Rogers Samsung Galaxy S II LTE users reporting OS 4.0 upgrade now available


  • Is it finally here!!!?

    Is OS4.0 codename for BB10?

    Its here isn’t it! Its finally here!

    GO RIM GO!

    • Big Boi

      Can my Pearl Flip accept this update?

    • Still2Xpensive

      ..And this is exactly why you are always better with the “international Version” ( In this case SG2 fom Bell or Virgin)
      They got Google 4 months ago and the preformance improved dramatically; expect to see those phones around for another yr.

      The GS2 LTE-“SGH-I727R” update from Rogers ( with Capacitive buttons) has worse performance then Gingerbread.

      The Samsung Galaxy 2X from Telus ( Hercules) got the upgrade too and this one IMPROVES the performance.
      So there you go, is hit and miss.

      For the SGS3 ( Dual Core,More RAM, LTE radio) NA version at $600 I would still get the INTERNATIONAL version ( Quad Core, Less RAM, NO LTE radio to drain battery, and European and Asian developers for ROMs and support, plus better reselling value) all at the same price.

      International is always BETTER, avoid modified versions whenever you can.
      For those that have “special versions” hang in there, the SGS2 is still a great mid range phone in July 2012!

  • sicsicpuppy

    So am guessing JB should be around , same time 2013 ?

    • compatriot!

      JB = Jelly Bean?
      JB = Jim Balsillie?

  • Jim

    Looks like it’s available through Kies. Running a backup right now before upgrading.

  • Christian Starling

    You all are so daft! JB= Jelly Baby!

  • Varroa

    So my Galaxy Nexus is stuck in 4.0.1 hell and this phone gets 4.0.4! I thought the Nexus was suppose to get these updates before other phones! ARRRGGHHH!!!

    • hfx_nick

      The first thing I did when I got my Galaxy Nexus from Rogers was download the GNexus Toolkit and flash the original Yakju firmware from Google. Once I flashed that it prompted me for an update right away.

      The Nexus is super simple to manually update etc if you do some reading :). No need to feel trapped.


    • Robbie


      Unloack the bootloader and flash it to the Yakju build. Rogers WILL NOT RELEASE 4.0.4 for the Galaxy Nexus. EVER.
      I got them to CONFIRM to me after WEEKS of the LYING to me that they HAVE the update.
      They are not releasing it and NEVER will.
      Screw Rogers. Flash it and get Google to update the phone.
      If you have to wait for Rogers or Samsung you’ll be waiting forever.

    • Varroa

      Well I am with Bell and it is Samsung that is updating these phones (not the carrier). I am going to give the Gnex toolkit a try, thanks!

  • Marc Pilon

    Well Good Luck! My battery performance drop dramatically after I installed OS 4.0 on my Galaxy SII from Bell Mobility. It improved a little bit with time but it is still much worse than before.

    • Dave

      Mine was greatly improved after I upgraded on my S2X

    • Brandonite

      I have an international SGSII and my battery life tripled after the ICS upgrade. 4.0.3

    • AndroidTechBoy

      Once they release the 4.0.4 update your battery life will improve dramatically for your phone.

  • Erix

    Pardon my ignorance, but how exactly do you upgrade? I have found out it isn’t as simple as just opening Kies Air. Help is appreciated.

    • zack

      you’re looking for Kies, not Kies Air (they’re completely different). Kies is an application for your computer go to and search for Kies.

  • PK

    my battery life has been brutal ever since I got the phone so I’m hoping that this improves with the new upgrade……jury will be out on this one though… prediction…..FAIL! But at least its got better battery life than the iphone4 LMFAO!!!

  • EveryonesOpinion

    The phone displayed is the G2 LTE. Is this update available for everyone?

  • M

    Is this update supposed to change the theme of the phone as well? Is there a way to do it? I still have the old Touchwiz, but I was looking forward to the one with the cyan and stuff I saw with other ICS devices…

    • Dave

      I don’t believe so. I (on the S2X (4.0.3)) still had the old icons and such, was a little disappointed. I too wanted the new folder icons and the menus. You can root your phone if you wanted to obviously or you can download a launcher app from the app store(I’m using the Apex launcher uses a bit of extra RAM although nothing too heavy). And you can get more of the fuller ICS experience as the Gnexus and others do. If you were still on 3.X though you wouldn’t get the full experience, I put it on my brothers S2 LTE back a few weeks ago and it wasn’t the same as mine when i updated to 4.0.3

  • Josh Brown

    Where is the update for the HTC raider 4g bell has had it out for a month.

  • Jim

    Update worked. Everything seems to run smoothly and all apps and data were maintained. No need for a data restore, other than the home screen layout. Version 4.04 as shown in the photo.

