Angry Birds creator Rovio preparing IPO after $106m revenue in 2011



    LOL, for real?

    No one will even remember “Angry Birds” come 2014…

  • Trev

    Psssst! Porcine, not bovine.

    • Daniel Bader

      Trev, my apologies. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • asdklfsw

    rovio needs something new. they can’t just live off of angry birds forever.

    • HO

      …what do u mean?, the next iteration the birds will go to the market to start pouncing on money making schemers and thiefs, AB: Wall Street!!!

  • HO

    AB: Wall Street!!!!

  • Andy Warhol

    Probably not the wisest investment… I have a hard time believing Rovio will be able to consistently appease its shareholders and produce consistent profits on a single franchise.

  • haxor99

    1 word… crazy

  • Bill

    Daniel, can you please start proofreading your articles? In this one, you refer to pigs as “bovine”. In one of your previous articles, you assume that ad impressions equals userbase.

    I understand being “just a writer”, but it’s getting hard to take this site seriously when the articles are full of such obvious flaws.

    • Netguru

      C’mon Bill. Proofreading is something a professional writer does. You’re setting the bar too high for this guy.

    • Daniel Bader

      Bill, thanks for pointing that out. As for the previous article, I didn’t “assume” that ad impressions equals userbase — I pointed out the discrepancy, as any “just a writer” would do.

      As for bovine… give me a break. I’ll appeal to your compassion on that one. It was a long day writing non-professional content and my Latin knowledge skipped a beat.

    • Felix

      > So what is or should be Microsoft’s stertagy for mobile?I say: ANYTHING. Same for desktop, they seem to have no stertagy. It takes multi-page brochures to explain which version of an OS you should buy. They need a solid leader who has a UX or marketing core, and makes simple, solid decisions that stick.

  • BB

    106 million dollars to keep people interested when bored. The new trend is making a product that keeps people from being productive = lots of $$$

  • Zoey

    Bill, it takes a lot to find a flaw in an otherwise well-written article. Compared to other tech sites, I find the quality of writing on mobilesyrup from both Daniel and Ian far above the standard. The fact that Daniel would use a Latin term in discussing phones shows that his level of writing is above the average, and to refer to him as ‘just a writer’ is insulting. I respect the work done on this site, which is why I continue to come back to read the articles. If you’re going to be so hung up on an error over a Latin term, perhaps you need to take yourself less seriously.