The new iPad Review Roundup: it still stands “head and shoulders above the competition”


  • Rakim


    I never liked Apple products (and what they stand for), but all of this online hype that comes about every time yet another Apple item is about to be released makes me dislike Apple even more each time.

    I can’t be alone on this.

    • ruddias

      Sigh. ‘App’ is an abbreviation for ‘Applications’.

    • ruddias

      Whoops pressed the wrong reply button XP

    • boojay

      All of you guys complaining about the “new” ipad have no idea how amazing of a cutting board this thing is. I feel classy whenever I’m cutting a piece of beef.

    • CADDMan

      @ruddias, if you were referring to my not so well received description of reality below, then my response would be DUH. Yes, ‘App’ is an abbreviation of ‘Application’, but it also represents the limited type of application (hence the shorter word App) available for existing Tablet platforms.

      The only OSs that are able to handle full ‘Applications’ are Windows, OSX, & Linux (and whatever other desktop OS you can think of). My response to @john rickets’s comment was to explain why the iPad/iPhone is what it is. It’s made to do certain tasks, in this case run small Apps, and Apple’s closed ecosystem prevents customization that would take away from the smooth operations of that ecosystem.

      Android is making the mistake, for the most part with it’s tablet platform, of trying to do too much with it’s particular implementation (do everything a desktop can do, including unrestricted multi-tasking, with a very underpowered hardware platform).

      Microsoft, on the other hand, is at least trying to differentiate the tablet and the desktop/laptop platforms by allowing it to run Apps in it’s Metro interface which restricts those Apps’ capabilities (including limiting their multi-tasking) and full Applications in it’s ‘Desktop’ interface which continue to have unrestricted processing availability.

      The ‘lowest common denominator’ statement was actually a comment on why the iPad/iPhone has been so successful. It’s why everyone can use the device without any training beforehand. You don’t need to be a computer whiz to figure it out which is why so many people are buying them. Android on the other hand complicates things by putting in too many ‘Desktop’ functions on a small device where average people get lost before they get ‘used’ to where everything is. This is why Microsoft decided on the Metro UI, access to everything, or at least the vast majority of everything, is there at your fingertips.

  • john rickets

    Is the os stale and boring still? Yes. Is there still no customization? Yes. Does it still only have a single functioning button? Yes. Still no true multitasking? Yes. Still need to use iTunes? Yes.

    If course its speedy, it doesn’t do anything more then one thing at a time. How anyone buys this Fisher Price tablet is beyond me. We shouldn’t have the need for such simple products, we are not that stupid of a society are we?

    • iDontHaveIphone

      Yes to your last question

    • CADDMan

      The iPad, and iPhone as well, caters to the lowest common denominator. How more simple can you get than a screen with buttons. Google’s Android is a good alternative for phones, but is wholly inadequate for tablets (it tries to pass itself off as a power user OS when it’s only capable of running apps, not applications).

      No one should try to fool themselves into thinking the iPad is an application platform, it’s not. However, Apple’s undeniably brilliant marketing fools the public into thinking it’s an application platform, which it’s not, it runs apps. It’s like fooling the public into thinking that a Toyota Tacoma is as good as a Ford F-150 because both are 4-wheel drive pick-up trucks. But under the surface you’d never be fooled into thinking the Toyota is anything but a grocery getter.

      I could go on, but what would be the point.

  • Sined

    MG Siegler is a joke.

    • Sined

      “Technology is amazing, and this new iPad is amazing” is MG Siegler’s hook? No wonder Topolsky ripped him a new one when he couldn’t admit the Galaxy Nexus was amazing.

  • Geekom

    Brace yourself !
    Angry Android fan comments are coming

  • lukev

    Can we install android on this thing?

    • Geekom

      It would be a waste, Android doesn’t support that big a screen

  • janjan

    i bought the ipad 2 thinking i would be able to use it for school. All it was is just an toy. if you want productivity get a laptop. people are just blinded by the marketing and gives people a sense of “status” of owning an ipad. which is why i sold mine.