    • Steve

      it times out after downloading the firmware files… then reconnects and says that the upgrade is still available… tried it 5 times now… The rep said the screen shot was altered.. Kinda feel like altering Samsung and Rogers right about now LOL!

  • Darc

    I am still updating

    Other than Kies being one of the worst programs ever.

    I am on the 4th attempt after rebooting the phone 3 times, and Kies twice.

    I am currently stuck at 6 Percent on the Firmware Upgrade Process.

    Has anyone else had this happen? And if so, did you happen to find the current so it could be done manually?

  • Adam

    Now we just need to wait for the ICS update for the RAZR. The promise was for Q2. The clock is ticking down fast.

  • Jim

    Ok, not everything seems to be good. The Email app for viewing Exchange Emails does not actually show you the email messages. They’re all compressed down and you can’t open them up.

  • Jim

    I figured out the issue with the email app. For some strange reason, when using it for the first time, you need to toggle the font size to large, and then back to normal. After that, everything shows up as expected. Very weird…

  • Steve

    I spoke with a Samsung rep a few mins ago and he told me that the update was for the X and the 4G only. There’s no update for the LTE version (despite the screen shot above) according to Samsung…. All they would say is that it’s coming soon and that Rogers releasing it has nothing to do with the update.

    • EveryonesOpinion

      Then why does my Kies say “Downloading file for firmware upgrade of “SGH-I727R” (G2 LTE) ?
      Maybe the Samsung rep needs a firmware update

  • Steve

    I have no clue… mine just keeps downloading to 100% then loses connection and re-connects… please let me know if it works for you tho!

    • EveryonesOpinion

      Mine worked fine. Update is complete. Is it your Kies that is having the issue? What I did was troubleshoot any connection issues I had first before trying the upgrade – didn’t want Kies to crap out on me midway

  • Eluder

    Did the update for a friend, took less than 30 mins.
    Updated to 4.0.4, so far so good.

  • JHK1984

    I flashed CM9 and I’m not looking back.
    This TW crap is just disgusting.
    It’s CM9 or die trying people!

  • clone7

    is it hard to install CM(?

    • Moose

      CyanogenMod? Not difficult at all. Just requires that you root the phone first to gain superuser access. From there, you can get the CM9 Alpha which gives you the ICS 4.0.4 vanilla theme, not the touchwiz. I’ve done it to my SG S2 LTE.

  • Steve

    Thanks for the connectivity troubleshooting tip! 🙂
    it’s in the middle of the update now! 🙂

  • TLS2000

    For anyone having issues with KIES, has this in an ODIN flashable file. Just download that and use ODIN instead. Only downside to that route is that it does a complete wipe.

  • Pete

    Worked for me. Used Kies.
    ICS 4.04
    Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE

  • martin

    Kies wanted to update itself first — which would go through the whole download and install without actually updating. (repeat). So I had to download the installer from Samsung to get that to work.

    Otherwise no problems.

    Anyone know how to do a screen capture now. The previous “Home&Power” doesn’t seem to work any more and neither does the ICS “Down&Power”.

    • Elizabeth

      home + power is working fine for me, I really like that they get saved to clipboard automatically as well as screen grabs folder.

  • Ben

    Wow.I am sorry I upgraded. the keybpard inpt is terrible! Have to type sloooow. Keyboard inpit is delayed cant type too fast letters are missed. Cursor does not line up properly. When trying to back space off the end of the line the cursor is not accurate. if the marker is with the cursor it backspaces directly above it. Evehhcuris atend of the line intended

    cant even fix that. when dragging and dropping cursor it still does not work. Cursor placement not accurate.

    stock browser goes blank while scrolling and stopping in the intended location. have to wait for the page to load. Even though it is completely downloaded.

    I am going back to gingerbread till this is fixed.

  • Jon

    With this firmware upgrade it still doesn’t bring back bluetooth voice dialer which my old Samsung Captivate with gingerbread have. Pretty disappointed with Samsung and trying to rectify their bluetooth voice dialer woes.

  • Guy

    Kies do not show new version available for my Galaxy SII LTE (Rogers) It’s says that I have the latest version of firmware ?????

    • mattyc

      mine says the same!! how can i update?

  • Guy

    My previous phones were using OTA. I was told by Rogers that it would be a KIES download when I’ll received the message. So I’ll to wait my turn I guess!

  • AndroidTechBoy

    I update my sister’s and it made the phone so slow and laggy that I just downgraded it back to 2.3.5 Gingerbread.

  • SAM

    I just updated mine is perfect very smooth nice software

  • SAM

    Camera is faster battery is better even the quality of display is better no lagging at all

  • nekkidtruth

    This update improves battery life, performance and a whole slew of awesomeness. Not sure what some of you are complaining about. I have experienced zero issues and it’s running like a beast.

