Intel Medfield-powered Motorola phone running Ice Cream Sandwich to be announced at MWC?


  • Rich

    I’ve always loved Intel, so I’m curious about this.

  • mike

    This will be interesting.. Intel is awesome!!!

  • Ja Rule

    That photo looks horrible.. hopefully just a photoshop render.

  • tweak_four17

    I want those circular widgets!

  • Craig

    This looks SEXY!

  • Vince

    Forget the phone, I want that widget!!!

  • Netguru

    Intel/Motorola/Google = win/win/win.

    I’m looking forward to this trio.

  • Spartacustomer

    Does anyone think that motorola will be a major player again?
    I do…

  • Alpha

    February 13, 2012 was a Monday. It was Sunday in 2011, so this rendering may be old(?).

  • Meh

    Everything about this phone is ugly, design, UI (the icons, blech).

  • Peter

    The bottom part below the screen is huge. Why so much wasted space?

  • Dalex

    Every comment I read about this phone (TechnoBuffalo, Engadget, The Verge, etc.) has everyone saying its ugly beyond belief…

    I don’t get it… It’s really not that bad. It looks to be thin and decently light too.

    Having it run with intel chipsets is great too. Prototype phone running Intel’s SoC scored the highest sunspider benchmark to date. It’s about time they joined in, I was getting tired of that shitdragon Qualcomm gets to put in every phone.

  • Max

    There motorola goes all crazy modifying and essentially destroing the vanilla experience… again.

  • wewewi

    Then blame the hardware

  • AmyR

    I saw the Intel reference design in action at CES this year. I’ve been drooling ever since. Now with Google’s purchase of Motorola approved by both the US & Europe, hopefully there’s enough time before it launches that they’ll put a bit of pressure on Motorola to drop the UI and go with the native interface. If anything, that would differentiate them from the competition.

  • seant

    It’s kind of funny. Win 8 is touting ARM on tablets and Googlerola is trying Android on x86. I wouldn’t be surprised if modders get it to run Windows PC apps at some point.

  • Binku

    So am I only the who thought that 3rd icon looks like Blackberry’s AppWorld? :/

  • Antinerd

    This phone looks a lot like a slimmed down HTC Desire Z without the trackpad and keyboard….not pretty

  • asdjs

    this phone looks horrible,….

    1. the design looks quite bulky, and whats with all the empty space at the bottom?

    2. motorola absolutely butchered ics. the on-screen button gradient background as well as the dock icons looks atrocious.

  • Millie