A colourful chart that shows the manufacturers Q4 shipments and average handset price

After all these years and a dismal 2011, Nokia still the leads the world in device shipments. They ended 2011 just over 417.1 million units shipped, edging out 2nd place Samsung by approximately 90 million units (327.4 million units shipped). Coming in 3rd spot was Apple with 93 million iPhones shipped.

An interesting graph has been created by analyst Ben Evans that specifically breaks down Q4 2011 numbers into shipments and the average selling price (ASP) per handset. Let’s take the top 3 for Q4: Nokia had 113.5 million handsets shipped, Samsung did 95 million, and Apple shipped 37 million iPhones. The most interesting aspect of the graph is the ASP. Apple seems to be holding steady between $600-$700, while Nokia and Samsung have a full range of handset offerings (entry level to high end) which has caused their price range to fall between $80 – $130.

2012 will hopefully see the ASP increase a bit. Manufacturers are stepping away from feature phones and will be producing more smartphones, which come with better specs and are generally more expensive. It would be interesting to see this chart specifically made for smartphones – Apple would still probably be at the higher end, but Samsung would come in around $550 – $650, while Nokia’s would be around the $450 – $550 mark.

Source: Ben Evans
Via: Phone Arena