RIM issues statement regarding Kodak patent infringement suit delay


  • Jim

    It’s funny that Kodak is filing for bankruptcy. How are they suppose to hire a lawyer, with what f*****g money (Gov’t Bailout Money)? Sad

  • Kid.Canada

    So after 2 years they decide to bring this up again. Am the only one think that this is just Kodak hoping they get some money so they don’t go bankrupt? Not cool Kodak, not cool.

  • Paul

    @Jim Bankruptcy is more like creditor protection in the states. It doesn’t mean they have no money it means that it prevents creditors from attempting to seize assets to cover the amounts owed. The most important asset they have are the patents so I guess even they will be turning into a patent company now which is sad.

  • Alex Perrier

    If Kodak did a partnership with an Android manufacturer, just like HP Beats did with HTC, then maybe it would have saved it. The Camera app would become a “Kodak EasyShare” app, a Kodak microSD would be included, and so on. But with competitors like Sony Cyber-Shot Androids, and 3D phones from HTC and LG, Kodak lost the game.

  • Steelepunk

    Never mind Kodak not being around in August, the chances of RIM still being around is just as slim.

  • A$$ Titties

    Kodak = bankrupt now
    RIM = bankrupt soon