“We just got Samsunged” is the new anti-Apple Galaxy S II ad from Samsung (Video)


  • Rich

    These commercials are so dull. They should go the route that Droid went when it first came onto the scene.

    • Mark

      The original droid commercials were cool, but I think it scared a lot of every day consumers off of Android – they gave the vibe that android was something very technical and not for non-tech savvy people.

    • I forgot my meds

      Sumdung still jealous, like a lovesick broad. Poor sumdung.

    • Boojay

      Loving Samsung’s new commercials. I like that they’re actually true….unlike you-know-who’s commercials.

  • Preacher

    Not as good as the other ads they have done, but the campaign altogether is gold.

  • Don

    1. When a piece of technology is denied software updates even though it’s capable of running said software: “No ICS on my Vibrant? Damn, I just got Samsunged.”

  • Will Robertson

    Seems like the right move for Samsung.

  • bob

    Well, I guess the take away is that no one ever lined up for a Samsung product.

  • TheONE

    HAHA Samsung is awesome, beast of a phone. Besides iphones are for highschool girls.

  • bob

    I think to be ‘Samsunged’ actually means “to have ones work blatantly ripped off”. As in “that dick just samsunged my whole project”.

    Generally anyway.

  • Dan

    Got a good chuckle out of it watching it on my GS2. Not as funny as the other ones though.

  • John Bain

    Yeah Iphone’s are for girls and teenie boppers. Android is a mans device (How would a man type on a tiny 3.5″ screen? lol)

    • Adam

      You know what they say about guys with small smartphone screens right?

  • Mic

    I am running ICS on my GS2 and its AWESOME GO ANDROID WOOOOOOOO!!!! F**k that girly iphone shiiiiiiiit

  • wakkashakka

    sneaky bastards not mentioning android …. so many companies running android never name drop it and could easily launch their own mimick OS (i.e. bada) so easily..

  • Tony

    Yeah I have ICS on my Nexus S I LOVE IT! I really want a Galaxy Nexus next. Iphone is g*y

  • MrBadTouch

    Iphone is the nest Blackberry (dead) no one I know has one outside a few woman, all the men I know own Androids. 4″ or bigger screens, dual core NvIDIA GPU’s, Live Wallpapers, Widgets iphone can’t compete just a bunch of boring girly icons taste the rainbow haha oh and g@ys LMAO

    • Someguy

      You and and your friends can’t afford Apple b***h

    • m1ndtr1p


      They can, there’s just no reason to… The iPhone is an overpriced, outdated piece of sh*t. Those who do buy them (iPhones) are just insanely stupid and ignorant.

  • creepynut

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but does the iPhone not include turn-by-turn navigation as well…?

    • Dextherex

      Nope it doesn’t not built in anyways. Which is why they ask how much- they would normally pay for it. Also if you have street view installed Android shows you a picture of your destination when you arrive so you know you are in the right spot.

      Also you can’t even use Siri to navigate in canada. Android definitely > apple at navigating

      Samsunged: The realisation the IPhone isn’t the nest phone out there.

  • Marc

    While I think that Galaxy S2 is a great phone, it is the last Android device that should be poking fun at battery life. They should have saved this for when 2012 “All day battery” phones come out.

    What I like best about this commercial is the subtle reference to the guy being “jailed”. I’ve been trying to think of something other that being “Samsunged” as the catch phase, but nothing is coming to mind right now. Maybe along the lines of “In what Galaxy would we be able to get free turn-by-turn navigation?” Promote the line of phones rather than the company.

  • Adrien

    Fuuuuuuck iphone and Apple over priced girl phones

  • bob

    From the sounds of these comments, it seems most Android owners are 12 year old boys that have yet to see a vagina. iPhone is for girls and gays. Nice mature market segment Samsung has won over. No wonder no one makes money from Android (except the carriers), the boys don’t have jobs yet. I know exactly one person with an Android (his 3rd in 2 years) and he is a helpdesk monkey. Every engineer and developer I work with has a BB or an iPhone. But, then again, these are educated, intelligent people with jobs, so I guess that isn’t where Samsung is marketing into.

    • Me Ted

      “Every engineer and developer I work with has a BB or an iPhone.”
      BB? Good Christ you’re insane. Look “Mr. Engineer”, here’s a tip: don’t come on a mobile tech blog and reference BB as a source for superior technical achievment. Anyone worth his weight knows Rim is currently in a talispin for a variety of reasons; one of them being an antiquated platform.

      I think the only thing you’ve ever developed is a major case of the runs. Go play with PS on your iMac ya’ douchebag.

