Truth in advertising Samsung’s latest Galaxy SII commercial targets Apple’s iPhone (Video)


  • Al

    Well played Samsung, well played…

    I can see what the next Apple commercial will be like
    *thinking back to PC versus Mac commercials*

  • Nobel

    LOL. The iTards are waiting in the line!!!

  • Dorothy

    A not-so-subtle pwnage. Me like!

  • mattprime86


  • chris

    Got my wife a SG2 X on Telus. Pretty awesome phone from what I have heard.

  • ace

    samsung galaxy nexus ftw

  • Nick

    I’d get an S II over an iPhone 4S any day, but I don’t think 4G is a selling point people really care about. The exact same ad with someone streaming video off a Flash website would’ve been way more effective, IMHO.

    • roman

      Mobile Flash is desirable in theory but it’s awful in practice. Even Adobe knows mobile flash is a PoS. I could have it on my S2, but I refuse to because it makes general browsing slower and choppier, and battery goes out faster.

  • gjac0m

    Big display with awfull resolution…

    • L33tMasta

      I don’t know why people are voting you down. You are, technically, correct. The SGS2 has a smaller resolution on a bigger screen than the iPhone 4 has.

    • Yeria

      The reason you thumbed down is because you forgot to add a couple more words after.. which should read

      “And it still looks better than Retina”

      Oops, don’t sue me Apple for posting a name of your product! I’ll just call it an LCD instead..!

    • UNK

      You got voted down because you didn’t write anything cheering the Galaxy So the Droid fanboy could of keep up their tech boners and still not getting the idea that some people just want a iPhone and shouldn’t get attacked over it.

      And this is going to get voted down too… So read it quick before it get’s hidden too.

  • ace

    my in law went running out the door to get themselves and Iphone4s, the next day they came running to me because their phone battery couldnt even last the day… i laughed as i looked up any solutions on my nexus 1 haha

    • xtachx

      I have a Nexus One as well. Hands down this phone is a workhorse. I mean, today int he age of dual core phones – this things still happily and smoothly chugs along and does everything I do with ease! (I have loaded MIUI on it).

      Its the best phone HTC ever made – in the sense, its smooth, fast well built and STILL keeps up with the OS after 2 years.

  • Jesse

    The difference between Apple and its competitors is the lack of feeling like you have to upgrade from your current device. It works properly, there’s no slowdown in the OS and most of all, all of the apps are safe because there’s an actual approval process. Aside from the amount of good apps out there.

    The one big reason Apple products are generally “better” than the competition though is the ease of use. I got an iPad this month and I was able to turn it on, boot it up and use it without feeling I have to root it to make it work properly for me.

    And it’s not like everyone who uses an iOS device is a sheep or stupid. Last I do recall, computers and electronics are to make our lives easier, so with something so easy to use, it makes my life easier not having an app crash on me on a regular basis.

    iOS is not spec-dependent either, so it runs smooth with even low memory and processing power. My girlfriend’s HTC Desire slows to a crawl just going through text conversations.

    Not trying to troll anyone, but seriously, with the whole “fragmentation” issue plaguing Android along with just generally some unfinished parts of the OS, an iDevice is generally a smarter buy.

    • freestaterocker

      Windows Phone Mango doesn’t need rooting, runs smoother than ios, doesn’t NEED a dual core, and gives a selection of phones with larger screens for ham-fisted people like my self. I own an HTC HD7 and find the 4.3″ screen perfect to type on. I wanted the iPhone 4 until I tried typing on one.

  • Wayne

    Heh, all the hipsters in line. Awesome.

  • iTards

    Actually anybody who use Apple and line up like a sheep is an iTard.. I passed beside the apple store I think last week and I saw the iSheeps inline to get their iPhone4s lol seriously? stay inline to get a phone? how about to kiss their hands for selling you an iphone lmao..iSheeps..

