Update: RIM’s Chief Legal Officer is retiring


  • Todd

    She is retiring. I know that won’t matter to the trolls, but just for the record…

    • SAM


    • BB10

      She is retiring, with the Retiring package that RIM is giving to her ( well earned by the way) all the 6,000 people that will get the pink slip, will be the “licky ones” since they will get a decent severance package; the ones that stay might not be that lucky.

      Kudos to RIM (for once) for firing a % of people close to the % of market share lost. Firing less people does not help and wheter you fire 2,000 or 6,000 for the media will be the same. Ironically this might “help” RIM to keep the stock above $10 before the June 28th report.

      And no, its not a coincidence that all the top execs at RIM want to “spend some time with their family, retire, water the plants or watch “LOST: from begining to end) Something is about to happen…

    • BB10

      Mike Lazaridis is still “Non-Independent Vice Chairman of the Board”

      When will they get rid of him???

      They rather fire 6,000 people that announce a Firm release date for BB10. Heins won’t be able to make REAL changes until Lazaridis is gone.

  • Andrew

    “Be Bold” Stay with Blackberry

  • JB

    I wonder if all these execs are leaving because the share price has stayed consistently below the strike on any non-vested options they may have been granted. Seems likely to me, especially since you know the internal conversation would price options expecting a massive rebound, given the institutional delusion present at RIM.

  • Sammy

    RIM is pretty much finished.

    • 0defaced

      and Samsung sucks balls.

      Now that we’re done that, when’s dinner Apple?

      Ios is my b***h, Samsung is plastic crap. HTC Android devices FTW.

    • KC

      You’re right. BB 10 is pretty much finished, they are just polishing it up and doing the BlackBerry 10 Jam world tour t ohelp make sure the apps are ready. They are ready to prove that they are the third ecosystem and the only company capable of pulling off such a major shift in platforms successfully.

  • 0defaced

    @ Todd – To say she’s retiring after being with a *ahem* giant like RIM after 2 years is complete bullshit. She knows something we don’t….

  • RealDeal

    News Flash: “Assistant Janitor quits RIM! Is the end near”?

  • Megahertz

    @Todd Resigning and Retiring are two different thing.

    Why would anyone wants to use a mobile device that hasn’t posted any bad news since the first Bold was created.

  • Dan

    Hide yo kids, hide yo wife… RIM’s ship is going down!

  • kman

    Well if this means that they will eliminate some of the insanely excessive legal agreement screens that seem to be everywhere in the OS, software, and app market, then I for one am fully behind this move towards less RIM legal folks.

  • Marco

    I’m not a big fan of Blackberry phones but I don’t wish them also to go bankrupt because this will not be good for Canada’s economy if we lose all these jobs @ RIM

    • Hasan

      hey! I just found your blog from your comment on Jason’s so NO, I didn’t write that third parapragh because I’ve been reading yours! with a portfolio like yours, you don’t *need* to gloat your accolades on your blog!anyhow this is gorgeous. this is the language of photography, painting with light.

  • BB10

    They are getting rid of the top Execs and will hire all the Super heroes from last year!
    They are probably the only thing that can keep RIMM stock above $10 in June

  • Vince S

    Retiring… or maybe just going to a company that does actually make money. (shrug)

  • StephenBB81

    Glad to see The title of the Story has been updated

    Please also correct that Karima Bawa has been with RIM since 2000, she spent 10 years as the Sr VP of Legal, before being promoted to CLO in 2010

  • mike

    the top executives are leaving quickly because their cashing in their shares and leaving before RIM goes down. its best to leave a company before they close up so it doesn’t look back on your resume.

  • aregularonhofo

    She’ll be working for Mobilicity now to put the final nail in the coffin…good choice.

  • KC


    Why on earth would they get rid of Mike Lazaridis? He’s a genious and the founder of the company. Sure, he’s not a marketing guy and not a great public speaker but he’s a brilliant man and absolutely an asset to RIM in his current position. Mr Heins is the right guy to steer the ship, but make no mistake Mike L is hte right guy to head up innovation at RIM along side Dan Dodge as Chief Software Architect. RIM is finally getting the right organizational structure in place to really use all the great talent in the company to its fullest and make BlackBerry 10 the best platform on the market.

    • OgtheDim

      So much denial…

      Lazaradis’ governance capabilities are less then impressive.

  • Atrix

    All the rats are jumping off the sinking ship!

  • Nate

    Seriously though , anyone that does not SEE the writing on the wall with RIM is really in denial or clueless as to how Competitive the CELL market is right now.
    LOOK at MS and Nokia. COMBINED they still have yet to make a dent into the Market.
    Rim is fighting an UP HILL battle. No to just get back in the game but to Survive. It is hemorrhaging cusomers and has done nothing but make life difficult for developers to make Apps for the OS.

  • BB

    lots of great talks, but again apple had the same issues and so did alot of companies. Donald Trump even had troubles but look at him now!