  • Domingo

    Nothing to be angry about if you own an android tablet. Why? because you can at least see ALL the internet, unlike with ipad. You yap all you want about html5 but RIGHT NOW flash is IT. As far as the rest, nothing special. Now if one of those silly fake videos ever become reality then I might be impressed. Oh ya, I wont’t because there still won’t be a way to see 3/4’s of the internet. lol

  • Marc

    You haven’t needed iTunes since iOS 5 🙂 Apple releases a tablet that isn’t subject to terrible battery life, unreliable software updates or unbearable input lag and manages to overwhelmingly dominate the fields of medicine, aviation, business and law with its penetration.

    To call the iPad “Fisher-Price” is ludicrous. It enjoys an absolute dominance in every field that isn’t populated by bitter nerds who feel compelled to SSH into their dual-booting Koby Kyroses for reasons nobody cares about.

    • Pp

      I love android fanboys. I work with this one technologist and he rants and raves about all the nerdy stuff he can do with his galaxy s2. APPLE STARTED THIS SMARTPHONE/TABLET REVOLUTION

      Notice how every fcking android tablet tries to look like an ipad??? Even the flagship transformer prime with its aluminum back plate. Who gives a fck if it has more megaherts and cores and gigabytes, it doesn’t matter cause it will only get one os update and it will NEVER make use of those for cores, cause nobody fcking needs it! Respect the company that made Google get up off their assets and copy something so you fandroids can jerk off to rooting and saying all day

    • Me Ted

      “Apple releases a tablet that isn’t subject to terrible battery life, unreliable software updates or unbearable input lag and manages to overwhelmingly dominate the fields of medicine, aviation, business and law with its penetration.”

      I wouldn’t know because of the two tablets that I have, I don’t experience any of that bs you just spewed. Nope. My “also very shiny and pretty tablet” does the same thing as the iPad…only more.

  • Marko!

    I do think that the new iPad is an improvement but unfortuatly apple did not innovate in any way with this release.

    screen resolution was excpected and is just a catch-up with the latest tech
    camera is still behind most other tablets
    The internals of the new ipad are actually right up with hthe competition for once, good job apple…

    as for battery life i dont find that to be all that amazing. My tablet goes all day with the wifi on while i browse, type and record my lectures, do school work and play games. I get home with 40+ % left

    I just hope apple has some major OS changes coming soon so they can keep up.

  • Tablet

    Android Nuthuggers are too busy crying about ICS lack of updates to care about this article…hahah.

    • Droid

      I use my Transformer Prime EVERYDAY for school. I’m not a Nerd. Ipad owners don’t take it to school, cause everyone knows it’s just a simple toy.
      I honestly think the Prime is years ahead of Ipads. The camera is the best, performance is great, no glitches or problems. I can customize it the way I WANT.
      ICS rocks and there’s nothing apple fanboys can say that will prove otherwise.
      Ipad is SO BORING!!! How do I know? I had it! And it was not for me! I could change my mind the day its OS allows me to customize it and gives me the freedom and all the options I can get with an Android tablet.
      Is Android perfect? No way! Is the visual experince on an Ipad better than Android? Yes. I would love my Prime to have ‘retina’display, but this is not my main reason to buy a tablet! It is not simply a toy to me!
      It’s mainly a laptop replacement.
      The battery of my Prime, along with the dock, lasts for DAYS (with regular school use) and it lasts WAY MORE than any Ipad. It weights way less than a laptop, starts quicker and last longer than any laptop. It provides me with an experience very similar to what I had with previous laptops.
      Ipads can’t compete, sorry! But hey, my 5 year old son loves it.

    • AWSGuy

      Asus Transformer user here. We got the ICS update before anyone else did (sans galaxy nexus).

