Samsung says “There is still a big gap in the patent war” with Apple, hints at possible cross-licensing deal


  • androidForLife

    Samsung’s market cap lost something like $10 billion last week just on a rumour that Apple was going to switch suppliers for one component. I think Samsung got the hint.

    • PkaTka

      How did you dare to say anything bad about samsung?! Afterall, its samsung that gives Canadians jobs by opening applestores!

  • Jacques

    Well, there are many key component in the iProduct that just can not be made elsewhere for the same price. Look at the new iPad, the processor and the screen are still being made by Samsung, why ? There is just no better option available. Apple needs samsung technology, they both benefit from the other.

  • c0bra

    Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said “We just want people to invent their own stuff.”

    Are you kidding me?
    I don’t know how this guy could say this without laughing his face off.

    O excuse me while I pause this interview so I can check my slide down notification bar on my iphone.

    What a nut case.

    • Cody

      Just a second guys, I’m gonna access my camera from my lock screen. hahahaha

    • PkaTka

      just a second, I am gonna go on my android and access pretty much everything… pinch to zoom, text reflow, homescreens, rotate, number of notifications next to the icon… jeez everything comes from Apple.

      Before the iPhone 1, there was nothing like it. If you disagree, just look at the android screens from the google vs. oracle lawsuit. Before Apple android was supposed to be a blackberry competitor.

    • TheywillbepisSes

      @pka tka:
      1. Multitouch was invented in 1982 by the University of Toronto’s Input Research Group
      2. I may be misunderstanding you but text reflow was first implemented by htc and is not even present in ios
      3. Symbian was the first to have homescreens and even if apple did invent homescreens you would be grasping at straws there
      4. Not sure what the hell rotate is
      5. Number of notifications next to the icon? Seriously?

    • Rio

      You guys are missing the point! Everything is copied yes, yes there was multi touch before the iPhone, yes there was pinch to zoom before the iPhone BUT there was no phone like the smartphones today.

      Apple was the first company to make the perfect combination of things in a smartphone and tablet.

      YES there was tablets and smartphones before the iPhone and iPad but they were not right for the consumer market, that is why it did not take off. Apple found the right recipe for a smartphone and then everyone copied it.

    • Cody

      Apple didn’t get the tablet “right” for it to take off… They slapped on their outdated OS and put the Apple logo on it and THAT’S why it sold.
      Did you ever ask the average iPhone user why they chose an iPhone? Their response is usually “It’s from apple” or “I like the size” or “My friends have it”. Only few power users have reasons for buying the specific phone while the majority is just going along with the pack.

  • Cody

    Apple to comply? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • Mike Neufeld

    This is too funny…

  • SAM

    GO SAMMIE!!!

  • patent troll

    Yeah because apple always invents their own technology like when the ripped off bbm with I message and copied the notification bar from Android

    • PkaTka

      that’s 2 examples. and I do agree. off the top of my head I can give you at least 20 examples of how android copies ios

      smooth scrolling, text reflow, pinch to zoom, home screens, rotate feature, swipe from one picture to another… you name it

      what google did it, it took ios and added the notification bar, face unlock, etc… but there’s no denying that they used ios as their basis. How do you know? look at the oracle vs. google lawsuit screenshots. Google mission statement was to have a platform with a keyboard. Back then they were planning on ripping off the blackberry.

    • Cody

      Once the first OS is made there isn’t much to do but “copy” and build on things to make them better. But Apple is not only copying, they are going agains their initial wishes by complicating the lock screen and home page, by making the display bigger in the next iPhone which Jobs said would NEVER happen, like using widgets. All the while Google has never done anything they said they wouldn’t, they are only building on their OS.

  • zzzZZZZzz

    “I wish people would just invent their own stuff, so we have new stuff to copy…I mean common, notification bar, iMessage, iCloud, camera from lockscreen…that was good for iPhone 4S…we need new stuff for the iPhone 5, so please please please invent some new stuff people!”

  • Justin Credible

    That’s incredible.

  • Jr67

    Apple will eventually switch suppliers. Their only advantage as a supplier is size. Apple can help a number of other companies ramp up production though that won’t be cheap. What’s samsung going to do, give their other customers money to buy from them? Samsung is replacable to Apple. Apple is irreplacable to Samsung. Regardless of the IQ of their diehard fans, Samsung is not stupid. They took the hint last week.

    • pac

      Apple is irreplacable to Samsung? Are you joking. The only thing Samsung loses if Apple drops them is about 1/3 of their volume, and it’s the lowest margin part of their business.

  • Jr67

    Hell, just look at the SGS3. Looks like it was designed by lawyers trying to avoid the internal designers habit of cloning iPhones. From an industrial design/aesthetic point of view, it is the most un-iPhone-like android phone Samsung has ever sold.

  • machesterGOON

    plastic garbage. get a blackberry

    • Ron Mexico

      Blackberry are the worse pieces of junk on the planet, once the one year warranty hits they die. I work for a carrier I see it every day, customers with a blackberry 13 months old that died. Absolute garbage.

  • Jr67

    1-Low margin with suddenly low volume isn’t great business. Business 101, if margins are low you need high volume.
    2-their displays are not low margin (especially their true retina displays though that pentile s**t is)

  • xorn

    Well i was browsing the web and reading email on my Treo back in 2001. I also had a calendar, contact list and an app store called PalmHQ. Guess what, Apple copied all that and told morons they invented it. Fast forward a few years and now those same morons are mouthpieces for apple’s delusional thoughts of originality. If you are going to say something stupid please offset it with something funny. It was painful enough to hear it from Jobs but at least he had a brain of his own.