TELUS LG Optimus LTE is now “Coming Soon”


  • wewewi

    “Blow your data allowance in minutes when LTE network is available”

    “Play immersive community games without lag and see your battery die in 3-4 hours”

  • Ben


  • keiYUI

    It’s pretty much the Galaxy S2 except it has an LG logo.. I don’t see it selling unless it’s cheaper than the S2 or if you’re an LG fan.

  • Spidinator

    Your not going to go through your data allowance any faster on LTE than you would on anything else. If 6 gb is good for you now then it will be good for LTE. Unless you plan on suddenly downloading tons more stuff because you can do it faster you have nothing to worry about.

    • Nascar39

      Finally someone with a common sense statement!


    I keep waiting for a 4″-4.2″ pocket friendly phone!
    Enough with the huge phones!

    There is a lot of redundancy and the best and only phone to get is the Nexus, Which is out of stock! Who is the product manager at Telus? Its clear that they are getting into Android (which is great) but they need to fine tune the product selection: As in get phones in different sizes, now that Android is pretty much the same. And Telus please get rid of 3yr contracts !!

    • Owl

      You can choose to go on a 2 year or 1 year but then you must pay more for the device. I think you can get the original Nexus on a 2 year for $0 which is great for the phone

  • monsterduc1000

    Sure would be nice to hear about an announcement for an Official ICS update for the Nexus S…

  • emixam

    I got ICS on my Motorola Xoom and I’m stil waiting for it on my Nexus S…At this rate the galaxy S2 is gonna get ICS before my Nexus S.

  • f**ktelus

    Telus has got to be the worst of the big 3 and that says something, not only does telus screw you up the a*s in terms of pricing but they also have not had a decent exclusive phone for a long time.

  • Jeanjacques

    Gary_CI think they use Full HD for 1080p, then other vnaarits for 720. At least it was last time I looked. Might be different in other countries, too. It can’t be 1080p on a phone! Not at least for another 18 months.