Virgin to roll out new Smartphone and Prepaid plans May 9th


  • Andrew34

    Even if I get the “new” $60/month Virgin plan, it still doesn’t come close to my all-inclusive $40/month Wind plan.

    Even since I got the HMP, other companies and their offers simply became irrelevant. I like this feeling. I really do.

    • blr

      I know the feeling, every time a provider announces new plans I just don’t care.

  • jonny

    rip off!

  • EddieWinslow

    I am with virgin now, only because I had to threaten to leave for them to give me a plan that is somewhat decent.

    As soon as wind is open out here, PEACE OUT VIRGIN!

  • Herp D

    These plans kind of suck…. Can’t wait till Eastlink/Wind come to Halifax

  • NoStrap

    Wind and Mobilicity provide TERRIBLE SERVICE! I tried Wind in Toronto for 1 day, and smashed my phone to pieces out of frustration! EVERY CALL DROPPED! NO ONE COULD CALL ME! I WAS ROAMING ALL THE TIME! HAD ZERO SERVICE ON THE BUS AND STREETCAR!

    I was so mad when I was returning my phone!


    I am now with Virgin, and my phone works everywhere all the time, and the voices are crystal clear. Best company ever in Canada. Very satisfied.

    – Fred

  • XER

    I think Wind is getting the SG3 will really heat up the competition this summer. Seriously, if you are living in a zone and do your daily life within the zone 95% of the time, there is really no reason to go with these big three out of style plans.

    Can’t wait to see iPhone 5 to support 3G AWS this fall and the big 3 will really have a run of their money!

  • ToniCipriani

    National minutes? If not Talk and Text + Flex data still seems to be a slightly better deal.

    As much as want to switch to the new carriers, my Pre 3 doesn’t support AWS…

  • ToniCipriani

    Actually on a second look, those smartphone plans are even worse than the current ones.

    Take the $50 one for example… new plan is the same price with 50 less minutes and STILL NO CALLER ID AND VM. Only difference is the E-W became 5pm compared to 6. By the sound of things the minutes are NOT national.

    Bottomline: Koodo is still marginally better.

    • Andy c

      Read the post again. They include CID and vm

      still not great plans though

    • Chris

      6pm? Uhhh look at any current brochures… Its 7 pm not 6… Theit reducing the minutes by 2 hours… That’s pretty big if you ask me. Have you seen Koodo’s phone selection latley O_o

    • ToniCipriani

      CID and VM on the PREPAID plans.

      You re-read the post again.

    • ToniCipriani


      I couldn’t care less about their phone selection given I’m bringing my own phone anyways…

    • PappyB

      No they don’t include VM or CD, that part in the post is referring to the prepaid plans. Plans are not very good though. Koodo is way better plan wise

  • jepoy

    i dont need a lot of minuites. 100 is enough for me. i just need a free caller id and voicemail and unlimited evenings and week nights. if only a good carrier can offer this.

  • MnM


  • ace

    samsung g3 is not aws compatible (so far)

  • David

    Very crappy plans indeed. I’m with Virgin and I have the $65 6GB data plan with them. I guess I will just hold onto it until Wind gets better with coverages.

    • Chris

      You realize your 65 6gb is a promo plan right?
      And that the ALL Promo plans are still going to be offered… These are just changes to virgins broachers as you can see by the photos provided… Personally I’d much rather have an option for an extra 5$ to have unltd Incoming… The 5$ VM CDID add on is still valid I believe

  • Big 3

    changed to international texts.., hope it also includes Canada-Wide text

  • Missedtheboat

    Those Prepaid plans have been on virgins website since mid February. You really missed the boat on this announcement.

  • bob

    Wow, they all you to bring your own phone on the $60/month plan! Such a good deal! [/scarasm]

    • Chris

      (Sarcasm) I know right?! Becuase all of the big three would always offer me 10% of my bill towards a new phone on COAM/30 Day… (Sarcasm) …..Just Wow

  • Michael

    Just like every other BIG 3 they’re killing us prepaid subscribers than don’t want to use a credit card (or don’t have one).
    It’s a good thing WIND understands that, allowing same plans for prepaid and post.

  • Tom R

    Wind still has better plans sorry I’ll stick with them

  • nick

    im paying 80 rite now for 6GB data, unlimited txt/pixt/vid with unlimited after 5, caller ID, 10 my peeps and 250 daytime. so the 60 seems like a gyp…

  • Colin

    These plans are really just a lateral move. You get slightly less minutes in exchange for earlier free evenings. Unlimited incoming for an extra $5 is decent (relative to other big companies), but nothing special.

