Apple looking to staff up for London, Ontario retail location, scheduled to open late June


  • T1MB0T

    Apple is bringing jobs and WIND is taking them away. Excellent!

    • Ballsac Tehbagger

      Western girls love to give head



  • Eric Lewis

    Applied! Its minutes from my house. This store should do very well. Western is extremely close and Fanshawe College isn’t too far. Going to draw lots of new traffic to the mall and from the surrounding areas. Hopefully this will also bring new stores to the mall as well.

    Forever 21 also opens this Saturday (23,000sq foot store,2 floors) also new to London.

  • WhoCares


  • David

    boycott time

  • b

    The highest paying job you’ll find with a degree from Western.

  • Dono

    LOL @ the western jokes.. no holding back I see

  • WhoCares

    Unless youre in Ivey.

  • matt

    definitely no thank you for me, working retail sucks enough as it is.. listening to fan boys every day? can’t even imagine how much of a disaster that would be

  • SilentBob

    Gotta love that they want someone with “premium brand retail store experience”. To hell with good customer service skills or knowledge of product. Just know how to jerk-off fanboys and part morons from their money and you’re our guy/girl/unik.

  • Betty Koyle

    London Ontario gets an Apple Store? Are you for real.. such a small town of like 350,000… seriously is that a joke? It will loose money

    • Mike D

      Betty London’s Metro pop is just under 500,000.. Its not that small at all.

  • sparky

    Betty – it’s not so much London getting an Apple Store, as Southwestern Ontario getting an Apple Store. It’ll serve all the outlying communities as well, from Grand Bend/Goderich to Chatham, Aylmer, Tillsonburg, etc, etc.

    Nobody wants to drive to kitchener for an Apple Store, so it makes sense!

  • Steve Jobes

    Where can I find the full document that is the second picture?