Official Instapaper for Android released for $2.99


  • EmperumanV

    Glad that they released an Android app but not sure if I will pay $2.99 considering its not as polished as the iOS version + not much features. Will pass and maybe get the apk and sideload.

    • 9320 = Unholy Machine

      Is this available for the BB10 phones? When will the BB10 phones be available?

  • d4civan

    Really want to know what Instapaper brings to the table that Pocket doesn’t already (considering that Pocket is free and this is $3). Help guys?

  • everythingsablur

    Too late to the party. I was well ensconced in using Instapaper when I was primarily on webOS devices and an iPod Touch, as both have great client applications (Paper Mache on webOS, the official on iOS), but switching to Android has left me high and dry for good ways to use Instapaper. Now that Pocket has come along and is completely free (unlike Instapaper which many 3rd party apps required you to pay $3/3 months subscription to Marco for), I’ve fully moved over and haven’t missed Instapaper one bit.