Apple looking to staff up for London, Ontario retail location, scheduled to open late June

Looking for even more Apple news today? How about some specific news for the upcoming Apple location in London, Ontario at Masonville Place. It was rumoured that we’ll see a new store arrive in the mall, right near The Gap in the former Eddie Bauer location, and proof came when pictures of the outside walls were put up. Construction usually takes a few months and we’ve been sent internal doc from Masonville Place, who’s owned by Cadillac Fairview Corporation, that states “this unit will be under construction until late June”… possibly just in time for the next iPhone.

In addition, those interested in gaining employment with the company will be excited as they are now looking to fill all positions – Geniuses, Inventory Specialist etc. A job posting has arrived on both the Masonville Place website and the Apple Canada site.

Check them out here at Apple and Masonville Place
(Thanks tipster!)