Rogers launches the Nokia Lumia 710 in White


  • THIS IS BB10

    BB10 has arrived!

    • Still2Xpensive

      The 610 with 256MB RAM at $175 ( Same as the HTC One V) is a fail!!
      -The 610 should be $99 on prepaid.

      The 710 has a 1.4GHz CPU ( The One V has 1 GHZ) but NO SD Card, and a smaller battery; so it might have a faster processor but with a max storage of 8GB, and the smaller battery this phone won’t last a full day in REAL LIFE. At $230 it won’t sell well.

      Nokia should have kept the Lumia 610 for emerging markets and release the Lumia 710 in NA at $150, they would have sold thousands and get some market share in NA. Now all they have is:

      Lumia 610- $175 – FAIL!
      Lumia 710- $220 – About $50 too expensive, 8Gb, 1300mAh ???
      Lumia 800- $530 – A very bad Joke, not even funny!
      Lumia 900- $500 – for $70 more you get the HTC One S.

    • Still2Xpensive

      The Android market is maturing for 2012 and there are not that many options this year.

      Last yr you had entry level phones at $150-200,then Galaxy S or Nexus S at $300 and then the flagships at $600.

      For 2012 you have the
      HTC One V at $175 ( best value in Canada for new phone in the $100-$300 segment) and then
      -Samsung Galaxy S2 at $350 (FS)
      -Then flagships at $599 (SGS3)

      the new entry-level ($175) and the top($599) are here to stay, everything in between these prices has to adjust to the new reality.
      Of course the Iphone 5 will be the exception: at $600-800.

  • Alex Perrier

    YAY! 🙂

    Since i was an early adopter, i got the HTC Radar in white. i don’t think there is a point of WIND getting the Lumia 710 because they already have the Radar. Mobilicity could use a white Lumia 710, and Vidéotron could use a black version of the phone. Even though i’m not a fan of the two latter carriers, more choices are good.

    Ian, it is hit or miss whether you get the Lumia 710 at $230 or around $250. The $230 price is for postpaid month-to-month activations. Some stores will charge that price for prepaid as well, while others will require a higher cost for prepaid activations. With Fido, however, the month-to-month price and the prepaid price are identical.

  • Keith

    That’s a much better option than paying $175 for the dumb-downed 610 on Koodo.

  • ace

    0.01… galaxy nexus is free… COME ON!!!!!

  • EvanKr

    I was going to pick one up for a family member, but now that WP8 is here I’m going to hold off until later this year.

  • jeevesrr

    I have the rogers lumia 710 in black but I want the white one now. I signed a contract three months ago so how can I get the white version instead?

  • Geoff

    Who really wants to buy a phone that won’t get the good update just some half baked version later on and will not be upgraded past that.

  • Matt

    I wanted to get this phone for my sister, but it won’t let me buy it!