone.

  • corrrection

    donut was 1.6!

  • catos

    still on 4.0.1, samsung canada are very very slow