      The tablet is extremely useful. Coupled with the dock, its a mini laptop with all kinds of facilities.

  • Apple4Life

    @Marko! Screen resolution was expected and is just a catch up?

    Plz, what latest tech is it catching up to? More like setting the bar for all android devices to catch up to.

    You guys are honestly hating cause you know this will sell by the boatloads.


  • Thai

    Ah yes, the simpleton Apple fanbase. Do as you’re told, not as you want. That about sums it up. People just want a simple life, to fit in, to belong.

  • CrazyHammer

    “Josh Topolsky: “The iPad continues to stand head and shoulders above the competition. With the addition of the Retina display, LTE, more memory, and a more powerful CPU”

    The above tells me all I need to know about these “early” reviewers. It does NOT have a more powerful CPU. It is the EXACT same CPU as the Ipad 2. The only difference inside in terms of processing power is the graphics chip. I love how apple says it’s 4X faster than Tegra 3 yet don’t provide any benchmarks etc. We will see how it does in tests come Friday.

    • bob

      Daniel bader is no better with “the processor, while maintaining its A5 roots, makes the OS that much more responsive”. Funny how the same processor makes the OS much more responsive.

    • Jesse

      Who really cares about benchmark tests? Is your java-based app really going to be that much of a power-hungry resource?

  • Jason

    we may lack ICS update but clearly the os we currently have in our devices are much better, sexier and can do much more things than your so called ios which still looks the same like the one i had on my iphone 2g. yuk! time for a change..

  • iTards

    “Photos look like photos” duh!

  • Dimitri.k

    Not to be a prick or anything but it seems MobileSyrup became a Apple website here. All day i have seen about “Apple” & ” iPad.”. Is there nothing else in the mobile news you can announce? Ever since Apple announced the “New iPad” MobileSyrup became the next 9to5mac.. Not liking it at all.

    As for the “New iPad” It seems great & all but i rather wait & see how it actually works when people put their own opinion & reviews of it. Anyone from a company can say ” The new iPad is amazing & beats the others” but in reality the consumers are the ones with the reviews & complaints.

    • Droid

      Makes me wonder how much all those reviewers are getting from Apple.
      Maybe a couple free tablets? Apple marketing is very interesting. People are indeed very easily manipulated to think the way the marketers want. Incredible the lack of critical thinking of this generation!

    • mce

      It’s become an Apple website? Hardly. I was just thinking that the amount of bashing that happens here every time there’s an Apple related story makes this site decidedly un-Apple. All you people DO is hate on Apple products and insult people who like them. I want to know what the median age is for the commenters on this site. Downvote if you think I’m right. Pfft.

  • 56

    Dimitri.k you probably missed those 5 transformer prime articles… oh and you missed the 8 HTC one series articles… actually you missed everything except the Apple articles.

    Dimitri.k please go troll elsewhere…

    • TripleHelix

      Oh you mean the Daniel Bader Transformer Prime review that said it didn’t beat the iPad 2?

      The one where he nitpicked the hell out of tiny issues and didn’t even know the right specs for the device?

      It’s obvious he has a hard on for Apple, which is fine, but when you are reviewing devices for what should be an unbiased blog site, he should go in there with less bias.

      Just the fact that he says it has a better processor is reason enough to discard his whole post.

    • Dimitri k.

      Agreed. Daniel is the worsted Writer out there. All he writes is about Apple & when he is writing a review about another product he rips it apart & always puts it down.
      I have talked to other bloggers which have noticed this as well. It seems he loves Apple to much in which he will ALWAYS say the best about Apple & never once say anything bad..

      He needs to stop writing for a while until he understand how to be FAIR IN ALL the reviews & not be biased in his.


    its always funny watching these kids fight over their toys..and try to convince other and themselves that what they got was/is the best thing ever happened to humanity…haha you morons

  • Noisy Neighbour

    Those whiners who kept coming back at each Apple related article, and isn’t their anti-hype a hype of itself? Don’t like it don’t buy it. Don’t like the subject (Apple), then don’t read it. Don’t like the site, you think it’s biased? Then don’t come here even. That’s it.

