Public Mobile’s future coverage map shows network build-out in Newmarket and St. Catharines


  • Eric V.

    They’re already in Oshawa and Bowmanville, thank you. This is VERY old news.

  • Eric V.

    Service has been live in Bowmanville since last summer.

  • TestMe


    • hoo dat

      It’s going to be a while before they’re going to be able to compete with anything other than price; their data’s slow like molasses, their phone line up is really quite pitiful and about 2 years out of date, and their network quality is second rate to say the least. But they do appeal to a certain demographic and if they play their cards right in the up coming auction they may well become a serious player and really compete with the likes of WIND and the Big 3’s flanker brands. I exclude Mobi simply because I think they’ve seriously run out of ideas and cash. Their recent announcement of a “4G” network is nothing thing more than a software update and only time will tell whether they’ve sorted their network properly or not.

  • Jorvay

    Cool. More competition in more regions. Keep it coming!

  • hoo dat

    Makes you wonder how Mobilicity can possibly imagine survival without further expansion into the Golden Horseshoe. I never thought I’d ever see myself typing these words but I put more credence in what Public is doing over Mobi.

  • aregularonhofo

    At least Public Mobile’s coverage map/sub totals are not shrinking like Mobilicity, I have to agree with hoo dat their software update technically means nothing to the common user and with throttling as the norm little has changed…at least PM has integrity and makes clear what you get.

  • Mike

    I haven’t hear any news bout public mobile in a long time, I thought they closed up and were already gone lol. I’m really surprised that their still around with only Toronto coverage and not building more zones lol

  • Mercwithamouth

    Staying low key really is working for them. I still like the direction they are taking, and my sources put Niagara region around August/September with some new devices on the way as well

  • pots

    I still have Public as a back up phone but still get dropped calls and bad reception. Ill keep it till the end of the year and if still get dropped calls ill drop them.

    • Mercwithamouth

      I have an android with Public, and Ive never had any issues. Works great everywhere Ive been, even roaming into the US.

  • Gonzo

    Yep, coverage on the island and around was never good, you have to wonder why it is not fix after a few years ?

  • SpectrumSchmectrum

    Good to hear they are expanding! That’s how u gain market share!!! And along Canada’s most populated corridor, only good things for Public Mobile.
    See how its done Mobilicity?? No smokescreen about alleged 4G. That’s not enough to keep customers.
    What do Mobilicity customers do? Stay at home and not leave their parents basement?
    Wow. Public Mobile is expanding faster than Mobilicity!!!! Hang on to your hats!!

    • Charlie Says

      Public Mobile is now truly better than Mobilicity! Building a network means expanding outwards for more customers to use the service.
      Mobilicity customers like to stay at home and just not waste Mobilicity’s money for fear of losing their own cheap plans. Problem with that strategy is that nobody wants to switch to a small local carrier. Only losers who don’t want to explore outside their local areas of Markham or Richmond Hill want service. Unfortunately, Canada is much bigger than those areas.

    • Alex Perrier

      “See how its done Mobilicity?? No smokescreen about alleged 4G. That’s not enough to keep customers.”
      One thing i absolutely didn’t like about Mobilicity was their inability to answer my question regarding speeds. The HTC Panache worked up to 14.4 Mbit/s. When i asked the store whether Mobilicity supports such speeds or not, they didn’t give me a clear answer about what the maximum speed truly is. They just said that i won’t attain such speeds. The truth is that the network currently limits ALL Mobi phones to 3.6 Mbit/s maximum, regardless of the modem.

      “What do Mobilicity customers do? Stay at home and not leave their parents basement?”
      i wouldn’t insult Mobilicity customers. Many of them likely aren’t familiar with the mobile industry, how Mobilicity works, and other such details.

      “Wow. Public Mobile is expanding faster than Mobilicity!!!!”
      Public’s exclusive coverage in Montréal is smart because no other budget carrier is available there. Mobilicity had the chance to do the same: instead of launching Toronto on May 15, 2010, they could have launched in Vancouver. Assuming WIND wouldn’t be there until June 3, 2010 (their launch date for Vancouver), this would have given Mobilicity 19 days of exclusivity in that city! They could have kept modest pricing if they targeted and had exclusive coverage in non-WIND markets. Instead, a “price war” occurred between both carriers until at one point, WIND had enough and decided that subsidizing phones (something i don’t 100% agree with) and having modestly priced plans made more sense than rock bottom pricing.

    • What city next?

      That coverage area is very impressive. From Windsor to Quebec City! And, add in roaming with the U.S., that’s also the Minneapolis/St. Louis/Chicago/Detroit corridor!

      Very impressive Public Mobile! We’re cheering for you, that’s for sure!

      Put your money on Public Mobile, definitely, definitely, don’t bet on Mobilicity even covering the Golden Horseshoe of the GTA. They can’t even keep their customers from leaving without lowering their plans.

      Go Public Mobile!

  • Atrix

    The phones are really bad, tethering is not allowed, data is slow, and data roaming is not allowed. Each of those is a deal breaker for me. Perhaps they could get the razr maxx, since it is cdma. Then I would consider them.

  • aregularonhofo

    Very true, for a year Mobilicity claimed they had coverage in parts of Pickering when they didn’t and then finally redid the coverage map after complaints…I mean are people so stupid they’ll continue believing lies and paying for cheap rates with awful service just to see if more spectrum is obtained. It’s obvious they can’t sustain themselves and give Public Mobile credit for advancing.

  • sh030

    now public mobile has data roaming. I guess they are growing bigger now

  • Alex Perrier

    But it’s $1.50 per MB. Ditto for Mobilicity. And i thought WIND was pricey at $1/MB! (Neither price is worth it, in my opinion.)

    What i like about Public Mobile’s Internet roaming service, however, is that it’s opt-in. If one attempts to use it, they will be presented with a website where they can either confirm or deny that they want to activate Internet roaming. A good example to set!

    i cannot comment for WIND or Mobilicity’s Internet roaming services because i have not used such services.

  • Azzicat

    Worst phone company ever!!!
    I cant use my phone in my own house. No signal. When i use it outdoors it drops calls, or wont connect at all. It takes up to 2 days to receive a text.
    I called them one year ago to complain, they said it was because they did not have enough towers up yet, and the service should get better soon. In fact the service has gotten worse. I just called them again and the rep. told me to switch carriers.
    I am going outside right now to melt this phone with my blowtorch, and pray for all those that have been suckered by this Mickey Mouse operation.