Virgin releases myBuddies 65 plan that includes 6GB data


  • Beso

    not worth it IMO …. way too much for a fighter brand ….

  • kb2755

    I’m pretty sure I already have this plan…

  • Binku

    Cool! Does the price include Call Display at least? :/

  • Alex Perrier

    i’d be more likely to consider this plan if it had per-second billing and Canada-wide calling.

    • theMediaman

      Does not include Call Display nor Voicemail. Add $10. Other than that it’s a good deal. I used it to stream video to my Apple TV while on vacation (hotel Wifi was uselessly slow), and still only used up less than 4 GB.

  • Kylee

    I’m also pretty sure I have this plan… Maybe it’s like $5 more? Who knows. Lol

  • creepynut

    @Alex, the plan does have Canada-wide calling. Per second billing would be nice but it does have unlimited after 6pm + the 10 buddies. If it had caller ID it’d be a steal.

    • ToniCipriani

      Canada-wide calling to 10 numbers only. Not the 200 mins.

  • ToniCipriani

    No caller ID no care…

  • David

    for those that don’t require that many day time minutes, it might actually be a good idea to go with Telus instead. For sign-ups before the end of February, you can get the following:

    $30 with 150 daytime minutes, Unlimited after 6pm and weekend
    $30 6GB data plan
    $8 call display (since VM is already included in all Telus plans)

    for a grand total of $68 before tax. With this Virgin plan, you still need to add $10 for CD +VM which brings a grand total to $75 before tax.

    • ell

      Actually to be comparable you would need to add the $15 callerID and unlimited text (pic and video) instead of the $8 call display you suggested. With that the Telus plan costs the same but does not include unlimited international text, or the unlimited nation wide calling to 10 numbers.

    • Kennedyk24

      it says on the virgin picture above it’s available for existing post paid customers. is this telus deal also available for existing or just new contracts?

    • David

      It’s available to both new and existing clients.
      @Ell, the unlimited text messaging is a free option that you can choose on a telus plan so you do not need to add the $15 option.

    • Chris S | Subcriber Services Consultant

      You’re missing the Fab10… Which is the main selling point with these “promo” plans….

    • daveloft

      Yes it does, it’s an option that’s included in the plan. The plan has an option for double minutes, fav5 or unlimited text.

    • Chris S | Subcriber Services Consultant

      Exactly my point. It’s an OPTION.

      Lets look at the value here:
      $30 with 150 daytime minutes, Unlimited after 6pm and weekend
      $30 6GB data plan
      $8 call display (since VM is already included in all Telus plans) = $68

      200 minutes, 10 numbers unlimited (Can-wide), unlimited International text, Evenings free after 6pm, 6 GB of data + VM*CALLID ($10) = $75
      …. And No 3 year contract!

      This covers everything a user needs, Most users have roughly 10 numbers they contact the majority of the time (if its more than that you should be on a small businuess account) This plan covers you for those 10 numbers plus gives you 200 minutes to use monday-friday 7-6 if you’re smart about it, and take advantage that you can change the fab10 once a month I guaruntee you willalmost never receive any overage charges.

      Besides your Telus plan you have posted includes no text messaging…. its going to exceed 75$ after I add that value pack on…

      Show me a non retention plan with Telus that includes everything with CallID and VM that this promo plan includes. That’s right their isn’t unless you spent 8 hours on the line with retention and sign another 3 year contract! Sorry Telus.

  • creepynut

    @ToniCipriani Good call I missed that. I thought Virgin was doing Canada wide calling on all their plans now.

    • Chris S | Subcriber Services Consultant

      Canada-wide is included on all plans (anything you see in the broucher) However, this is a “Promo” plan.

  • Casey

    When will the carriers figure out that we’re onto their little caller ID + voicemail tricks?

    • Terry McAllister

      For me I’d go with the convenience of Robellus *IF* caller display was included in their current plans.

      As it is I’ll to go with the value of Wind/Mobilicity.

      Convenience does have a certain value to me; but the disparity between convenience and value is just too large.

