Sony to lay off 10,000 employees as it renews its focus on mobile


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  • Slype

    I think what would Sony is if they came up with a better naming convention for their phones/tablets.

    What are the Xperia U, Xperia P, Xperia Sola and Xperia S?
    Why does the P model come after S? How does that make sense? Letters are not exactly something that sticks out in my head as a catchy name for a product (even if the word Xperia preceeds it). They need something catchier and they need to build off that with numbers/roman numerals or something that identies it as a proper successor.

    • Henaway

      Well, maybe they’re taking their names from the competition, like the Galaxy S, the HTC One X, One S, etc. Don’t shoot one down over it when all the others are doing the same thing. Just sayin’.

  • Tv

    Their ovepriced LCD and LED TV’s were a scam. a few yrs back I bought a 42 ” LED TV from LG for 599.99 .. The exact same TV with identical specs from Sony was almost 1,100 i.e double the price. I compared the models and even saw them in the showroom , couldn’t tell the difference between the quality. My LG Tv is just working fine. No wonder Sony was losing billions in their TV division as no one was buying their overpriced TV’s ..companies like LG, Samsung etc are eating their lunch in the TV business. except for their PS3 most of their other electronic stuff is too expensive and not worth buying , the quality is not necessarily higher due to the the premium pricing

  • jaimz

    I dont know how it is in the states but if Sony wants to succeed in mobile in Canada they need to get on more networks. Rogers has had every Sony phone that has released here except for one. And the one that didn’t sucked and Telus got it. Where as Samsung rim, apple, HTC, LG are all carried by every carrier in Canada. Enough with your love affair with Rogers…..

  • Manbo

    Personally, I think if Sony focused on say 3 handsets, (entry, mid, and high end) made a quality product and provided it at a reasonable price with it being carrier unlocked @ Sony stores they might be ok. If they took the Apple approach and associated their 3 handsets with all carriers, it *might* be a winning combo.

    But that’s just my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    I like recent Sony devices however their “renewed effort” towards the mobile industry, might be “too little too late” if they don’t start making really good devices like apple or make their prices lower than apple.

    How your ->typical<- consumer buys a phone/tablet
    – asks friends what is good
    – borrows iPhone/iPad for a minute or two
    – Super easy to use and lots to do
    – no problems/RARELY and flawless build quality and finish
    – uses iTunes anyways
    – Buys iDevice

    GL(HF) sony!