Sony Xperia S ICS upgrade captured on video


  • OKAY

    first okaY?

    • ToniCipriani

      Actually… it’s not Okay.

  • PkaTka

    I think the new touchwiz on s3 looks better than this and this comes from a touchwiz hat er.

  • mike

    PPL actually buy Sony Mobile Phones???

    • Sammy

      Build quality and camera wise, most high end Sony phone are better than Samsung phones. They definately look better.

  • Geoff

    Who cares about a video get the upgrade out. This upgrade BS is the sole reason I can’t stand android. A new android high end phone could be out of date before it hits the store shelve and won’t update for 9 months.

    • BBL

      it’s easy to blame “android” when you could root your device in 2 steps, slap a custom rom on there and be running the latest software with no manufacturer skin to bloat/slow it down. do something about it. dont just complain.

    • PkaTka2

      @BBL you say as if it’s the easiest sh*t ever. First of, you lose your warranty. Second of, you can brick your phone. Third of, if youre new to rooting you need at least a day to figure out how to root it. Fourth of, most ROMs are laggy or unfinished as hell. Some of us PAY the manufacturer to do this sh*t for us. All I wanna do is press update and it should do its own thing.

  • inc

    sony has let us down. not even one sign of ics for xperia arc 🙁

  • ak


  • Mac

    haha could he have more notifications possibly 😛

  • manlossi

    in my opinion, I am not conscious of appearance, what is key is the internal system gadjet itself, for some users, the design is important from the internal system and vice versa for some users like me.

  • Shfn

    well the sony xperia S not getting the ICS is not exactly a bad thing.. look at the bright side. there seems to be a problem with the battery backup cutting down after the update.. so atleast my phone will be alive longer for now without having to wait somewhere to get some juice into it.