  • Volpo

    Just updated my G2 LTE i727(Rogers)to ICS using KIES. Seems to be ok but not happy that my home screens were lost and replace with Rogers standard set. Was a good test for my memory. Not sure I got it all but phone works well w/many new useful features. Took less than 1/2 hour.
    No issues yet.

  • David BaseCode

    Well i got the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE (SkyRocket) and the update is not avaible for my device. I try to connect him with USB Cable and Got into KIES and nothing working.

    If anyone got an issue for that please tell me,
    iv’e waiting like 3month for this version , i can’t wait anymore XD

  • Dark Angel

    Hi , i got Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE (SkyRocket) from Rogers and this is N.O.T. T.R.U.E. there is no update avaible for the device. Ive been looking to connect it with a USB Cable and Get on KIES and there’s nothing new…

    Samsung and Rogers said there will be an update on the second trimestery. but it’s not there now , for the people who said it’s working u definitly lying.

  • GS

    No issues with the install, but wow!

    So buggy for me… I’m extremely disappointed considering it’s taken Roger’s 6 months to get here and months after the competition.

    I’ve had BB’s, iphone’s, and the Razr before this device. I love the Androids OS, but it’s crazy how you have to re-assemble your Device from scratch.

    This alone has me ready to jump back to Apple when the iphone 5 comes out. iTunes makes everything pretty seamless and you get updates fairly regularly compared to this ICS update(s) lol.

    Maybe I’m alone with the bugginess..

    and I wish I could tell you that I’m going back to Gingerbread, but I really couldn’t bare having to re custamize my device again(s) =*(

  • jeff

    it worked on my pc not my mac with kies for some reason.

  • Tired of fighting

    have tried several times to update via Kies on my Mac w no luck. Says it is updating and finishes then it restarts and the os is still 2.3.5


    @ GS Apple is the evil empire but you are right re iTunes.

    @ Jeff will try old PC thx.

  • Chris

    updated, but found a bunch of bugs..
    music player the most…
    also, does anyone know whats up with the keyboard icon on the status bar popping up everytime i click something..
    extremely disappointed with the update

  • PK



  • Matt

    Updated to 4.04. Signal issue, keyboard lag issues, when you scroll the screen blanks out. Pretty sad.

  • Scott

    Updated my Rogers SII LTE this afternoon. 1st attempt froze at 24% but after killing that (waited an hour with no change). Removed the battery, restarted the computer and kies, initiated recovery mode and it completed the update.

    So far so good.

  • Teemu Leandro

    Just upgraded my Rogers Galaxy SII LTE (SGH-I727R) today. Took about 25mins, upgraded without a hitch.

  • chris

    Using a Galaxy S2 LTE. Upgraded to ICS last week. 2 issues so far. Firstly blue tooth with vehicle is dropping constantly, never had an issue with Gingerbread. Secondly i have to re-enter my personal email address from time to time as it seems to disappear when i go to check emails. Gmail seems to be working fine. USB tethering seems to work for the most part but sometimes it disconnects as well from time to time. The upside is close to a Rogers tower i had download speeds close to 30 mbs and uploads of 10 mbs with the LTE.

  • Ron

    I updated about a week ago. New OS has its good/bad; most i can live with…
    EXCEPT my battery life is absolutely horrible. I thought it was bad before, but with 4.0.4 its beyond dismal. I’ve turned everything i dont ‘need’ off, or down to the lowest setting, and have juice defender trying to save some powere where it can. Just using the internet to browse (text only, no video/animations or pictures) and my battery went from 100% to 94% in 6 mins… :s

  • Martin

    Please someone help me go back to GB this upgrade is killing me! I used to be in love with my phone, now I want to chuck i out of the car!

  • Ken

    I just updated this week and everything was working fine until I attempted to use the GPS. With Gingerbread I got a lock right away. With the ICS, I haven’t been able to get a signal lock most of the time, and the few times it locked, it took a long time (>5 minutes). This is horrible. I want to revert back to Gingerbread, but don’t know how.


  • Dave

    I updated mine the other day. I lost root access but otherwise it seems great. Much smoother and battery life seems about the same so far.

    It was really laggy after the first reboot. I had to remove some apps (Go Launcher, Go locker) but after that and another reboot, it was smooth.

  • crewf

    I don’t know what I do for my phone

  • crewf

    I don’t know what I do for my phone Galaxy II sgh-I727R rogers my life

  • Roy

    I finally got keis to work keis even fixed my driver problem I was having yay the frustration was getting extreme for a bit there lol but it works sweetness


    After updation my s2 is hanging and default internet explorer is not working ,i am not able to connect the bluetooth headset

  • TO-BOB

    Any troubles ? Dificult?