    Except for whining, what exactly did you find the article wrong? Is it the LCD panel not as great as the writers claimed? Have you compared it yourself then?

    I am not sure why your sentiment about Apple, the authors, or this site, needs to take up the bandwidth at all. Who cares what you think about Apple and its products etc, as long as you are NOT the authors here. Go make your own whine centric sites then.

  • MeToo

    Someday, somewhere, someone is going to buy an Android tablet. And then, watch out! The sky is the limit for Android on tablets. Just look at how many troll comments touting the virtues of Android tablets and the weaknesses of Apple products. Surely this implies that someone will choose to spend money on one someday. Don’t know when, don’t know where, but surely the day is coming when Android users aren’t just full of s**t and hot air.

  • Kik


    Like all the horrible/boring articles about terrible generic android phone #2136 are any better…

  • L33tMasta

    All this Fandroid butthurt is amazing. They’re just angry because their tablet doesn’t enjoy a larger market share than the competition.

    • Droid

      No. I’m not angry. Why would a dad be angry to his son for just being inexperienced and not mature enough to think for themselves?
      After marketing a product and asking reviewers to write it is the best and way ahead of the competition? Of course people with brains will react and state their knowledgeable opinions. I say again: the lack of critical thinking of millions of iOS followers is amazing! The only thing Apple’s product is better at it’s on its looks and luxury feels. But even this gap is getting shorter and shorter after the Asus Transformer Prime.
      It is unfortunate that such a great product doesn’t get the same attention.
      Kids will always be kids and that’s why there will always be an IPad.
      For everybody else who is not looking for a toy, there will be a great and well designed Asus tablet. The next Asus tablets will probably support dual boot (Android+windows 8). Ipads are not in the same category. It shouldn’t even be called tablets, as it is a toy. It should be called a Toylet!

    • L33tMasta

      @Droid That sure sounds like butthurt to me. The iPad pioneered the tablet movement and was the first to market so it’s only natural they enjoyed a lead…however they’ve been able to keep that lead for multiple years in not only the smartphone market but the tablet market too. I mean look at these Android tablets. They need 4 cores and they still can’t give as good of a user experience as the single core iPad.

  • JDX

    How unfortunate for me.. I want the luxury look and feel of the Ipad, the android OS, and hardware specs of a transformer.. Boo can’t have the best of all worlds.

  • Andy

    I like Appl. I have a macbook pro & iphone4s with countless accessories BUT the iPad… its a different relationship. of course i want to pair my iPhone with it but until it has a microSD or usb port slot(which we all know will never happen)
    I will not by ONE!
    To be honest i think The Asus Transformer Prime needs more recognition! it is simply Amazing and has a much better name that the “new iPad” (I’m a Tranformers fan :D)
    I will get the Asus Tranformer Prime 64GB for the nearly the price of the 16gb Ipad 3
    and then add a 32Gb microSD slot somewhere along the road thats a total of
    96GB PEOPLE!!! the amount of movies you can have and watch on the go is amazing
    So apple please sell more iPads so the competition (Asus) has to bring their prices down and i could a superior tablet for less

  • Jay

    Im as impartial and unbiased as one could be when it comes to technology. I had an iPhone for 3 years, got so bored with the OS that I switched to a Nexus S. Well guess what? Same BS different bull.

    Im not in, nor will I ever be in the market for a tablet, but I can tell you one thing. If I was, I doubt it would be an android based tablet. The galaxy tab 10.1 is the only android tablet I would be remotely interested in. I haven’t seen the new iPads display yet, but I can guarantee that alone would make me want an iPad over anything else. You guys that hate on apple are just that, @#$en haters.

  • Jean-Michel

    The first tablet that will be able to offer multiple user sessions with different privileges and remote access + perfect cloud integration, productivity and COLLABORATION will dominate.

