ASUS promising “Awesome new features” in the next Transformer Prime firmware update


  • Tom

    I have a lot of respect for Asus (largely from their motherboards) but I have no interest in “awesome new features”.

    Just give us quality, reliability, and stock ICS please.

  • MacMan156

    I swear to god, if this mean a flaming in my face custom skin…..

  • Waitingforrealandroidtablets

    They finally fixed wifi and gps?

  • Sean

    New Features:
    + Press-able notification in Lock screen
    + User can able to check reminder or notification of unread email under screen locked.
    + Upgrade Vibe from v1.0 to v2.0 with corresponding MyLibrary and MyCloud versions – Vibe2.0 improves UI and provides more media contents

    New Functions:
    + Support the USB to LAN cable of UX series (Accessory)
    + Camera FW background forced update mechanism – Camera FW upgrade will be automatically installed with image upgrade so there is no need to press the independent camera upgrade icon in the notification area.
    + Support Ad hoc mode (Ad hoc mode was supported in HC but 1st time support in ICS)
    + Keep use’s choice of browser viewing type (Tablet or Desktop website viewing type)
    + Enable power profile (Battery information setting)
    + New display mode of HDMI output – Scale mode(Default) and Crop mode (Detail comparison in next two sides.)

  • PkaTka1

    Is a properly working WIFI antenna called a feature now?

  • Theywillbepissed

    I’m guessing a 1080p super amoled plus screen update is what they are hinting at.

  • Zanzee

    My wifi works just fine, I have a 215 64gb gold mind you. I truly wonder if alot of the complates are with people having cheap wifi routers… Trendnet or low end anyone?

    • Martin

      Same here, no issue with wifi or the gps.

  • Lae

    I dunno about these ‘awesome new features’.

    I got one of the first Primes off the line in mid December… wifi is solid! Not a single issue and it is used extensively on campus, at home, coffee shops etc.

  • wewewi

    Support for 3D MKV’s over HDMI-OUT

    You read it here first.

  • BS Detector

    Gives blo-jobs. Now that’s a feature worth upgrading for.

    • Pascal

      Get a girlfriend instead.

  • Sylvain

    Hummm I can’t wait for exciting update!
    Never had any issue with wifi / gps either!

  • James

    How about they update my TF101 so that the battery will last and it doesn’t randomly reboot! I almost want to roll back to Honeycomb…

    • Darren

      Are you using FriendCaster? After I uninstalled it, I haven’t had a reboot from sleep mode..!

    • Stuntman

      @Darren. How long have you waited? I did a data wipe and only got 4 days before a reboot. I do have FriendCaster Pro. Perhaps I’ll try removing that.

  • Steve jabs

    Toe hair makes me laugh.

  • Shawn

    I will be stoked if AD HOC is supported in next update. Then we can finally use wifi tether. Where did you find that info?

    • 3DoubleD

      Not sure what you mean? My Prime tethers to my Milestone without any issues.

      Wifi works great. Can’t say the same for my GPS. Using a tablet for a GPS is a bit ridiculous though and I haven’t actually required it’s use yet.

  • gman

    ASUS should put actually getting the product on shelves as their top priority. I’ve been waiting over two months for mine to ship from TigerDirect, who have nothing in stock and no ETA when anything is supposed to come in.

    • Darren

      Just picked up my 64G prime from Staples they had 10 waiting to ship from there Amherst warehouse.

    • Zomby

      Staples seems to keep a decent stock of them. My GF got hers withing a week last month.

  • Moka


  • Domingo

    Are you guys kidding? Do I understand correctly? You can’t tether to your phone? I wouldn’t pay $100 for this thing then.

  • tether

    Yes you can tether to your phone with the transformer prime

  • John

    This is the only Android device that’s even worth considering…

  • IAK

    I’ve had one for over a month now, it’s the best android tablet on the market. (I’ve used samsung tab and owned xoom). I haven’t had issues with wifi or gps. However, did run into some odd power cycle issues once in a blue moon (happened couple of times in a month.) You can tether it to your phone. I tether it to my nexus.

  • Jason

    Memory Express in Calgary has some in stock. Of course, I’m waiting on the 700 now. The resolution of the Prime, though I’m sure it’s useable, just doesn’t seem that exciting now that the iPad 3 is out. If I could only get that resolution without having to buy a fruity product.