Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 and Asus Transformer tablets get CyanogenMOD 9 nightly builds


  • I-AM-A_FAG

    Get more support from XDA than Google itself.
    Think about it,
    1. Let the source code out.
    2. Let the community provide support to masses.
    3 ??????
    4. PROFIT

  • Simian

    Woo for the GS2…. Not that I’m using mine anymore but I’m happy for the current owners.

  • Tom

    As a consumer I’d rather buy phones that will be getting CM support, both so that I have that option myself, and to reward the manufacturers who cooperate with the community.

    So, I know this would be tricky, but I think it would be great if MS’s reviews could tell us how good the prospects are that the device being reviewed will get CM support.

  • 5ABI

    @I-AM-A_FAG – your name says it all. Do you research before you make a comment. Most OS’s get one major official update a year and the SII will get one shortly. People flash roms on Android to get a customized experience and to tailor a device to their needs. Blindly saying that Google offers no support confirms your lack of information and negative bias towards Android, which makes your comment obsolete.

    • Bearz420


  • John


  • Studystand

    The Samsung Galaxy SII (i9100) has had nightly CM9 updates for awhile now. They just recently released HW codecs and are now working on improving video recording. To follow development you can visit the XDA forums or follow