    All the Apple iTards will want to upgrade everytime there is something new because they feel they are a lower class if they have the old phones.. and they would be ashamed to have iPhone 4 but they are not ashamed that they buy it on credit or the student loan lmao..iSheeps get a life.. btw this post is not directed to you but to the iTards.

    • Yeria

      That’s not entirely true… I know a friend of mine who lined up to buy 10 4S to sell them on eBay for 1000 bucks each. He sold them all within 2 hours.. he made around 2500 bucks basically lol

    • staeit

      @Yeria: The people who pay greater than retail are the real iTards.

  • gavins

    Way to go Sammy! Funny as hell because it’s true!

  • Justin

    How about a commercial explaining why Samsung keeps using galaxy for their damn names? Galaxy S, galaxy gio, galaxy captivate, fascinate and vibrate and so on. Minor changes and a thousand models.

    • Jerrik

      @Justin: They call them Galaxies because they are out-of-this-world amazing.

    • 69iner

      why is apple calling everything the release i”something” with a lower case i means that your persona is inferior to apple’s product is my guess…… iPad, iTunes, iPods, iPhones

    • JSKershaw

      Wow I can’t believe you just asked this question… Why does Apple call their phones “iPhone”?

      It’s their name!!! The Galaxy is Samsung’s phone name for the Android line. Man this must be up there for the stupidest question of the day!

  • Lucky

    Over the time what has Samsung added in functionality wise? Change the name every few months, change the display size frm 4′ to 4.2′ to 4.5’………….! Try to compete with what Apple puts out once a year vs Samsung Galaxy **** every few months. Samsung put themslvs down in this commercial…..they r portraying tht any1 can go and buy thier phone anytime cuz no1 wants them, where as every1 wants an iDevice n they line up.

  • Justin Credible

    Watched this on my Nexus S and can’t wipe the smile off my face lol!

  • Wasse

    Thats funny how they kept saying 4G when iPhone 4s has the same speed I like how android phones keep lying about 4G speed when it’s only 3G

    • Jerrik

      @Wasse: Last time I checked, 21Mbps and up was 4G. It may not be LTE, but these phones still fall under 4G capabilities. Although the NEWLY RELEASED iPhone 4S is considered 4G, the fastest it can get up to is only 14.4Mbps, which is the same speed that the Motorola Atrix gets, which was released LAST SPRING. Samsung Galaxy S2 phones get anywhere from up to 21Mbps (Bell’s Galaxy S2) to 42Mbps (TELUS’s Galaxy S2 X) to 75Mbps (Rogers Galaxy S2 LTE). That is a minimum 2x faster than the latest iPhone which was released about a month ago.

    • James

      Sorry to burst both of your bubble’s but Google up what 4G actually means. Not even LTE is considered ‘truly’ 4G. HSPA+? Give me a break. I like WIND’s designation better, 3G+. Crash course: True 4G means local mobile hits ~1Gbps (ideal conditions). We’re near it, but no carrier in the world has access to such technology, let alone trialing, and certainly not deploying. Sorry folks, you’ve all marketed to, but thats okay, because you don’t care, the shiny pretty numbers are better when they’re higher right?! With that mentality, I most certainly hope you’re only using an iPhone and Mac of some sort.

  • trolol

    The comment section is just more proof people validate themselves based on what phone they have.
    Fandroids and iTards alike.
    Seriously, get a life.

  • Mike E

    “I’m creative”, “Your a barista.” HA HAH HA….oh, my sides hurt from laughing so hard….’cause I actually know people like that.

  • aka

    ROFLMAO! This made my day! 😀

  • CDL

    Ah yeah right that’s why over 4 million iPhones sold in one weekend. The commercial is pretty petty. Is the Samsung GSII good? Yeah if you can get past the horrid “TouchWiz” mutilation of Gingerbread. But here’s the most important comparison … iPhone just works and doesn’t need to embarrass anyone else to prove they’re better. Good things come to those who wait … Nuff said 😉

    • rnewton01

      you mad bro? i know it was a tough wait in that line, but c’mon…..

