LG Optimus LTE 2 will have best shot, voice-activated shutter and HDR features


  • darknight2ca

    no matter what LD comes out with… i will still not buy their mobile products … LACK OF ANY SUPPORT and most of the time their product gets left in the dust to die so quick,,,

    So no thank you LG..

    • lookiehere

      I’m on the same boat as you.

      I just will not get an LG phone.

      There’s just something about LG…

  • Netguru

    Have you considered seeking professional help for your Pen-Tile obsession? Gees. Every competent authority has debunked the Pen-Tile “issue” for small screens, as found on phones. Get over it already.

    • bob

      He also have an obsession for low-RAM devices. 2GB is the natural step for 2012 devices. It’s a shame that HTC and Samsung chose only 1GB, which was the standard of 2011.

    • Tom

      Yeah, additional RAM is the best way to future proof a device.

      The link provided – to justify the contention that more RAM is a bad thing – was just some MS self-serving speculation. I still believe that the extra energy required by additional RAM is insignificant (though I don’t have any convincing proof either).

    • Stimulator

      Netguru> What is there to “debunk” about pentile screens? They look terrible! I haven’t seen a single example of a pentile screen where I couldn’t see pixelation effects on straight lines, text, etc… Sure, the newer higher resolution screens are pretty good, but a non-pentile screen of the same resolution will still look multiple times better!

    • darknight2cA

      Lol its alright he can love his outdated lg as much as he wants yes sure lg is the first to stick 2gbs of ram in their.phones only reason Samsung phones don’t do that is because there really isn’t a big point in doing so since no one will have 60 different apps open at once..

  • Jean-Michel

    Deficient bluetooth as well, always disconnects from the device it is paired to and reconnects. They never fixed the issue since the last 5 years I think, I have only noticed LG phones with this problem, and some blackberry pearls back in the days but those got better.

  • Omis

    Take it from someone who just had to do a battery pull because the screen wouldn’t turn on. Don’t buy LG. Worst phones ever made.

  • Atrix

    Winners don’t choose LG. Also, winners don’t use Penile.

  • RyanOver

    A quad-core pc with a 1gig of ram is nothing and LAME.. a phone with a quad-core and 2gig of ram is outstanding and awesome( on paper) but in real life the battery has to step up otherwise it will drain quickly and the phone overheated.

  • Netguru


    “but a non-pentile screen of the same resolution will still look multiple times better!” That is the myth. The human eye cannot perceive the difference on a small high resolution screen. You only think you perceive a difference. Check out pentileblogDOTcom or any of the dozens of other reputable sites on the topic. Do you really think Samsung would use a substandard screen on their new flagship phone?

    • Stimulator

      Netguru> Look, I’m not blind, I know what I can see, and I can see the dang pixels on a pentile screen from a foot away. I can also see the pixels on my non-pentile screen but they are in straight lines, not all jagged and noticably weird.

  • Fenrir767

    I have the optimus 3d right now got it at a good place to replace my phone I lost (I still miss you my Nexus) I had to get a new phone today because I was so disgusted with the performance of the battery. I used it hardcore for about 3 hours and lost over 50% of my charge what was I doing using facebook messenger and texting. So no thank you LG, I’ll keep you for those nights I go out and think I may lose a phone but that’s about it.

  • josh

    I hope their software support has gone up. LG makes great spec phones with no support.
    If this device gets next OS (aftrer ICS) soon enough, I will consider LG products differently.
    Keep it up LG.