Official statement from RIM on the leadership shuffle (Video)


  • Betty Koyle

    Rip Rim

    • InfinitiGuy

      Betty the troll.

    • notmuchchange

      Not much has changed!
      Think about it they were BOTH CEOs and had positions in the board. If they had quit the boeard and kept the CEO position they could have been kicked at any moment, now that the press is finally pushing. So they gave up the CEO position, they named ANOTHER engineer that they concro and they remained Vice president of the board while backing the new CEO. NOT much has changed! Stock holders know this, this will have the effect of just snother rumor and will be gone in one week. Expect 15% incresase in shares, gone by the end of the week.
      If there are any changes indeed they will take at lesst 3 months to take effect.

  • ICA

    Not RIP. RIPE. For some good change. Vive la RIM!

  • Kid.Canada

    As a bb fan this is great news!! So excited to see what this new guy has up his sleeve!

  • Stacy

    Is there a way to make my IPhone work with RIM?

    • Dimitri k.

      Get out troll.

      On topic. This is good news. I have used Samsung and Apple and HTC AND even Motorola yet none of them have the best keybaord and safe and secure emailing and all. I love using my blackberry. Yes its not a dual core or have all this fancy and all the crap every other company puts to sell their phones but i am sure 75 million costumers are happy. People do not realize it all they care about is the hardware yet seeing as the phone was made to be a phone not a toy…

    • chall2k5

      yes, sell it and buy a bold touch

  • nick m

    Will Heins help RIM catchup? 🙂

  • LeafsFan77

    This guy looks like Stephen Harper. I just hope he can turn RIM around for the better, unlike what Harper did with Canada.

  • bobo jones

    It is to little to late. No one more than me wants RIM to survive but they are at least one year behind. Look at Nokia, they saw the writing on the wall and acted. Maybe they saw RIM and said that will be us if we don’t act and they did and look at them now. Their phone was best of show at CES and people cannot wait for their product. It’s been over 5 years since RIM was in that position. The best thing i can say is buy as much stock as you can and when they are bought up by another company your stock becomes the new company and with luck it will be worth 5-10 times more than you paid. Do your research and good luck everyone.

  • aka

    I hope this announcement speeds up the release of QNX phones, why wait for LTE, when there’s good dual-core processors with HSPA+ capabilities is available? They have to strike the market now!

  • roman129

    Ha ha, “Sometimes we innovate too much..”

  • Garfield

    At least this new CEO has a business plan for RIM shareholders to take notice. Hopefully, this is the first step, bringing RIM back with the competition.

  • Phyxius

    i may not have been sporting a bb device for a while now, but i don’t want to see a canadian company go down the tubes. i would much prefer seeing a blackberry in my hands than that dreaded windows phone. hope you know what you are doing RIM and come back stronger.

  • mark

    Le RIM est mort, vive le RIM.

    • I forgot my meds

      Either get a designated driver or call a cab.

  • DogSoldiers

    Interesting…I’m not a Blackberry fan at all, but as a fellow Canuck, I hope RIM get their stuff together and turn the company around and get it moving in the right direction again.

  • Big 3

    I hope the new CEO will be a Canadian ^.^

    Sadly, RIM devices are Canada’s last consumer products sold internationally =(

    before 2006 Canada had 2 global consumer brands(before ATI Graphics got bought out)

    Even the small city HK has more consumer products than our country sold internationally(Espirit, Husky Energy, Giorando, vTech, INQ just to name a few).

  • Dave

    These two doorknobs EX-CEO should have been kick out of the door like 3 years ago. It’s kind a little too late by now.

  • Rich

    “There comes a time in the growth of every successful company when the founders recognize the need to pass the baton to new leadership. Jim and I went to the Board and told them that we thought that time was now.”

    No. you were wrong. The right time would have been over a year ago.

  • Domingo

    Typical canadian business story of complacency. They did this to themselves. This alone will not be enough. This WITH a couple of home run hardware might be enough to BEGIN a turn around. They can’t afford to get it wrong. I figure they have until the end of 2012 and then they won’t be able to stop the bleeding. Oh and hire some fresh blood with imagination, imagination being the key.

  • bob

    The new CEO do not get it. He seems to think that they only need better marketing to sell more to consumers while they need better products.

    • Sam

      Better marketing only works for the apple cult, apple is second to none when it comes to marketing to the kool-aid drinkers. For independant thinkers they’re going to have to do a lot more.

  • firzen_net

    This guy really reminds me of Stephen Harper. He really looks like him. Iuno.