  • mark

    That’s pretty much the same plan as me with Fido, but I got canada wide call to any number, caller id, voicemail, evening start at 5pm and bill per seconds. All for 66$ per month.

  • mark

    Oh and also, I got unlimited incoming calls.

  • Cap Jack

    Very few people need 6 GB of data. Don’t overlook Koodo on the good deal front. Here’s what I have and can’t see myself ever going over:
    $40 for:
    250 Minutes (Canada-wide)
    Unlimited Incoming (Canada-wide)
    5pm Evenings & Weekends (Canada-wide)
    Call Display & Voicemail
    +$5 for Unlimited International Text & Picture Messaging
    +$25 2 GB of data

    All in that’s $70 and you don’t have to add anything. $5 less than Virgin with more minutes & Canada-wide calling.

    • daveloft

      Your better off with the data flex plan. Why pay $25 for 2GB. When you can pay $30 for 3GB but only when you go over 1GB. If you stay under 1GB then it’s $20 and you saved $5.

  • Johnny Boy

    Thanks mobile syrup!!! I allready had the same plan but was paying 70 $, just called virgin to switch …

    • Trevor

      Hey Johnny,
      I just called to update my plan from 1 GB to 6GB and because I’m in Ontario they said I’m not eligable. Are you in Ontario? I’m going to be calling back later today….maybe I got a new rep or something.

    • Johnny Boy

      No, I am in Quebec …

    • MG

      Actually, it only applies to albino customers residing in Saskatoon, and they must have six toes.

      I guess they think people enjoy getting (economically) raped by a Virgin….

    • Night Owl

      Thanks from me too, MobileSyrup. I called this afternoon and got my myBuddies 70 changed to myBuddies 65. Why not save $5 + tax?

      When I called, the first thing customer service said was, ‘Oh, you’re in Ontario.’. I said yeah, but I had to choose “Ontario” before I could even see their smartphone price plans. They verified it and then gave me the discounted plan. Try calling them again.

  • Matt

    Bell has the same deal (its just a 35 plus 30 6gb). So five dollars more for 5 more gb, compared to the current promo 60.

    • Mohammed

      dave1927p Posted on @azalbenIf this video was purely only ineetdnd for comedic purposes, maybe you shouldn’t have mislead people with the title and description. Then you wouldn’t get comments like mine and electronqi and you’d probably get alot less views. So, why can’t you do both?

  • ebee

    @Cap Jack
    True it is seldom reach 6Gb. But if in case over 6 GBe ( forget to close youtube or other tv site at night), bell/TELUS at $50/GB can cause real damage to your wallet. that why I chose Rogers which is $10 over 6GB, at least less damaging.

  • NT Rogers2

    My Plan with Koodo:
    Unlmited any time local income / outgoing minutes
    50 text
    CID + VM
    1GB data
    Monthly fee: $55 + tax.

    Add $10 and you will get up to 3GB.

  • Smith

    If you’re within their coverage zone, try Mobilicity or Wind, and see if it works for you. Both are offering unlimited $40/month plans right now, though Mobilicity’s is slighly more generous with unlimited U.S. calling.

    Hopefully, the days of being ripped off are coming to an end soon.

    Caller ID costs carriers nothing. Why have we been paying for it for so many years?

  • Omega

    We pay for it because there are more unassuming, dimwitted consumers who consider caller ID a fashion statement.

    They’re mortified at the prospect of not being able to profile incoming calls or having a friend see “Unknown Caller” on their screen and being ridiculed for it.

    Canadians are such posers.

    • bjtheone

      Given that I actually use my phone for work, absolutely need caller Id to sort calls into must/should/could/don’t answer.

      Of course I also negotiated a decent plan with caller id , VM, unlimited incoming & sms, 450 minutes, free at 6, 1000 LD, and 6 gb included… $67 taxes in.

  • Chris S | Subcriber Services Consultant

    Have the same plan with Bell, Works fantastic if you have a tablet/Ipod/Laptop and you’re on the road alot. For some this is the perfect solution for eleminating your home internet… besides with most smartphones now tapping in at 14GB + per second, their exceeding what most home internet solutions can provide outside major canadian cities… just a thought.