    The iPad is a 600$ trend that is on it’s last breath because it does nothing I just mentioned. It barely scratches the surface of the cloud with iCloud. But it’s closed, apple always does this, so they shoot themselves in the foot again, like they did with the MAC.

    • L33tMasta

      So…um…is this trend going to last until AFTER they dominate the tablet market again for another year and then they release ANOTHER iPad? Or is this “last breath” simply what you think is going to happen and you have no hard evidence to back it up?

  • Peacenik

    Jean-Michel. Sounds like wishful thinking on your part.

    • CADDMan

      Sounds like Windows 8 to me.

  • Sub-Joker

    I have been wondering, is the real life graphics performance of the new iPad any different than the iPad2?? I mean yes, it has double the cores but also double the screen resolution. so does that means the actual performance of the iPad (3rd gen) is the same??
    I think the iPad (while not for me) did great in terms of screen resolution. iOS is not for me because it is very constrained, but I think it is the most organized and simple OS out there. some ppl just want a smart phone that is easy and simple to use rather than a power machine.

    SO can we please stop hating on each product? if you don’t like it that doesn’t mean it’s garbage. if ppl wanna stand in line, it’s their life and they have the choice to do whatever they want.

    • Rio

      There is still a huge bump in graphic performance.

      Some of the games shown at the keynote were a LOT better than those found on the iPad 2

  • Rick

    I can’t wait till it comes out!

  • HO

    …funny, all the comparisons are against the previous models and at the end the final argument is “The iPad continues to stand head and shoulders above the competition”…oh well, is Topolsky!!!!

  • Tminus

    So many anti apple Fandroids on here lmao. Sickening. Guaranteed every single ipad article has atleast one mntion of the asus transformer. Go buy your knock offs and shuttup jesus. Ya your sweet android is where its at, you need that quad core goodness for…. Oh ya all that manly geeky stuff you do on it lol

  • Jesse

    I see nothing wrong with the iPad. It promises great battery life, great portability, great apps and now great screen quality. It’s not like Apple is lying about what the iPad has.

    Besides, who cares about Android tablets when Windows 8 tablets are coming out? You know….the OS that actually DOES what it says and doesn’t try to do it half-assed.

    • john rickets


  • Dylan D

    I’ll give them this, the display is gorgeous.

    But I still don’t feel inclined to purchase an iPad.

  • Sheldon

    Asus Transformer Prime = Laptop replacement
    iPad whatever it’s called = not a laptop replacement.

    • Bulletwithbatwings

      You gotta love how the reviewers are now saying that the resolution makes them see so much better. Android has had visibly better screens/resolutions than the iPad 2 for a year now and no one acknowledged it. That said, The Prime is coming out with a higher resolution upgrade which many users already deemed unnecessary since 1200 x 768 (roughly 720p) is adequate for a sharp tablet viewing experience. I’ll stick with my Prime that isactually useful for taking notes, surfing the FULL internet, reading comic books in an aspect ratio that makes sense, downloading files the way I want, to the folders I want to, etc.

  • Reggie Noble

    The screen looks nice, but wait for Windows 8 tablets to come out.

  • htcmachinr

    Wow lots of barista’s hating on android

  • Taylor

    No matter what anyone really says, Apple has a huge following and its because of one thing. They build quality products, and thats what separates them from all the other competitors.

    I have a samsung galaxy Tab and I hate the thing because the software glitches out, and it runs slowly, and there aren’t many apps that are really high quality to choose from because to be honest App developers don’t want to push a lot of games or high quality applications because they don’t want to deal with the backlash when 90% of android handhelds cant support them.

    My iPhone has been perfectly fine since I got it, and my original iphone is still functioning properly after about 4 years of usage after I gave it to a friend. Ive been through 10 Android phones in my life and the same problem comes up time and time again, they slow down. And its no fault of the phone other than over time it seems to get sluggish and tired and then it just dies. My iphone really hasn’t had that issue.

