Videotron to offer the Samsung Galaxy S III for a “reduced price” of $99.95


  • hoo dat

    Can soebody please explain to me what the actual difference is between Videotron and Bell??

    • Hub

      Their TV service is better and cheaper, so you get to benefit from the bundle discount….


    • Chris

      Bell has a robot answering your phone calls. Videotron had a person answering my calls within 2 phone rings when I inquired about their cell plan a year ago. I guess Bell is more high tech with their robot!

    • Steven

      unlike bell or any of the other big four, videotron is the only one to offer unlimited minutes plans without conditions

      I agree that 3-years is ridiculous considering the technology of the phone is obsolete in half that time, but this is a uniquely canadian stupidity

      I get the same as I used to get with bell, plus unlimited minutes (instead of only 200), plus unlimited txt (instead of only 500) for $55 with videotron instead of $80 with bell

      screw bell … screw the big four

      as for long distance, I dont even bother with it for home/cell .. since I can use My magicjack in My laptop for unlimited perfect quality to anywhere in north america … it cost $40 in the store and $20/YEAR :p

  • Hub

    *on 3 year contracts*

    Yep Videotron is just applying to enter the cartel of telcos. So sad for Quebec customers.

  • A guy

    I’m still wondering what the outright price is going to be.

  • shaggyskunk

    Not a fan of either, but videotron does cater to the francophone. Having lived in Quebec, the preferences given to French are noticeable. Just an observation.

  • Monkey Face

    Knowing these small print promos, limited quantities are probably like five SG3s.

  • Randy – 1

    How sad that Videotron, a relative newcomer to mobility, has joined in the uniquely Canadian telco cult of 3 year contracts.

    Has anyone else found another western nation aside from us where 3 year contracts for any meaningful phone subsidy, rather than 2, are the norm? I haven’t yet come across any.

  • zzzZZZZzz

    @Randy, it’s not like you HAVE to take it on a 3yr plan. There’s always the outright price available.

    Ever wondered that maybe, just maybe some people actually want to go on a 3yr? I’m not defending this procedure – buying my phones outright for the past 3 years – but some people don’t have the cash right away and most are wary about buying from kijiji or craigslist.

    • Randy – 1

      Well, no one ‘wants’ to go on a 3 year plan, but I get what you’re saying. But I think you’re missing my point.

      What I’m saying is, why is it that to get a phone in Canada, the only viable options are to buy it outright, or sign a 36 month contract? 1 and 2 year contracts in Canada are a complete and utter joke. Sign on for 24 months to save $75-$100?! …sometimes less.

      Why is it every other country in the world can offer their best deals on phone subsidies on a 2 year plan, yet we have to sign on for 3 years to get a similar savings? 3 years is a virtual lifetime in tech terms given the rate of change. …and at the end of it, the phone is still not free and clear ours unless we pay $50-$75 more to have it unlocked, or find a 3rd party way around it.

      It’s ridiculous. When friends of mine from various parts of the world see our phone prices advertised, and notice the “on a 3 year term” they either laugh or simply shake their head in disbelief. That we just accept it, and in some cases defend it, is what makes me shake my head.

  • bly

    to enjoy what this offer,

  • Mike

    Good price, seems like they dont ask for a minimum data plan

  • Alex Perrier

    i have to say that i’m impressed with the new Vidéotron website. It looks much nicer than the old one, and you can select a device category instead of having them all listed on the same page.

    That’s about where the fun ends. Plans are still Robelus-ish. Why settle for Québec-Wide calling when you can get Canada-Wide calling plus more features for the same price? The TV (30 hours for only $15/month) is a pretty sweet deal, especially if it works in HDMI-out mode. Other than that, Vidéotron doesn’t have much to offer.

  • montrealer

    unfortunately for us, Quebecers, videotron won the frequency auction for Quebec. So instead of having windmobile, we have a compagny that does little to differentiate itself from the big 3.

  • Allen

    Unlimited Quebec calling plan with text is $60.45 plus $8 for calliner I’d and vm

    With koodo and virgin it costs 50$ for unlimited Canada. Why would someone pay more for less?

    Even with 3 bundles services it costs $55.45, with virgin you get 10% of you bill towards a new phone which is like another 10% off

    Anyone with videotron must be really bad with basic math.