    • someone

      yes…iphones work great until they deliberately kill their old phones with software updates. I have a 3g. 13 months after I bought it apple brought out the ios 4 update and it ground the 3g to a halt. Of course apple made the update irreversible for no good reason so no one with a 3g can go back to an early working version. So yes, iphones work until apple deliberately ruins them so you have to buy a new one. No ethics at all. Like how they made the 4 and 4s glass on both sides so if you have to replace it if and when you drop it even once. They even have a tiny moisture sensor that voids the warranty, hidden just inside the open port (cause a 10 cent rubber plug for when not plugged in would make too much sense) so you get even a single drop in (like you had to take a call half way through shaving) and bye bye warranty even if problems are in no way moisture related.
      The iphone would work great actually, if apple didn’t try to F**K you in the a** every way they could.

    • alex

      touchwiz…use a custome laucher…

      as for the sales, Apple did not limit in store purchases(as they had before)…some Canadian stores sold 100 phones to peeps who just exported them, so the numbers are higher for first weekend. But they are not tabulated in the same way as previous initial sales of iPhones were.

  • :)

    BB is the best messaging smartphone!

  • Wasse

    @Jerrik 4G is 100mbps not 21 search it up buddy

    • Mda

      We’ve all seen ads from the Big 3 talking about some of their phones being 4g, so if you honestly think that that means those phones can theoretically reach 100mbps, then you’ve got to get your head checked.
      Think about it, LTE (the fastest at the moment) only reached 75mbps theoretically.

  • Lucky

    Wow Samsung Aliens have envaded this blog!!

  • Turbofour

    Awesome video! Very creative!

  • Josh

    I really like my Samsung Galaxy S2 im glad i didn’t get a iphone 4s cuz i dont like waiting in lines except for a movie or a video game but not a phone

  • rnewton01



    This Samsung commercial is the best, I love it. I’ve been telling people all along that Iphones are so outdated and each one apple releases are pretty much the same, but going up the line apple Iphones is actually getting worse. Iphone 3g and 3gs were made with good quality, but then iphone 4 came out with bad design with cheap glass materials that breaks so easy, and oh ya antennae gate issues. Then Iphone 4s came out with the same design as the iphone 4 with still cheap breakable glass, and then huge software issues that the battery dies so fast, and siri doesn’t work properly in Canada. Talk about bad quality brings Apples Iphone to mind. I love Samsung products I’ve had always bought a Samsung my whole life and Samsung makes good quality products that are reliable. I have a Samsung Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, Samsung Galaxy S 2 and I love these phones. And my next one will be the brand new Galaxy Nexus coming soon, and I can’t wait. I will only buy Samsung products cause there the only brand name that I trust for my electronics.

  • Xtreme

    The thing that I find personally funny about that commercial, is that they probably designed it using Apple Products (Computers/Software).

    • Jake

      The thing that I find personally funny is that Samsung is Apples largest supplier if mobile parts….

  • Dustin

    This ad infuriates me to no end as it plays on the fact that ALL consumers are i****s. If you take the time to research what you want in a phone, you will find its not all about the hardware, its about what you can do with the device. The phone market is like the computer market, there is no 1 phone to rule them all, it’s all preference.

    If you were to compare EVERY little detail about phones, you will see that in certain aspects each phone has their own set of strengths and that it’s ultimately up to the consumer to decide what to buy based off their needs. What samsung SHOULD have done is an ad shown just how fast and magnificent the GS2 really is without every line being a backhand to the competitor, truly inspire me to buy your product, because damn its a sweet phone, but then so is the iphone 4s.