    Putting the E&W back to 7pm and including CD+VM (or at least CD) would be better, even if the plans would still be overpriced.

  • Mike

    I just signed a contract with Rogers. It was not one of those plans that you find on their website. It was a corporate plan I saw at work. Decent price, with caller ID and voice mail. When I signed up nobody asked to see my work identification or anything. So I was wondering…why doesn’t everyone sign up for corporate plans?

  • Bb4everz

    Great plans. I really like the addition of the unlimited incoming starting at $55

    • Pooja

      Virgin Mobile was supposed to be the fiasghlp line of prepaid, with a slight edge over Boost Mobile,also owned by Sprint.However,I agree that its unacceptable to neglect firmware updates,why some updates are for bug fixes alone. Yet Androids evolving,and yes 2.3 is here,and soon enough 4.0 ics (ice cream sandwhich). So come on Virgin Mobile, as your customers we do have a choice,and if this keeps up it wont be you.

  • Bernard

    I have only used prepaid phones for the last 5 years and only plan to use prepaid phone in the future. I was hoping there was going to be something good when I saw the announcement of new prepaid plans. I guess I will be sticking with Speakout for the time being.

  • superfly

    Anyone who is not with Koodo on there unlimited nation wide plans are pure i****s…… No one can come closer to their plans and coverage. Go Telus!

  • un-likeavirgin

    thanks Virgin I’m glad you change your plans that still render me ineligible. I’d like to thank you for making me pay twice as much for less service than I would get with wind. I`m glad that you can’t justify raping me every month when my bill comes. Thank you virgin. screw you virgin

    • Chris

      Yah Man! Having service only in the GTA and major citys is so awesome! I love roaming on rogers anytime I travel!!! Woo!

  • Corks

    I actually like that $35 prepaid one

  • Alex

    I was with prepaid from Fido for 1.5 year… it works well, but paying 40$-60$ for almost nothing was terrible. 3 month ago, I switched to wind and it worked well, but during these months they’ve improved a lot in Edmonton area and now it works fantastic, I have almost everywhere where I need to be 3G connection and across whole city stable connection. For all this only 40$!!! Truly unlimited!!! Thank you wind!

  • DrewVL

    Whomever think this is a great plan need an eyesight checkout and a slap on the face to wake up

  • jimmy

    For the love of god how did no one correct that guys spelling of Brochures?

  • EvanKr

    Wind, y u no come to Winnipeg?

  • Spikedlemon

    Wind looks better and better.

    Is Virgin still billed by the minute? If so: those plans are terrible.

  • Radar

    WIND = Unlimited TALK/TEXT/DATA/CALLER ID for $40. No hidden fees. Even if you leave their zone – it is 20c anywhere in Canada/US.

  • virgin defender

    Wow i love the ignorance and idiocy of you inbreds the only reason why wind can offer that plan is because there service area sucks and if they do expand to all of canada your plans will be no longer offered due to the costs that wind would face.

    And btw virgin does give deals to coam subscribers its calles a 10 byop credit and now its a byop supertab and you pay more for the award winning customer service that virgin offers

    • Yeria

      It’s true Wind has more gaps than Bell…err I mean Virgin. Still, what you get from Wind for what you pay is so much better that you get to overlook those gaps.

      I can call anywhere in Canada and the U.S from any Home Zone for unlimited number of minutes any time of the day. I get unlimited international text in Home Zone and unlimited incoming even in Away Zone. Caller ID/Waiting/Forwarding and VM are all included. Unlimited data as long as you’re in there Home Zone. Oops, I meant THEIR Home Zone.

      How is it valuable to get great signal underground if you constantly have to look at the clock, keep track of what you download or open and calling which number from which area?? I’d rather not think about ALL THAT and just walk outside to use my phone. Oh, paying about $20 to $40 less a month than you helps too.

  • Virgin Rep

    Just an FYI for people complaining about these plans who are also bringing your own phone… you can sign up on a talk/text plan which INCLUDES canada-wide calling and Caller ID and voicemail and still use commitment-free (pay per use) data. While Wind/Mobilicity/Public etc. offer great prices, their coverage really won’t allow you to actually ROAM all accross Canada. Since Virgin is using HSPA+ and LTE now as well, you guys should really be doing your research before bashing a pretty decent brand.

