Virgin officially launches the BlackBerry Curve 9320, priced at a low $150


  • Peter B

    Can this be unlocked to use on Telus?

    • 9320 = Unholy Machine

      Blackberry 9230’s are for Virgins. how fitting!

  • Alex Perrier

    i am guessing Koodo will be getting this too, because they cleared out their 9360 on their website. Other carriers will like the price tag, too, and hopefully clear out the dinosaur 9300 at clearance prices. This BB 6 device needs to disappear from retail already!

    Why would anyone get the 9360, though? It only has a slightly better camera and a white colour option, but costs twice as much as the 9320 or even more. The 9320 is definitively a better value.

  • Deli


  • dave (former blackberry owner)

    people still buy these?

  • BB

    great device and priced well for people who dont need to keep up with the kardashians!

  • Atrix

    Rim is sooooooo dead. Only a fool/teenager/university student would buy a rim product. Come, let us dance on its grave and rejoice in its failure. Rim stock is $9 and falling. Will be $0 by July.

    • rimm

      To all the people that says that RIM is UNDERVALUED: They say that the Patents alone are worth $5 Billion or more.
      Well you can buy the ENTIRE company now and nobody is buying. If you take a conservative 5% drop from here to June 28th, stock will be $9.10 by June 28th (earning report)
      then add (or substract) the 15% that RIMM stock has dropped two weeks after the earnings report for the last 5 consecutive reports and you get $7.75 By Mid July!

      They said that RIMM would implode under $10, now they say is under $5. Either they divide the company in parts before it reaches $5 or somebody will buy it at sub $5 and then scrap the parts they don’t need (including the BBM button)

    • 9320 = Unholy Machine

      I’ve been using that line about “dancing on its grave” a lot on various forums. I hope you don’t mind. I think it was yours and I “borrowed” it. Let me know if I can continue to use it. I think its pretty awesome.

  • rimm

    RIMM at $9.66 per share Market Cap just over $5B ….and:

    Lazaridis still in the board of Directors of RIM
    2,000 to 6,000 people to let go
    Inventory in RIM warehouses ONLY increased 66%
    Only a Pre Beta developers BB10 phone
    Still NO FIRM DATE for BB10
    Earnings report coming up in almost 4 weeks.
    No more “new” hardware to release, no more “buyout rumours” to spread ( Why would anybody buy ALL the parts of RIM at $9.6, when you can wait and get ONLY the parts that are WORTH something for $5 or $4 in one or two months?)

  • Tj

    Can this be unlocked to use with Wind Mobile or Mobilicity ? No intention of using it with Virgin aka Bell and their crappy plans. I refuse to give Bell, Robbers or Telus any money for the way they have treated us..every year they have ripped us a new oe

    • Remik

      no, it will not work on Wind, Mobilicity, Videotron

  • nauman

    Apparently if you try to add it to the cart from Virgin it is already out of stock.

  • Atrix

    Finally, the market has put rim out of its misery. Let us be glad and rejoice!

    • Menard

      Hey how is the atrix, i want to buy the atrix 2 off of amazon. I assume you have the atrix? Seems like a sweet phone.

    • Atrix

      @Menard Atrix was an awesome cheaper alternative to the iPhone way back in March 2011 but today it’s only worth about $200 used off contract (-$50 for each year left on contract). Still, it’s better than any Blackberry. Advantages are large battery (1950mah) and 4″ screen, which I think is the perfect size but few phones actually come in this size now. Pentile screen does the job but isn’t great. Freezes randomly when playing youtube videos, battery must be removed and replaced. Probably won’t get ICS but Motorola hasn’t officially said no. Fingerprint reader was a cool gimmick but a waste of time in real life. It only worked about 60% of the time so I turned it off. Be careful about buying phones not sold by you home carrier like Atrix 2, it might not be compatible with your home carrier’s signal (i.e. Razr Maxx which is CDMA/LTE and won’t work in non-LTE areas) Sorry for posting off topic but since you asked…

    • Menard



  • bikequeen99

    Look for these kind of articles for Apple next year. IPhones for $99.

  • iamkennypowers

    listen to all these stock market genius’s haha. This phone for 150 was a GENIUS idea. And to that fool “atrix” the only motorola phone worth having was the star tac 🙂

  • pots

    went to store and they were sold out people pre ordered them

  • Chris

    This is a fantastic price…We Canadians get gouged for using text messaging, so picking up several of models for the family will save quite a bit of money, if one chooses to have only a ‘social’ plan.

  • Chris

    To add to the above comment this is obviously a great deal. Add item to cart and it is out of stock.

  • Rogido

    Kinda pointless if you can only use it with Robellus, and their ridiculous BB plans. Waiting for Wind to get theirs.