Huawei high-end ‘Diamond’ series smartphones to be announced next month, report says


  • hurrdurr

    Huawei + high-end? Isnt that an oxy-moron

    • Terry

      If you’ve only seen their phones that have made it to Canada, then yes, it is an oxymoron.

      If you’ve seen their phones that never made it to Canada, the no. It isn’t.

    • Rich

      No, but apple and high-end are

  • Nick

    I’ll be excited to see if they can pull something outta the hat

  • Studystand

    This the same company that released the Ascend P1 S, I have faith that they will easily breach the high-end smartphone market.

  • phoneguy89

    Hyundai owners are looking forward to this.

  • Boojay

    Don’t really care how thin it is. How WIDE is the phone?

  • aviking

    I remember some of those early HTC phones and thinking who is HTC. There is no reason to think that Huawei can’t make a competitive phone. Companies like Huawei will push all the major competitors even further because companies like Huawei have to put more into their phones in order to sell any. I LOVE COMPETITION.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    high-end the fisher price of the cell phone market. NO wonder wind is in bed with them! Sorry sir it is not our network it is your crappy phone that has no warranty.

  • idonkey

    Well! just stick an Apple logo on it and said – There’s your iphone 6 (the real iphone 6 can’t even be this good) these idonkeys are going nuts, as simple as that.

  • Josh

    Every brand has got to start somewhere. Give it a couple of years and there’ll be just as many fanboys for Huawei as there are for some other devices. I for one am excited to see what they’ve got in store. If i can get my hands on a Huawei phone for cheap that will pack some serious hardware specs than i am happy.

  • Alex Perrier

    i wrote a positive comment with nothing negative except “low-end Huaweis tend to be fragile”, only to have it “blocked” because Syrup’s comment system isn’t working properly. Fix your comment zone, Syrup, pretty please!

  • Francis

    May be something you guys don’t know, but Huawei makes most of the cellphone antennas everywhere in the world, so at least one thing you can be sure is that you’ll have good reception with their phone 😉

  • Pahech

    Huawei is actually one of the largest companies in the whole mobile networking business similar to what Ericsson does. I can totally see them being the Hyundai of phone businesses.

    Huawei may not seem like a sexy brand currently, but they give a lot more bang for the buck considering how affordable a lot of their handsets cost.

    If this Diamond series is better than the decently-spec’d Ascend P1S, it certainly can compete with the other big brand names.