Google looking to delay Nexus tablet launch until July to ensure right price


  • howitzer

    215ppi is a good pixel density for a tablet, lets hope they don’t cut corners with a stupid pentile display like they did on the padfone’s “phone”

    • bob

      It always depends on the resolution.
      A 320×480 pentile sucks. A 1280×720 pentile phone is excellent. Not as good as 1280×720 non-pentile, but better than qHD non-pentile.

    • No3YrContracts

      Components usually drop in price right after the Q2, plus Foxxcon frees up their assembly lines and drops manufacturing prices of new devices, all these seems part of Google’s plan to release a tablet at $199 AND make a PROFIT!

      Expect the Playbook to drop to $99 by May so that RIM keeps the stock over $10 and to boost the numbers for Q2.

      The tablet segment is maturing:
      iPad for $500
      -Similar or better Android tablets $450
      -$199 7″ tablets
      $99 Playbook (while Quantities last)

  • Vishal

    there’s been no official announcement that there’s even a tablet happening, or a date…so how can an unannounced thing be delayed?

    I understand all the rumors and signs point to the tablet happening and all that, but it just seems like “Delay” isn’t the right word to use. That implies that there was a release date, and now it’s later.

  • Tom

    I sure hope it has Bluetooth for doing VoIP with my Bluetooth headset. Ideally a front facing camera for video-conferencing too.

    I was quite surprised that Amazon released the Kindle Fire without any Bluetooth. I think Bluetooth 2.1 is integrated with most 11n Wifi solutions – maybe Amazon just didn’t have the software ready to support Bluetooth?

  • Negative Ned

    $249 is $100 too much. I’d rather get a transformer prime.

    • Amanda

      It been rumored that the nexus tablet will include a dock for a keyboard similar to the transformer. Same processor, same ram, same 8 mega pixel camera, similar screen (I think IPP instead of IPP+), so this is pretty much a 7″ version of the transformer prime – that is if they keep the same specs of the MeMo 370T. It probably get the latest updates from google being a Nexus so the would be a benefit over the transformer.

  • Tomatoes

    I was considering purchasing this since the galaxy tab 7.7 doesn’t have a release date yet and it will most likely be quite expensive. I am worried about them trying to cut the price even more though. I think this is a bad move. I hope Asus releases the higher end $249 one anyways, since it is already. I would probably buy that one instead over the super budget one.

  • Subhash Ron

    Samsung and now Google are also fast becoming Copy cats. Since they cannott innovate, like Apple they sre trying their best to copy Apple. This attitude stems from jealousy and nothing else..

    • Dewey

      Right… that’s why the Galaxy Note is selling like hotcakes because Samsung just can’t seem to grok onto the fact that people would love to have one unified phone/tablet (phablet) device.

      Oh WAIT?!?!

      Been there done that and 5 million SOLD not SHIPPED and counting since release at the end of October (when it wasn’t even available to NA markets).

      You should come out from under the AAPL RDF sometime and smell reality.

  • AmyR

    @Subhash Ron
    You really need to take off your official fanboi glasses. The last “innovative” brain fart Apple had was putting a touchscreen on their already invented iPod. Everything that followed that brain fart has been a simple regurgitation. Adding cellphone capabilities was NOT innovative. Building a 9.7″ version was NOT innovative. When Apple releases their approx. 7″ version it WILL NOT BE innovative, and most of all Steve Jobs spinning in his grave over this last one will be anything BUT innovative.