    So when do I get a dual core phone with 1gb of ram, lte, 4inch 960 x 640 rez, bluetooth 4.0, nfc, 64gb flash storage + microSD supprt, using open standards that allows users to install anything but the market is closed eco so it’s safe, with battery life that rivals flip phones, and be less than an inch thick?? best of all the phones, one can only dream

  • Scazzz

    So many uninformed children in here shouting at each other… HSPA+ is 4g, LTE is 4g, why? Because they literally mean nothing and the ITU, the “governming” body that has no power decided to give in to carriers using 4g as a marketing term and allow almost anything new to be classified as “4G”… In the end however, its just a buzz word, get over it. What should really set things apart is actual speed numbers, the carrier and the location, not a marketing buzzword that has no meaning. Everyone needs to stop whining about it and move on.

    Iphone isn’t as fast as many of the new phones out there, connection-wise, however time and again many of the other phones have had speed tests that range wildly from 5% to 80% of their rated speeds, so for the most part they are meaningless.

  • Scazzz


  • EAK47

    I bring nothing to the conversation but I love using my SGS2… That’s why I’m posting this.

  • ehoustoun

    The best part about that commercial is that it is dripping with common sense. It’s funny because they never say out and out that it’s better than an iphone, more just poke fun at how silly it is to wait in line for one for hours or even days. Very clever.

  • Nil

    ‘nough said bro. I still love my N1 with a passion, simply because it’s a great phone.

  • EmperumanV

    Funny comments by iFans here. Got a good laugh out of it heh.

  • Mr. Perfect

    @xtachx actually the best HTC phone to ever come out is the HTC HD2, this phone came out in 2009 and receives updates just as fast or even fast then the first Nexus. First phone with a 4.3 display and although it only has a 1ghz processor, it doesn’t lag at all like some of the other phones in it’s class. The thing about this phone is it launced with Windows Mobile 6.5, but since the boot loader was never locked by HTC, you were able to port Android to it. When people look at my phone and see the T-Mobile symbol up top and the Windows key on the bottom while running Android 2.3.5 as well as Windows 7 on the same device they are puzzled.

    Btw…the Ice Cream Sandwich rom just came out for the HD2!!!

  • Lucas

    This comment was written on my 4G Samsung Galaxy S2X. =)

  • Reg

    Lol great commercial. Well played Samsung. Sent from my GS2.

  • replaytonews

    Well, it is obvious android fan boy loves to comment in this section.

  • Rio

    lol, looks like I know where the Android Community gets its personality from.

    Lets put down the iPhone to make us look better

    • Dewey

      Like the Apple vs. PC ads of a couple years ago? Pot meet very dirty kettle.

  • L33tMasta

    Why does Samsung continue to compare itself to the iPhone? If it weren’t for the iPhone Samsung wouldn’t have the design they have right now. And if they have to try and bring down the competition with things like this, then their product has no merit in my eyes. It should be able to stand on it’s own with it’s own set of features and hardware. Not always constantly comparing their phones to the iPhone. Hell, I remember a time when they said the Samsung Instinct was a better phone than the iPhone. We all know how that went…

    • saffant

      Targeted towards the sheep of our society. Tech enthusiasts know better themselves.

  • firzen_net

    Subtle advertising. It’s definitely eye catching from an objective point of view. Like, as an Android user or iPhone user, you would be interested to keep watching the commercial. The situation with the girl sitting watching seemed unreal. Just my two cents.

  • carlos87

    WHY CAN’T I STOP WATCHING THIS??! SGS2 LTE getting home today =) im no effin Barista loll

  • Hotdoggable

    This reminds me of people waiting in line for bread in a third world country. A matter of life or death. How do iFools justify their behavior? Its pathetic really. GET A LIFE, you spoiled jerks.

  • droidacolyte

    “Why don’t you just get 4G phones?” ROFL! That made the girl sound even more like a shill than the iSheep in the lineup. What difference does having 21 mbps speed (as opposed to the 4s’ 14.4 mbps) on a phone make if the speed test results are a small fraction of that? On MobileSyrup I saw a reviewer get about 7 mbps with his Samsung Galaxy S II X and he remarked it was the fastest speed he saw on the phone. And it was a 42 mbps phone. You can have all the theoretical max speed in the world but it doesn’t mean jack in real life.

