Rogers says the future is M2M, mobile wallet and mobile video: “Our job is to predict the future… capture it… conquer it…”


  • cybik

    Still won’t touch their EnStream banking strategy.


      capture it… conquer it… I don’t care about it!!

    • caribouroader

      Caputure…conquer and CHARGE FOR IT!!!

  • TestMe


  • Radapple

    hhhmmm, this feels like an invasion speech for high prices and crappy service for the next 100 years….

  • robot-shmobot

    When will carriers stop trying to be ‘the next big thing’ and learn to just be competitively priced dumb pipes?

  • Aiden

    All they capture and conquer is our wallets!

  • Terry

    It should be “predict the future… Stop it… Monopolize it.”

  • shaggyskunk

    Rogers needs to get the Present under control, and then worry about the future! Half baked releases, lame promotions, delayed updates, misleading advertising, misdirection is rogers way of making a profit….. Shareholders buy phones too, but you knew that, right rogers :-[

  • Dave

    Release ICS for Galaxy Note first before capturing and conquering something else.

  • roman129

    Your job is to be a dumb pipe, nothing more.

  • aregularonhofo

    Still nothing about free Voice Mail in every plan…interesting!

    • Colbert

      It is free on my plan! You are on wind right? So you have to pay for voice mail? roaming? calls out of an area, no signal, wow you are not too bright huh? Is it true that the customer service at wind is ranked the worst? I just went to the wind forums what a troll fest 14 customer service complaints already! I know I know it is still early! What time is it in Egypt, the Philippines and India?

    • OgtheDim

      Meh…..complaints happen. If you think Rogers is perfect, you’re not dealing with reality.

  • lei

    make my bill right first. ur system always has issue that charge me more than i should pay

  • random72

    I agree with the tone of some of the other posts- most of this stuff is still 3-5 years away (at least) and some of it may never come to pass.

    The devil, as the say, is always in the details and until we know specifics, this plans are little more than the sort of blueskying companies roll out for conferences like this one.

    As someone remarked, Rogers should be focused on getting things right in the present- better product launches and pricing structures, service plans that actually suit modern devices and completing the rollout of their LTE network (something that is progressing at a glacial pace).

  • David

    And our job is to punish it, boycott it and to hell with it

  • snaapz

    Personally, I can’t wait for my house to have an IP address.

    Water softener Emails me when it needs more salt
    Clothes Dryer texts me when the load is dry
    House calls my cell if there’s a leak, fire or break in…
    Set my bathtub to be full of hot water for 7AM
    When my car pulls into the parking lot the GPS system will let my house know to initiate John home #3 (Disarm alarm, Unlock front door, turn on porch lights, kitchen lights, turn on TV tune to ch 33, text Sarah “I’m home”

  • T1MB0T

    Ragu! that would work perfect for ya! txt warren you are home and he can get the drinkies ready so you and john can have the bumblast-o-thon!

    hows the reception on wind yesterday? the rain knocked it out huh sorry wind..

  • John

    “Our job is to predict the future… capture it… conquer it… and then empower our customers to get the most out of it.”

    More like get the most money out of our customers. I hate you Robbers!

  • aregularonhofo

    Some of you are total i****s, Rocco-Rockjock keeps thinking I’m Warren and the Mobilicity fanboys think I’m LA, bottom line I’m neither and your whole purpose for posting is to confuse the public because you are all paid trolls and it’s not working anymore. Wind Mobile is advancing and more individuals see who the truly corrupt entities are.

    BTW Rocco…I guess you have heard about Telenor’s plans in association with Vimpelcom/Orascom concering Wind Mobile…inside information that will surprise. Wind Mobile is safe and why more customers from the other newbies have to switch.

  • Acco

    Unsaid words: and then gouge the Canadian customer’s wallet through the roof for it.

  • Hugh

    Rogers suit: blah blah … capture …. blah blah … conquer .. blah blah. Some future 🙁

  • OgtheDim

    Capture, conquer it and price it WAAAAAY higher then it is in other countries.

  • Mark

    “Our job is to predict the future… capture it… conquer it… and then empower our customers to get the most out of it.”

    What most people here think this quote should really say:

    “Our goal is to wildly guess for tomorrow, brainwash the masses, kill the competition, and enslave(3yr) our customers and get the most out of them.

    • Mas

      i disagree,

      “Our goal is to wildly guess for tomorrow”
      no one can predict the future but you can make an educated guess and they are definitely right about mobile wallet, this tech will come guaranteed.

      “brainwash the masses”
      Our whole society is brainwashed to be mass consumers of items we can live without so it’s really nothing unique to Rogers

      “kill the competition”
      Competition is better now than it was, and looks like they are alive and kicking to me

      “and enslave(3yr) our customers and get the most out of them.”
      Definitely disagree with the whole enslavement comment since no one is forcing you to do anything including remain in a 3 year commitment. If and when you are unhappy or fed upwith the product or service you are free to leave any time.

    • Accophox

      You’re free to leave, but the cost of cancelling is still prohibitive to most. And most Rogers and Bell customers are on a ECF+DECF fee structure, instead of the more fair economic inducement (subsidy/term * term left). And the phone that they bought is still locked to the original carrier.

  • Alibaba

    All u consumers are like little insects who no one cares about ..all u want subsidized phone and no contract…have it both ways and then say companies really robbing u….cry about free caller I’d and shitzzz…m2m is next big thing and obviously not meant for consumers primarily…this is already implemented…look around your hydro meter has a sim card that send it usage wireless and similarly million other services e.g:taxi meters, parking meters,FedEx handheld scanners etc etc etc….think about the potential..and rogers is the 1st one to tap into this market. ….