Sony teases that we’ll see “what’s new and what’s next” for Xperia at MWC

Mobile World Congress is happening in Barcelona at the end of the month and the media invitations have started to go out. Sony Mobile Communicaitons*, the new name for the Sony Ericsson brand, is the latest and they’ve continued to tease us that we’ll see “what’s new and what’s next” for the Xperia lineup. That big asterisk in the image above is probably indicated heavy fine print with some legal jargon until the official takeover goes through. Of course, some devices have already leaked online in codename form and pictures. We can expect to see the Xperia P (LT22i “Nypon”), “Tapioca” LT21i, Xperia U (ST25i Kumquat).

As for us Canadians, the only confirmed device that we will be seeing is the Xperia S. This sleek looking Android is expected to be available early 2012.

Via: Phandroid