    • Ramy

      Well Bob, I don’t know where you live but its certainly a developing country or its a North American country because both BB and iPhone are made by North American companies…

      If you look over at really smart, educated, leading the future countries like Japan, Turkey, India and Korea, people there don’t actually give a damn about the iPhone and BB. Simple reason; Android can do better 🙂

      Also, I don’t care if all the engineers, presidents, noble prize winners in the whole world prefer an iPhone or Blackberry, it’s what YOU prefer and most of the people do prefer Android. And yes, a lot of them are way more educated than your co-worker engineers 🙂

    • Rio

      The reason these ‘higher ups’ use BB and iPhones is simply because its all around stability and security.

      Stop getting your panties up in a bunch all of you. Everyone prefers different things in a phone.

    • AmyR

      You really should stop using that iPhone of yours as a butt plug.

    • baester

      @Ramy – Android in Japan is still nascent. AU had a major campaign with it last summer and the Samsung Galaxy banner is starting to jump off, but iPhone still beats it by a mile. BB never took over due to language inputs.

      1. iPhone 4S 32GB (au/KDDI)
      2. iPhone 4S 16GB (au/KDDI)
      3. iPhone 4S 16GB (SoftBank)
      4. iPhone 4S 64GB (au/KDDI)
      5. iPhone 4S 32GB (SoftBank)
      6. iPhone 4S 64GB (SoftBank)
      7. iPhone 4 32GB (SoftBank)
      8. Samsung Galaxy S II (NTT DoCoMo)
      9. Xperia acro (NTT DoCoMo)
      10. iPhone 4 16GB (SoftBank)

  • MrMoney

    Android owners have offended the G@Y known as *BOB* Go play on your make up kit phone hom0 BOB

  • Jimmy benfield

    Yeah so what if Bob like girl phones, maybe he has tiny hands and fingers. Leave him alone MrMoney. But yeah, pretty girly device really lololol

  • bob

    Thanks for making my point Jimmy and MrMoney. You guys make it too easy.

  • Rufio

    Bob IS a vagina! Haha ANDROID BEAST!

  • Veronica Moore

    I have always viewed iphones for us females and Androids a more Male device. I have the iphone 4 and my husband has the new Galaxy Nexus, works for us! I can see why the males posting would not like the iphone but hey it matches my purse! But I’d probably laugh is I caught my husband playing with one.

  • ile2010

    And here I thought that Apple fans were the worst. Android fans make Apple fans look only mildly retarded.

    • Me Ted

      I guess that pretty much puts you at “Forrest Gump” on the stupid scale then doesn’t it.

    • Rio

      lol Me Ted you are just proving his point.

      People say Apple fans are sheep, yet on every apple article all you see is ‘Android is better, iPhones are for girls’ lawl.

      Why can’t people get in through their egoistic heads, the world doesn’t revolve around you.

      Every person looks for something different in a phone. I personally don’t give a s**t if I have a 55 core processor or a 1core processor as long as my phone does what I need it to do.

      Not everyone is a techky and whats everything to be displayed on their home screen

  • whocares

    Isnt it ironic – samsung is making fun of iphones battery life. Lol take a look in the mirror first. I have an android and the battery life blows, its dead before i get home. And to those who say adjust brightness, email, sync etc. what’s the point of having a phone if you have to worry about it dying all the time and be careful about how long you use it? Androids nothing special; calm down fanboys.

    The only reason i dont have an iphone is because im not made of money. Personally, im waiting till windows marketplace gets more apps so i can switch back to Nokia, never had a problem with any of their phones.

  • Jessabell

    Yeah you guys leave our iphones alone! Now my bf that owns a Desire HD is laughing at me >_<

  • Dumes

    My wife has an iphone and it does not have turn-by-turn the way android does. It will show you the text for your route the same way google maps on your computer does and it will even show you where you are on the map. Gs2 actually looks like a gps. It zooms in on where you are, moves the screen to always show the direction you are driving and also speaks the directions like a gps.

  • Vance

    @whocares I’ve owned the following Androids: Xperia x10, Samsung Captivate, Xperia Arc, Xperia Ray, and now the Nexus S and ALL have lasted a day and a half heavy use.

    You bought a defect obviously.

  • bob

    @Vance really? I think you bought magical phones, otherwise why do you think Samsung is developing their ‘All-day’ battery phones?

  • whocares


    Ive owned a captivate, an x10, a galaxy i7500, a lg chic, an xt720, a milestone, plus a few more i cant rmr. Currently typing this on an lg optimus black. I know youre full of crap, android battery life just sucks.