    Funny commercial but Samsung could do better to emphasize the advantages of the phone. Instead of just making fun of the Apple hipsters.

  • zar

    @droidacolyte, you probably forgot the I’m a Mac/I’m a PC ad campaign Apple had a while back in which they deliberately made of MS’ OS. Samsung never once mentioned Apple or iPhone in this ad!

    As for people gathering in lines to buy iPhones, I know from a guy working in a store that they sold 100+ phones to many individuals -> profit by selling them overseas.

  • mce

    What a stupid ad. It’s not like this is representative of every iPhone user. I certainly didn’t line up, nor would I. There’s fanatics in every camp–just look at this thread. I could just as easily have said that all you Samsung users were busy playing the latest Call of Duty, but it wouldn’t be any more correct than this is. Downvote away…. logic stopped being valid in advertising ages ago.

  • RJay29

    I am a massive Iphone fan, but this commercial is pure awesome on samsungs side


    Real truth in advertising:
    “Please come buy our phones. You won’t have a problem finding them or need to line up because no one else is buying them. Be cool, avoid the lineups and we promise, you will be cool because no one you know will have one like it. No one. Lots of stock. Everywhere. Seriously, in every store, we have lots and lots of stock. No lines. Please. Come on guys, work with us here. Look, iPhones are for losers. Is that simple enough? Does that make you feel you shouldn’t buy one? Great, no come buy a Sammy. Lots of stock. Come now. Please. Where are you guys? Please come now.”

    • John

      People didnt line up to buy Skyrim… they sure as s**t did to buy MW2… Are you telling me that MW2 is better than Skyrim? Because if you are then there is no hope for you…

      My biggest LOL was at the person stating “You need to Root to have a good UI experience” Wat? Im on the stock rom for my GS2X and it runs just as clean and competent as my brothers Iphone 4… actually he thinks that the Android UI is much much better and has more functionality. The nice thing about Android is that you can always root it and make it even MORE powerful and better.

      Why the hell would i buy a product that limits its potential… Itards are just that.

  • MikeG

    All I see in here is down ranking anything pro-iPhone and a bunch of Android backslapping.

    BB user myself and still on the fence for my next upgrade. The Amaze is the first and only Android device I’ve tested and liked. All the other models under performed against the iPhone4 and felt cheap. Hopefully the next gen will be more impressive.

  • Michael Curry

    Well it is obvious that Samsung started this just prior to the holiday shopping frenzy, iPhone has overall consideration rate within consumers and is gaining market share within the business enterprise. In our company alone they replaced every single highly expensive business telephone with a iPhone docked into a ifusion smart station running Cisco mobile app. I now have one devise for all my personal and business communications needs. They told us all the power saving alone in one year from the old desk phone paid for the entire project. Nobody at this point can come close to this however please try for us consumers really enjoy all the new and innovated products developed from the spirit of competition.

  • Brrr

    No iPhone user is even remotely interested in downgrading to a Samsung phone.

    The ad does make a good point about anyone who would wait in line for anything though. Even people who line up for a movie are i****s.

  • anon

    to many droid fanboys on here

  • Graham J

    I’m not sure I’d call “Most obviously jealous commercial” an award exactly.

    Samsung only wishes it had 9 hour lines for it’s products.

  • freezerburnt

    All of you fanboys and fangirls out there need to really get a life if you think that you have to validate you existance by having a certain device. It’s a TOOL, and if it meets your needs, WHO F**KING CARES WHO MAKES IT!

    ….Now that being said, it is rather funny watching Sammy take a shot at Apple. Looking forward to seeing what Apple’s response is going to be. (Perhaps I should start egging said fanboys on about which phone is better…. I could use some humour during the holiday season)