    To all these Mac-Heads and Fandroids out there whipping it out to see who’s is bigger. Let me just state this.

    If you think you can do better, be it with building the hardware, or running a cellular company, or making any difference in the mobile world. Then do it. If not, shut the hell up.

  • Phil

    what we need is apple hardware with android or windows.

  • Slype

    Yup, as others have said, it has a nice display but that’s about it. It is a toy really as it can’t really multitask and it’s more of status symbol like the SUV’s were back in the 90’s.

    I strongly suspect that most of the reviewers that were quoted just finished a “technology 101” course and feel the need to try and sound smart but they come off sounding stupid. I mean, those quotes are priceless and pretty much sum up the iPad user base. The drool on their face needs to be cleaned up and their rectum needs reconstruction after the Apple party they have been forced into. I wonder if people know about Apple’s disclaimers: You must write something extremely positive about us or you will not be allowed to review our annual ‘refreshed’ products.

    Here are some of my favourite quotes:

    “Using the new display is like getting a new eyeglasses prescription”
    –Maybe he should get new eyeglasses or get out and look at something other than his macbook for a change.

    “the third-generation iPad blows away every other iOS device in terms of graphics performance”
    –Newflash Mr. Macworld, it’s called “iPad”, not third-generation iPad. Fall back in line moron.

    “there’s a certain kind of confidence, of fearlessness, with which it executes tasks.”
    –You mean like every other computing device out there? iSheep is written all over this iDiot.

    “I saw downloads hit more than 22Mbps, while upstream data topped out around an outrageous 21Mbps — and that was in mid-town Manhattan.”
    -As compared to what? The farmlands in Kansas? Also, this is not new technology, welcome to 2010 you luddite.

    “Photos look like photos — the printed out kind”
    -And in other news, movies look like movies. The kind that you see at the theatre.

  • Slype

    Thinking back on this, it makes me wish for honest and non-exaggerated reviews of days gone by. These opinion pieces that use words like “outrageous”, “blow away”, “amazing”, “pretty favorable” are an insult to anyone with a high school diploma.

    What the hell are they reviewing? A play on broadway? I mean, where are the benchmarks? I know Apple doesn’t like to give out numbers and use comparisons but if we used Apple’s way of measuring things, we would still think the Earth is flat. It doesn’t have to measured in MIPS or anything highly technical, but some kind of benchmarking would be nice.

    FFS, these guys are supposed to be journalists, not 8 years olds talking about the latest remote controlled car.

    • Dimitri k.

      This is because you have Apple fan boys reviews the products & writing the reviews. Daniel ALWAYS says the best things about Apple no matter what & yet not once have i EVER read from him something bad about Apple. Even the writers at 9to5mac write bad things about Apple products & they are all about apple..


    I always see this guy use the TPrime in my class. It is pretty dam fast and crazy. I can’t even describe it. It would be the perfect laptop for me.

  • msruknar

    i have tested apple ipad2 and it is a very good tablet. i have also tested
    samsung tablets and they are excellant. I have also tested blackberry playbook.
    playbook is very good and has a 5mp rear camera
    and can shoot and display 1080p on a tv via hdmi.
    it can multitask. it also has good web browser.
    playbook is less than half price of ipad. all of these tablets have replaced
    laptop on the road. any one of these tablets is good enough for most people
    but apple is the only one with mass appeal.

  • kameko

    can’t wait to get mine!

    and as always, its hilarious and pathetic how many clueless apple-haters feel the need to throw in their useless comments.

    i’m sorry that whatever you own has brought you down to being such miserable beings. for the rest of us, we’re happy with a good product! thanks apple.

  • Matt

    @Pp: No they didn’t. Nokia did, so you can go suck it. Without Nokia there would be no smartphones. Apple made the tablet what it is, but not the smartphone.