  • Mary H

    I always think of Androids as being “Alpha”, like if I see a guy using one I think powerful business type. Iphones make guys look too beta, like the skinny jeans wearing type.

  • Joey

    @Mary H the “skinny jeans type” are called “hipsters” and yes they are all over iphone and apple junk. Skinny jeans, box glasses, etc yep thats a hipster aka apple fanboy. You’ll find most of these weirdos in cafe’s trying to look impressive pretending to read a book with their legs crossed in a very female way lol. Android is amazing though, I love it. So open and if you can code its a dream with everything you can do with it.

  • ihitmyheadalot

    @vance theres no way you run any android phone on HEAVY use for a day and a half. to do that you would have to power it off completely everytime you put it down. i’ve abandonned it for an iphone 4s just last week. I’ve had a horrible experience with my galaxy S fascinate and refuse to support samsung again for a number of reasons. I wont bother with a NON NEXUS android phone.. until then I’m really pleased with my “Girly Phone”. I shouldnt have to void my warranty to get updates in a timely fashion.. regardless of if i AM a root user or not.

    • Paul

      I use my phone an average amount and i can normally get 10 hours unless I start watching video or am on the phone more than normal. Then around suppertime I am looking to charge.I am happy with that as the GS2X I have is fantastic. I know the update to ICS will come for my phone and most likely will not come for my wife’s vibrant. I will not however ever switch to apple as it doesn’t do some of the things like my Android phone such as Navigation (which sucks the battery big time) and if I chose there is a healthy Android community where I could root my phone and install custom ROM’s. If you try to do the same with the Iphone you will find that Apple will release updates that will not react to nicely with a jailbroken phone. The size of the screen on the Android phones coming our makes itan easy trade off for a ding on the battery life in my opinion. It is all a matter of personal preference.

  • Mike

    @Benaman! HTC is awesome! *high five* I’d never own an iphone, rocking an HTC Desire S imported unlocked running ICS! Bam!

  • Mike

    888OHhhh Wait Bob is Against Android…screw you Bob you dont get to be Benaman anymore! Jerk! iphone is balls

  • bob

    “If you look over at really smart, educated, leading the future countries like Japan, Turkey, India and Korea, people there don’t actually give a damn about the iPhone and BB. Simple reason; Android can do better”

    really, india and Turkey are your examples of smart, educated countries? Try again. India is coming along nicely, but is still considered a backward country because of the massive, abject poverty the vast majority of their people live in. And Turkey? really?

  • bob

    @Me Ted,

    I never was Bb was superior. I actually detest it. Just that in my company it and iPhone are more common. Sorry if facts and truth bother you. I am sure there are engineers using Android. I personally like the Nexus line.

    Seems like most of their users are 12 year old bigots, however (judging by this thread anyway).

  • W Young

    Turn by turn navigation cause men get lost easily.

  • sp

    @ i forgot my meds : got samsunged

  • Kyle

    It seems like every time someone says any thing about Android the Apple fanboys turn to name calling and unproven facts rather actually explaining how the phone they like is better.

  • FranzJoseph

    “If you look over at really smart, educated, leading the future countries like Japan, Turkey, India and Korea, people there don’t actually give a damn about the iPhone and BB. Simple reason; Android can do better”

    Oh really is that why BlackBerry has the largest market share in India?

  • desesperate man

    Why do I even bother to read the comments section anymore?

  • AW

    Because you know you just can’t resist…

  • guibou

    We all know that samsung S***s at updating their phones just see in a 6 months and an the news that your GS2 does not get the latest version of android because the touchwiz UI they have to install is too heavy for the phone

  • Saffant


    Staying classy now are we Bob.

    You talk about maturity as if the criteria is governed only by one’s ability to witness female genitals. I suppose the hypocrisy of that escapes you.

  • hgs

    Wow, lot’s of emotions here…..
    Should we get back on topic?
    I think Samsung campaign is smart and funny at the same time. Apple is getting back a little doze of it own medicine…. (Anyone remember Apple vs PC ads on TV when Microsoft was suffering with Vista)
    No question for me that both Samsung and Apple have great producst but I have to say I can’t stomach the high prices of Apple products and usually end up with anything but Apple but that is me.
    The eyes are on Apple this year. Will they deliver Ipad3 and iPhone5 this year with Jobs gone or will it be year that Apple will want to forget. We will find out in coming months

  • RJS

    HAH! Take that Apple, how do you like them—apples…? Totally reminds me of Mac guy giving it to PC guy