Details leak of Nexus tablet: quad-core Tegra 3 for under $200, launching at Google I/O, on sale in July


  • John Marshall

    Hell yeah, I’d buy it. I’ve been waiting for the MeMO 370T since it was announced, and now that it has official Google branding and is $50 cheaper, my wallet’s open already!

    • SAM



      I AM IN

    • PkaTka

      SAM you do release that it won’t be made by samsung but Asus. What happened to your GO SAMMY GO NOTE cr*p?

  • JB

    Yeah, I’d buy this for sure, and give my Playbook to my mom.

    That’s a win/win.

    • mIX

      Nope sorry, it will only be a Win. You bought a Playbook which put you in the hole on the winning scale. hahaha 😛 jk

  • David

    If it has good specs, yes I’ll buy it.
    I’ve already bought apps for my GNex, so why would I buy anything but an Android tab?

  • primetime

    I was looking at the Galaxy tab 7.7, but now I’ll just have to sit on my money.

    Would there be a GSM equipped Nexus tablet too? Would the screen be SAMOLED? These are the questions running in my head right now.

  • Dylan D

    Really interested.. this could be really cool..

    At under $200 I doubt there would be cell data accsess.

  • Ryan

    I’m not particularly an Android fan, but those specs for that price have got me excited.

  • Nate

    Hell Ya ! I’m in for one. Got the Cash right here.

  • Mark

    Let the pricing wars being!!!

  • Slype

    Okay, maybe I’ll pass on the Galaxy Tab for $349 and grab this one for $198. Sweet.

  • shoe

    HP set the stage with the Touch Pad fire sale.
    Sub $200 is the sweet spot where the non-techo curious people will buy and it competes with the Kindle readers.

    If this rumour is true, Apple will have some serious price dropping to do.

    • Dom

      LOL Apple won’t drop the price on anything, you forget, Apple is a cult with worshipers not customers with open minds. So, they know they will always have empty heads available to buy anything with an apple logo on it. Not that apple products are bad, it’s just that their cult followers can’t tell bad from good. To them, apple is good, everything else is bad. To real techies, they’re open to buying from anyone.

    • John

      A 7 inch iPad mini for 250-299 is still a better deal than one of these for 199-250. iOS has better apps and less bugs…plain and simple.

  • Mark

    Yes. Yes! HELL YES!

  • new_tradition

    I don’t regret buying a $199 Playbook when I did, but if this had been out at the same time, I would’ve defintely grabbed this *_*

  • Ted

    You say “stock ICS” like it’s a bad thing! Vanilla Android is still my favorite (I’m dying to get out from under this Sense UI on my Evo3D)

    I would TOTALLY buy this thing at $199.

  • Eric

    It’s made by Asus. Forget it. If you have to deal with their warranty support once, it wouldn’t be worth the price, even if it were free.

  • NexusMan

    I may be baked but I’m positive that I just heard the little guy from Sega Monopoly just say “Sold!”

  • GuiSim

    It looks great, don’t get me wrong.. but I still wish they went with a 10 inch screen.

  • dirtychoncho

    I’ll definitely get one.

  • Mike

    As my wife said last night, “Yes, yes, yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! Yeeees!”

  • Jesse

    I’d get at least one. Maybe two.

  • Awkward Turtle

    This is great, especially for Nexus users. While I probably wont buy it, I am excited to see what variants emerge – perhaps a slightly larger model?

  • Jr67

    Asus wasn’t kidding about selling at a loss to grab market share if necessary. Will have to see how that works out for them. Great price.

  • Tony

    As long as it’s still the 800px higher resolution screen… if they stay at 600px I’m simply not buying.

  • Todd

    This seriously can not be a Nexus device lmao lol. Aren’t Nexus devices made by samsung only. I have a feeling Samsung’s going to sue Asus for stealing copy right name ‘nexus’ from samsung.

  • Paul

    I was planning to get one ASUS 730T at the $249 price but at $199 I am thinking of getting one for my wife. I get a better deal and they just made more money off me. Win, Win.

  • Tom

    At that price its a good deal but it will probobly only get people to buy more ipads unless they also release a bigger one with a 4:3 aspect ratio. I have owned many tablets and apple did nail the screen size and aspect ratio with the ipad imo. A 7″ may as well get a galaxy player so at least its pocketable

  • The Masked Bandito

    How is it not possible that Jellybean will launch after 8 months? Apple releases a new iOS version every 12…

  • jeff

    Yes as long as the screen is good. I would be even more likely to buy a Nexus 10″ for $250, that would be a sweet price point.

  • Jeremy

    I may be a little drunk, but I’m pretty sure I have just two words for this: “F*** Yeah!” For $200 I’ll throw my money at google and worry later about whether it’s really fantastic. I quite love my $500 Nexus S and I’d toss out half that again for a larger screen. I don’t particularly care about 4g support, I’d rather tether to my phone and have just a single data plan.

  • Josh

    s**t i have a samsung galaxy tab 10.1 wifi 32gb and i like it but now i see this and i want that but idk what to do with my other tablet if i were to get this tablet.

  • androidForLife

    Great price, but they can’t be making money on this. Obviously it isn’t going to be cutting edge, but for anyone that needs just a basic, striped down tablet, this is the one. It’s just a shame that it’s come to this, that the have to take the Nexus brand and sell it at a loss in order to buy some market share. People need to step the F up and buy, otherwise we are going to lose Android partners. Stop f’n talking and start f’n buying people! Companies can’t survive on a bunch of kids flaming on comments, they survive when you start actually buying. And now they are going to lose money to get you to buy. WTF!

  • Andy

    If they paid me $200 I’d take one. I’d need the money just to get ride of all the malware that comes free with all Android products. But then when I turned it on the second time, I’d have to start getting rid of all the malware again. On second thought, they can keep their Google Garbage, I’ll go with the vastly superior BlackBerry PlayBook, it has much better hardware, a much better Operating System, User Interface and infinitely better security (since Android have any). I don’t understand why they keep using that antiquated old Android OS, it’s not much good for anything, other then something for hackers to practice on.

    • Pahech

      You’re probably more likely to get hit by a car than get hit by malwares/hacked if you only go to sites that most people go and download the main popular apps – internet common sense. Otherwise, if you download questionable content and go to shady sites, you’ll get screwed over regardless of the platform you use. I mean, how many Android devices are out there? More than 300 million. How many of these got hacked and got screwed over? Certainly not enough to be newsworthy.

      Seriously, your hyperbole about Android vulnerabilities is defeating any credibility that you have, and I own a BB Playbook.

  • ace


  • Michael

    Great price point for a pure Google experience. Exciting times for Android products. Although they are playing catch up, Apple has already proven that technology moves at incredible speed and RIM has proven that there really is no loyalty in consumer electronics. If you build something awesome, the customers will buy it.

  • Charles

    I plan to but à tablet this summer and this one is definitely on my watch list. Criteria are resolution (1280 * 800), dual core or better, ICS, solid build, and less than $300.

  • Blackkey

    Why are tablets like this and the GT2 so cheap now?

  • J81

    will this be available in canada, where would i buy it? i hope it will have a 720p screen with usb/hdmi/micro sd ports

  • J81

    i hope these will show up in stores, are there any rumors on how much storage, 8GB? i hope there will be options for 16GB or more…

  • Mike Hunt

    Talk about a loss-leader, grab em while they last kids! Now that we have a poverty-class tablet courtesy of Asus, Joe Plumber will finally be able to afford one when he cashes his government cheque.