iOS 5.1 to have a new slide to unlock camera feature?



    Hope someone sues Apple for once!!!!

    • Boojay

      iOS 5.1 to have an old Android feature

      There, fixed it for ya

  • WP74Life

    iOS New Feature…

  • Spartacustomer

    They will claim that they invented this feature.
    “a revolutionary new way to access the camera”

  • keiYUI

    Not amused. Be original.

  • Adam

    luckily for Apple, Google isn’t run by dickheads and they won’t get sued for this…. Unless it’s a retaliation lawsuit.

    • Nick

      I dunno, to my knowledge Google didn’t start the war but they sure seem hell-bent on finishing it. If Apple can claim slide to unlock is their invention, then Google can certainly claim slide to camera is their own.

      It’ll never end, because the PR benefit earned by causing a ruckus and hopefully getting a temporary injunction far outweighs the legal fees. I think it’s just par for the course at this point.

  • Adam

    I have a 4S on 5.0.1, and it already has a feature to use the camera from the lock screen.

    • Adam

      You (other Adam) obviously didn’t read the whole page, he commented on that already.

  • zzZZzz

    And yet another revolutionary new feature that other companies will have stolen from Apple

  • Rich

    Sad when this is news.
    With that said, I still contract into iPhones just to bounce them to people that are blown away by these features.

  • EAK47


    Apple is not developping any new features.

    Just copy something from other OS and register a patent for it, then i*** claim that Apple invented that revolutionnary feature that already exists on other models.

    – An iPhone owner

  • Someguy

    I want a device where I receive malware!!!! Go Android

    • Bear

      I have had 3 androids and never an issue with hacking or malware. I root my phones and install customer OS’s built for my specific hardware. I do not have Carrier IQ on my phone, do you?

    • Rio

      And that’s the difference between Android and Apple. I personally don’t have time to go around rooting phones and figuring out settings etc. I’d much rather apple take care of that for me. I just need my phone to do what it’s made for and it does.

    • Manbo

      Every handset is the same in that aspect. You jailbreak an iphone to get the most functionality, same with rooting Androids.
      If you don’t want to gain that extra functionality, you go with the stock build. It’s not a difficult concept.

  • shaggyskunk

    Stroke one up for Google…. well sort of. Seems like Google got past iPeople’s “security” and were able to track iPhone users through Safari… So much for iSecurity!

    • Rio

      So when apple takes user information it’s wrong yet when Google finds a way to bypass security and do something against everyone’s will it’s brilliant?


    • Poulet

      And I bet you think Google is not “spying” on its own costumers?

  • Bear

    I have had this feature on my phone since 2009. Please spare these “revolutionary” thefts of tech.

  • zzZZzz

    Wow, you would’ve thought people catch on the sarcasm based on the tense of the verb

    • Manbo

      Mmmmm… that would require basic knowledge of sentence/grammatical structure… n’ junk.

      Well that and common sense. 😉

  • Me Ted

    ICS already has the slide to camera function. Sue these c***s Google.

  • Arty

    Who is APPLE going to sue for this one? Hahah…

  • Bulletwithbatwings

    They ripp off slide features from ANdroid while sueing about other slide features? what a bunch of hypocrites

    • Manbo

      Welcome to Big Business 101!
      1. If you can get away with it, it’s not wrong.
      2. If you can’t beat them, copy and say you did it first.
      3. Make sure your lawyers are higher paid.

      Just remember kids, in Big Business you step on necks, not toes.

  • abc123

    I just read somewhere that Google already submitted a patent relating to this because of the problems with slide to unlock. It’s actually even more broad than just the camera, you can slide to unlock to accept a phone call etc. etc.

    It looks like all the other tech companies will have to patent every minute detail about their phones to prevent Apple from copying them.

  • Aiden

    I’m a huge android fan 100% but honestly even though Apple has been a Dbag for sueing left and right they practically revolutionized the way we use smartphones. I’m sure that copying a small feature is not them trying to copy android at all. They probably thought it would be extremely useful.

    I’m probably gonna get thumbs down like hell but yeah it’s true -_-“

    • Ivan

      I’m going to choose not to thumbs down. But I am going to say, Apple added phone functionality to an mp3 player that has a touchscreen. Apple stole or bought what they needed to make their’s, Steve has even admited to it at various times. The only thing Apple is doing, is trying desperately to muscle everyone else out of the market. They didn’t actually revolutionize much and they want to make sure no one else ever can.

  • ile2010

    WP7.5 is even better when it comes to camera accessibility from a lock screen – hold the camera shutter button.

    Just wait a bit, Apple will soon “invent the camera shutter button” and bring this feature to iOS.

    I have no problem with Apple incorporating good ideas into their OS, just when they pretend that they were the first. Just like Rogers.

  • Lance W

    It’s so innovative because it slides UP to unlock the camera. Think different lol.

  • John

    Sue thier a*s’s

  • Yeria

    In the words of Apple fanbois… “YOU COPIED FROM US…!!!!”

  • MARS

    LG had a phone which Apple copied the design for the iPhone from, but LG never choose to follow through with litigation. I think the phone is called the LG Prada. Could you imagine all of the revenue LG could have been receiving if Apple had to pay a fee for every iPhone ever made…

  • WOW

    Apple iPhone, a new Reolutionary way to sue better companies for old ideas.

  • Chris | Subscriber Services Consultant

    Apple should start rebranding their I-phones as iRoid. seeing as they continue to copy their competitors with each new ios update…

  • WalterCool

    I can give the future… apple will patent this and make google and samsung pay more.