Rogers officially starting Nokia Lumia 900 pre-orders next week

There are a couple certainties about the upcoming Rogers Nokia Lumia 900. First, it’s pegged in for a launch sometime in “early April“. Second, this will be yet another LTE-enabled device to arrive on Canadian shores. This Windows Phone 7 Mango-powered smartphone will be available within the month and Rogers has notified the masses on Twitter that the “NokiaLumia 900 preorders start next week”, which usually brings out the price points. It’s rumoured that the no-contract price will around $629.99 outright, thus possibly making the 3-year contract fall to $99.99. Also, don’t forget about that secret “surprise” that Rogers and Nokia have for those who pre-order. It’s unknown exactly what it is, but they have the hint of “there’s a hero rising out of the darkness”. Any guesses?

Source: Twitter