Rogers to release the Nokia Lumia 900 in Cyan?


  • Sean

    Good I love the 900 but I really have the black one. It makes it look like any other phone. They cyan version though really makes it stand out. I saw someone with a cyan 800 and knew right away that was an 800

  • EvanKr

    Hmm, not sure whether it was good to get it free on a 3 year in black, or if I should’ve waited and paid $99 in Cyan. Either way, it’s still a much better deal than the $49 Telus is charging for the 800 on a 3 year, or the $529 outright.

  • rwalrond

    Would have bought this on release date, but Rogers farted around too long and my impulse buy urge has already passed. I will wait until after I see what Microsoft has planned for Windows Phone 8.

    If Rogers had a good reason not to have the Cyan version available at launch they should tell us, cause I can’t understand how they didn’t think the Cyan would have helped with sales and excitement at launch.

  • montrealer

    It was about time they release the cyan version!

  • shaggyskunk

    How come it’s only what rogers doesn’t release, that makes ME turn Red :-[ ICS updates?

  • Defrance

    Yes!!!!! It’s about freaking time, boys. Let’s see a release date now.

    You’d have to think the issue was availability and that AT&T had first dibs because Nokia wanted to make as big an impact as possible in the US market.

    The Canadian market is small potatoes and we are generally followers of the US trends.

    • EvanK

      That’s why I import my phones, I generally like to buy AT&T unlocked variants off of eBay.

  • shaggyskunk

    Another Cyan herring…. “pretty colours”. Hardware and Software folks!

  • Paul

    Is this even really news?

  • David Evans

    Where’s my $100 credit Nokia and Rogers?

  • Alex

    But you know I don’t really care the color of the phone itself any more, i mean, who nowaday don’t use a case/skin. and you can just buy a OEM Nokia skin in rogers store, it fits perfectly, and there’s cyan color one.