Galaxy Nexus now available at Tbaytel


  • MikeW

    TBayTel-Who? I’ve never heard of this company… What the heck?

    • Adam

      If you don’t travel to/live in an area between Manitoba and Sault Ste Marie, then no you probably wouldn’t have heard of them.

    • Mitchell

      Tbaytel is the largest municiaplly owned telephone company. They span from the manitoba border to basically the sault. Its basically also the only provider in Northwestern Ontario, with dryden telephone, koodo, telus being there only competition. The competition has a very small number of customers. I think that the nexus has been out for a while now, I think my neighbor has it and hes had a new phone for like 2-3 weeks.

  • Paul

    Mobilesyrup, you forgot the hyperlink to your review.

  • The REAL Joe

    I’ve never heard of them and I live in Mb, but the news makes me thing – if the no-names are getting the Nexus, MTS – WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU??? I mean, really, now *every* other Canadian carrier has the Nexus except MTS!!!

    • Scott

      I find it funny a cellphone user in Manitoba has never heard of Tbaytel. Considering tbaytel runs a 130+ tower network stretching from the Manitoba border to SSM on Hwy 17 and from Fraser River to Rainy River on Hwy 11 and most points in between.

      You need to experience all that Northern Ontario has to offer. Lake of the Woods is a wonderful place to spend a summer vacation.

  • Steve M

    The only other problem is that TBayTel’s rate plans are the worst going. Waiting patiently for Ma Bell to roll out towers and then some competition – cause if ma bell is here – telus is here also on the new 4g network they are rolling out – confirmed towers going into thunder Bay, and Nipigon from what I hear. Be nice if Bell was a little more open about their plans to roll out in our area.

    • Adam

      Bell will be there in a matter of time, they’ve expanded their service and are now heading up highway 11/17 towards MB and have active service in Geraldton.

      problem for them is, as they will find out very quickly, that they don’t have many towers in town which will cause the congestion problems tbaytel had when they launched their HSPA network.