Android 4.0.4 updates for Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and WiFi Xoom being pushed over the air “in the coming weeks”

Android 4.0.4 is being merged into the Android Open Source Project as we speak, which means that in the next few days, custom ROM developers are going to be furiously incorporating the hundreds of small changes from 4.0.3.

More importantly, both the AWS and GSM variants (i9020A and i9020T) of the Nexus S, HSPA+ models of the Galaxy Nexus and WiFi Xooms are said to be getting an over-the-air update to Android 4.0.4. According to Android’s Google+ page,

We’ve started rolling out Android 4.0.4, Ice Cream Sandwich, to UMTS/GSM Nexus S, Xoom Wi-Fi, and HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus devices, and we’ll be rolling it out to more devices in the coming weeks. Some of you will be receiving Ice Cream Sandwich for the first time, while others will be receiving an update to your existing Ice Cream Sandwich experience with stability improvements, better camera performance, smoother screen rotation, improved phone number recognition and more.

Google has offered no explanation as to why they stopped the initial rollout for the Nexus S, nor why the GSM version never got it in the first place. Hopefully this version sorts out many of the outstanding problems. If you’re in no hurry, wait a few days as the OTA rollout begins. Otherwise head on over to XDA-Developers for a flashable rooted version of the Nexus S update.

We hear that not only are the battery problems fixed in this build, but that everything, including the launcher, is significantly more responsive to touch. Let us know if you’ve received yours!

Source: GoogleXDA