Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE launching May 3rd


  • Fadfoud

    The same day that the launch of the galaxy s 3 FAILLLL

    • daveloft

      Yeah that same day is for the European launch. The S3 won’t launch in till September at the earliest. The SI and S2 launched in Canada about 5 months after Europe. I see no reason to hate. Samsung needs something to compete with the One X.

    • Sub-Joker

      yes, but samsung promised this delay in order to organize a global release (or something like that) if i’m correct

      so I don’t think the SIII is gonna be delayed to canada as much as the prvious S phones, maybe a month or so…… but who knows!!

    • marcoh92

      @ Daveloft

      You probably missed the news flash that the GS 2 was released in July last year, 2 months later than in Europe (May).

    • Norbert

      Hey Robert or H2000 owners, i’d rellay like this phone but am weary on just a few questions.1. Is the brightness on this phone good? Or is it very dark (even when its on full brightness)?2. Is it possible to translate the phone so it works properly on english, nothing chinese (PLEASE, i do not understand anything in chinese).3. Is the audio and volume on this phone good or rellay bad? (i love music and would dislike it alot if it couldnt play music loud) Thanks, LittleMissActive

  • Dizz

    Do we care about this? It’s 6 months too late. Bring on the S3!

  • renzo

    you mean announcement.

  • andy

    Why to hell are they still releasing phones with gingerbread? This is a slap in the face. Chances are that bell is pushing to have it asap therefore the reason for the release of it with 2.3…..most likely would take too long to load it with ICS and all their bloatware. It is still a poor choice on their part. Why would anyone buy it when the Nexus or HTC one series packs ICS out ofthe box. Oh well…it better be sold at a descent price point

    • Tomatoes

      Um, relax there buddy. You do know that this phone is just as old as the GS2 LTE right? Which means gingerbread was ready for it a long time ago. It is totally excusable since the Korean version doesn’t even have ICS yet.

  • marcoh92

    Aren’t they the ones who got the GS2 first? Does this mean they will not have it first in Canada this time? I hope not, I don’t want to sign a 2nd 3 yr contract with Rob-gers.

  • halfasleep

    If they sell it for 499$, I would buy it.

  • Aiden

    This phone was released in the States ages ago. We pay the highest in monthly fees yet we get phones released to us that were last years technology.


    • Sean

      Ummm no it wasn’t

  • freestaterocker

    Honestly don’t know why anybody would buy a high-end device with gingerbread. I’m not an android guy personally, but if I was gonna be I’d settle for no less than ICS!

  • Adam

    Most people knowledgeable to know the difference between GB and ICS also would be knowledgeable to know they should wait a few weeks for the One series and the SGSIII announcement.

    The average user won’t know the difference.

  • Trev

    I don’t get it. It will probably go for 149 on a three year contract when you can get the latest os packed nexus for 50,maybe cheaper now. (future shop always sells for cheaper) btw I’m loving my nexus running aokp rom. I couldn’t care for s3 but still curious to see what the hype is all about.

    • Matt

      The Source will gladly match or possibly beat their price every time.

  • Vito

    This phone will basically become obsolete the day it is announced.

    One X launches tomorrow and SGS3 will be announced the day this launches on Bell.

    I guess bell needed *something* to attempt to counter One X (Rogers exclusive) and hold them over until SGS3 launch – which the timing of this leads me to believe it’s still a ways off.

  • john Wu

    has anyone ever wonder why Samsung did this rather then launch the gs3 simply because Canada is too cheap everyone wants things for free

  • Atrix Luvr

    Winners use ICS. This phone does not use ICS. This is not a phone for winners.

  • Sub-Joker

    I think this is an answer from Bell for Rogers’ HTC One X…. they both have a lot in common (4.65 vs. 4.7, both 720p screens, both LTE). Although the HTC have better processor, many will not know the difference on paper specs. what I mean is many just see that “1.5Ghz dual core” on the box and that’s it.

    From my experience with the galaxy note (the north american model, didn’t try the international one) AND the LG Optimus LTE, I don’t think the processor (the GPU to be exact) is good enough to handle HD resolution and perform smoothly as the rest of the Galaxy S2 phones. both of those phones suffer some hiccups when you use them which I usually don’t get on my GSII LTE.

    may be still an excellent phone, but I think it’s too late to release this phone in north america at this time.

  • theturtle

    This phone has been out forever. Its the Skyrocket HD on AT&T

    • Sub-Joker

      EEEEEEE…. WRONG answer!!!!

      it has been approved by the FCC and that’s that. ATT didn’t even announced it’s release date yet.

  • Deli

    the GS2 design was successful. why not beef it up a bit to a gorgeous display? It’ll be a great mid-high range phone. ICS will come.

  • Denyse

    Greetings 008marsha:Thankyou for viewing my video reeviw and your comment.The internet works OK, it is not very fast to load Website pages but that is the fault of the phone cpu speed, its only 460mhz.But to read your emails or check your Twitter feed its OK.As for the GPS, I tried to use the GPS, its slow and can only work with a wifi connection.I truely hope Hero upgrades this phone to a 1ghz cpu or better with a 1ghz dual core cpu, that would be a phone that would be surely fastRobert