Motorola’s MOTOACTV now available in Canada

Just as the weather is getting nice in Canada – here Toronto is currently sitting at 10°C – Motorola has announced that the MOTOACTV “cutting-edge GPS fitness tracker” is officially available. We first had some hands-on time with this when the RAZR was introduced, and if you remember the Android-powered MOTOACTV has a 1.6-inch touchscreen that’s made of Gorilla Glass, a 600 MHz processor and acts as a music player (holds over 4,000 songs), health monitor, and can be paired with your smartphone to answer calls, receive text messages and view calendar notifications.

In an email to us, Motorola stated that the “MOTOACTV is available at select Running Room locations across Canada at online at thesource.ca with a MRSP of $249.99 (8GB) including a watch strap. Also available: MOTOACTV Soft Arm Band $29.99; MOTOACTV Bike Mount $29.99.”