BlackBerry PlayBook Keyboard case goes up for pre-order, shipping by March 23rd

RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook keyboard case has been rumoured for a few months. Images of this first appeared online about a month ago, but it’s now available to pre-order. It’s pretty self explanatory what the keyboard case does, but The Source has a solid description of it: “Unfold the case quickly and easily to create a workstation anywhere. The wireless connection is easy to set up and encrypted to protect every keystroke and swipe”. According to the spec sheet, the case is 3 products in one – keyboard, integrated touchpad and case – and the battery last up to 30 days on a single charge. Overall weight is 176 grams and dimensions are 219x58x54mm.

This is “Expected to ship by March 23, 2012” and has a set price of $119 (CDN), but if you pre-order through The Source, who looks to be the exclusive Canadian retailer, they will reduce the price to $99. This keyboard case will be a solid addition to the “world’s first professional tablet”.

Source: The Source
Via: N4BB & BerryReview