Sony Xperia S upgrade to ICS now coming “during latter part of Q2”


  • js

    It’s disappointing this device did not launch with ICS but this type of delay really isn’t a big deal considering the level quality and user experience Sony’s Android devices deliver.

  • scazz

    Still waiting on Xperia Play 4.0

  • Dalex

    It’s a bit disheartening. I flashed ICS on my friend’s Xperia arc yesterday. Can’t imagine the software is any different…

    This update stuff is kinda lame, but I will cut Sony a bit of slack since they do contribute a lot to android coding and have recently been diligent in updating all of their devices unlike Motorola.

  • Inc

    Any ways to flash ics on a locked bootloader on arc?

  • leabset

    please kindly inform me when ics is available for Sony xperia s