    • ToniCipriani

      Yeah but good luck doing that if you want a smartphone, then you’ll be forced on to those ridiculous prices.

    • PappyB

      No you wont be toni ciprani. You could go with the $25 talk & text plan, with 100 canada wide minutes, evenings and weekends at 7, VM and CD, then for $5 extra text and pic msging. Then you have commitment free data on there automatically. so if you use a gig of data, thats only $50 + tax

  • zzZZzz

    As someone working in the business, can’t believe so many people talk about Wind as if Wind is everywhere, as if Wind works with all phones, as if Wind’s network is perfect.

    Seriously, you guys must be from Toronto or something … you know, centre of the Universe stereotype here /end joke

    In most of Canada there is no Wind, no Mobilicity, no Chatter (soon to be discontinued), no Public Mobile, no cheap alternatives.

    How about you guys do some comparing with the actual competition, Koodo and Fido, and then you’ll be on topic.

    @ontopic: prepaid plans have been there for a few months now, nothing new.
    Postpaid smartphone plans, just morphed into something else, I can’t really call them better or worse – depends on the person.

    BYOP supertab is just free credit towards another phone at some point. However there’s no reason why to go with a Smartphone plan when you can have text&talk plus flexi data.

    • Scott

      Well said! I live in one of those cities that is not serviced by the new competitors, so they aren’t an option for me. The Koodo and Virgin talk&text plans are pretty well-featured when combined with the pay-as-you-go data option, and reasonably priced as well. I really want some new nationwide competitors to keep the big three in line, but until that happens it looks like Koodo & Virgin are the best option for me.

  • cayaguy

    500 Daytime
    Unlimited @ 5pm
    Call display
    5 gigs data
    Unlimited picture and text Canada and US
    My 10 Canada wide
    100 min bonus long distance

    $50 a month plus tax….. in BC

    • Cyrano

      where did you find this?

  • PappyB

    Ya Wind’s plans are awesome if you enjoy paying $0.20 a minute for calls outside a wind area, $0.15 a text outside winds area, and a massive $1 a MB outside of wind’s area. And judging on the size of there network, leaving their area doesnt seem like a difficult task. And Voicemail isnt included in their plans either,and its 8 bucks extra!!
    Wind is good if you live right in the middle of their area, sit in your bed all day and surf the net and make calls. Once you leave town your payin through the butt

  • otakusan

    WIND had only about 425,000 subscribers in Canada last quarter (even more now sure but still) across all of the WIND zones, which encompasses over one-third of the Canadian population. It’s been almost 2 1/2 years since WIND launched. Most people have already cycled off their contracts within that time frame and they’re not switching in droves… I think this proves that people in general are willing to pay more for better reception, national coverage and handset selection (ie. iPhone). If the iPhone 5 included the AWS band, WIND, Mobilicity and T-Mobile USA numbers would all go up significantly. It’s impossible to not have heard about WIND, Mobilicity or Public Mobile by now. Their presence is everywhere. Lots of ads I’m seeing. The new entrants are great for the price nonetheless. But unless I’m on a real tight budget, I’m willing to pay more for better reception and coverage. It’s up to what you want. If you’re happy with the new entrants, stay with them.

    I want to make sure that I get a reliable signal, I find it a nuisance to avoid using mobile data outside city zones and I wanted an iPhone 4s so I chose what I thought was the best national carrier (Koodo, sub-brand of TELUS. Koodo were voted the #1 national mobile phone company in Canada recently. Virgin is inching closer to Koodo these days though. Virgin’s $35 Canada-wide myBuddies and Incoming plans are really hot. Especially the myBuddies).

  • Matt

    BTW, they are also going tog et rid of the buddies 60.

  • ry29

    I don’t get it. Why would anyone want the 60 smartphone plan, when the 35 incoming + 20 for 1GB + 5 for sms/mms (60 total), has Canada-wide, cid/vm included. The only loss is 100 daytime minutes.

  • Wilbour

    I have been a long time subscriber of VM Canada. This winter I upgraded my dumb phone for a $0 Galaxy S on a 3 year plan. I am on the Talk/Text plan for $25 a month with the features clearly listed above. I have 3 phones, one for myself and the others for my children. We can call each other for free unlimited.

    Aside from the poor service when something has to change with your plan, VM Canada is the way to go!