BlackBerry PlayBook Keyboard case goes up for pre-order, shipping by March 23rd


  • Daniel Leibowitz

    $100 case for a $200 tablet, no thanks.

    • Kirpal Sumanapathumar

      Just when you think that they are down and out, they turn the entire industry on its head like this!

      Good job research in motion!!!

      Apple is screwed now


      IT THIS RIM?

    • Ryan Bidan

      This is a steal of a deal. I invented PlayBook and the BlackBerry and this is an amazing deal. I also invented Samsung and this keyboard. AMAZING DEAL A MUST BUY!!!!!!!

    • Mickard

      This is “Expected to ship by March 23, 2012″

      Translation for RIM: expect to see product by Oct 23, 2015

    • bigBattery

      Just wait for the Playbook to drop at $99, the accessories are already at 50% everywhere, staples and amazon are examples.

      Like somebody said: Expect it to be released on March, summer, Sept, No stone left unturned, October, Leapfrgogging competition, Latter part of 2012!

    • Carlos Morales

      I’d be inclined to agree with you Daniel but at the price of standard BT keyboards and cases (separately) this is pretty reasonable price at $99.

      It’s a great buy compared to total case, keyboard and tablet costs associated with the closest competitor – ipad.

      I only just picked up my 32 gb PB after the 2.0 firmware release and love it.

      Awesome addition to the road warriors tool kit.


  • kb2755

    Well I was interested, until I saw the $120 regular price.

    I’m just gonna use my Bluetooth Mac keyboard with my regular convertible case.

    Or my 9900 and remote.

  • Mark

    No. Keyboard almost costs as much as I paid for my PB

  • ihaterobers

    don’t forget source is sold one of the best rip of company in the world name hell Canada.they just starting .

  • Darryl

    I seem to be the only person excited about this. The only other bluetooth keyboard I’ve seen for the playbook is extremely unreliable. This will fit in nicely if it doesn’t make the playbook too big to fit in my pocket still.

  • Sam

    LOL Where do these morons come from? Really, everyone involved in pricing this thing should submit themselves for drug testing. More NEGATIVE publicity, just what is needed for them.

  • kad

    with a spare battery backup for the playbook itself it would have been a slam dunk!

  • Ryan

    A note on the price. I paid $50 for my Bluetooth keyboard (no trackpad, Microsoft keyboard) and that was the cheapest available. Most of the full cases (not just skins) – both from RIM and from third-party suppliers – are in the $40-$75 range. Put the two together, and asking $100 for a case/keyboard so nicely integrated isn’t great but it isn’t terrible either.

    Even at the price, I definitely would have bought this if it came out a year ago when I still had in-class work to do. Since I might not need a laptop replacement anymore, it probably isn’t worth it to me.

  • kevin

    Cool – I am totally in for this. Will be great for the GO train.

    • bigBattery

      C’mon I know that they took 10 months to release a calendar for the Playbook, but even at $99 there is no reason to put it under the tracks of a train, just donate it or recycle it.
      Now if you DO it, make sure to post it on youtube and to pick up the parts after and recycle it properly. Thanks.

  • EvanKr

    Good concept, bad price.

  • wiley

    iPad still costs twice as much/or more as the Playbook and Keyboard combined. And with Android apps being usable on the Playbook a lot folks might be all over this like manure on a wool blanket.

    iPad equals overpriced. Most folks are seriously realizing that spending that much money for a gadget is NUTS.

    PB is way cheaper, better security, can get an actual keyboard for it now/docking station, runs Android apps.

    No Brainer…

    The price will drop in a month or two like always with any product, actually except the iphone or ipad which never drops in price.

  • Pukka

    I own the playbook, hp touchpad, iPad 2 and hands down the best out of them is the iPad. Anyone who actually says the playbook is good has never owned another tablet. Yes the playbook is small and more portable but putting it in your pocket is unreasonable. I rather just hold the iPad.

    • Mark

      I “Pukka” at your comment!!

  • Jim

    2 Keyboards = Cost more than 1 Playbook.

  • Zagabog

    Looks cool, but I would have limited use for this. I have heard that the PB is supported in back by a kickstand, so it may only be practical on table or desk. I’ll wait for more info, reviews, and a price drop, most likely.

  • Emperuman V

    Would be nice if it added more functionality such as the one with Asus’s Transformer series.

  • Fruvous

    I don’t get it… Walmart had 3rd party PB keyboard cases for a long time.

  • BB King

    I am so excited to see RIM finally bring this essential business tool to the playbook platform. As for all of you haters that have been going on about how the KB cost $100 when the Playbook only costs $199…….GROW UP!

    The iPad is a glorified iPod with a larger display! Not everyone in this world is a sheep looking to be lead into bankruptcy caused by overpriced overmarketed toys.

  • hoo dat

    $100 seems to be the going price for third party KB/case combos, I’ve yet to see a decent one for under that. Am interested to checking out the tactile response of the keys but so far I’m completely sold with typing on my 9900 via BT Bridge.

  • Kalo

    sad thing is this keyboard pretty much has the same or at least more value as my 16gb playbook. (coming from a guy that bought it on release date)

  • Sub-Joker

    I’m wondering about the size of the keyboard…. I mean typing on a 10.1 inch laptop is not a sweet experience for me, so I wonder about something designed for a 7 inch tablet.

  • GrimConch

    This isn’t exclusive to the Source.

  • BlackberryBob

    I bought an awesome 3rd party case like this on Ebay from a Ontario seller. I paid $56.99 including shipping and it works like a charm. The seller’s name is Koolcanuck.

  • Betty Koyle

    wow this changes everything again.. Im going to order 2

  • Jo

    Why don’t RIM just sell the keyboard with the Playbook as a combo for $199, they will sell more like this.

  • VCTF

    The only other BT keyboard/case designed for PB that I am aware of is from i-tec, and while it is less expensive, it is cheap crap. I had to exchange it twice before I just returned it for a full refund.

    Suffice it to say, an official RIM keyboard/case is a welcome addition.

  • The Oncoming Storm

    I wanted to buy one of these but they were nowhere in sight in either of The Source branches I visited. The only place that had it was Future Shop who couldn’t sell me because of the ‘exclusive’.