Bell Let’s Talk day is February 8th


  • Neil

    Was excited for a minute when I read the title “Bell lets talk”, thought it was Bell reaching out to their customers to obtain feedback and suggestions, silly me just another Bell money grab disguised as a good cause.

  • benji

    umm.. how is it a money grab? just do what you keep doing and they will give away money to a charity that they normally pocket for themselves.

    • Real_Deal

      Because Bell charges more than 5¢ for text messages and LD calls.

  • shaggyskunk

    Bell and the others, could start by easing the stress of their customers by reducing the size of their bills.

    • baester

      people with mental help problems >> people with no mentral help problems and cell bills

  • David Allan

    Reducing costumers monthly bill is also a form of charity.

  • chartered

    Although this is a good cause, at the end of the day, Bell gets get their tax reduced for this fundraising.

    • benji

      so do you, whenever you (if you even do) donate to charity. should we attack you as well for doing so?

    • FadedSpark

      It’s a 3+ million dollar donation. Shut your crybaby mouth, and talk to someone in support of the cause.

      Seriously, nothing is ever good enough for you people -_-

  • Door knob


  • BHell

    Hey Bell & George Cope, “lets talk” about the 2500 people you laid off recently!!

  • Alex Perrier

    Well, i’ve, too, tried calling Bell to see if Solo and Virgin participate in this fundraiser. Virgin has their own homeless people fundraiser and Virgin Unite. Solo used to have KHP (see but almost certainly does no philanthropy nowadays. i’ve seen the TV ad with Clara Hughes.

    This is a nice project, although it’s unsure if the brands above plus PC Mobile, etc. are participating. They’re all considered Bell Mobility (see customers in CWTA reports. i’ll encourage my Bell friends to participate, and i will too, *if* i get a Bell prepaid phone.

  • JustMeAndMe

    instead of decreasing prices permanently they just play emotional game “See? We’re nice!”

  • Door knob

    F**k you Bell. That is all.

  • benoit

    well i work for best buy mobile and i think it juste fair that belle try to raised money to help research on mental healt becaused there the first caused of mental illness 🙂

  • Rich

    Would have been nice if they reduced the cost of texting / long distance on this day to encourage more use. Regardless, charity is charity and it’s a good cause even if it’s a tax break.

  • Kenny

    Even if Bell gets a tax break or customers see no reduction in bills, that’s $3.3 million charities didn’t have prior to this event. Can you really complain about that?

  • David

    The “good cause” is peanut compared to the sins they’ve done.

    • benji

      you are a peanut

  • Rio

    I have unlimited texts, it costs me
    Nothing to send texts.

    And what sins? For them making sure they have a profit because they are a company? Get over your selves it’s a business. Why don’t you guys start your own charity phone service

    • Dave

      Well said Rio…enough with the whining. At least Bell is giving something back…what have you losers done?

  • whocares

    How about paying your damn iterns bell? Isnt that also a form of charity? BELL BLOWS!

    • baester

      NO, ITS NOT.

  • matt mtl

    i have a text spammer i will spam 1 million texts that day lmfao

  • cheenachatze

    All those charities are just P.R. that we, the customers, pay for.

  • criminalogic

    so bell is donating money to there customer service agents?? and they get tax credit for this?
    hows that a good thing? lol

  • Scazzz

    Its all good, that 3million may be used to help some of the commenters on this site who are clearly suffering from some mental issues too. You people will b***h at anything and say the stupidest s**t, that there has to be something severely wrong with you guys.

  • Rich

    You guys are hilarious. Like donating to charity is some forsaking, damnable thing. Regardless, giving any money to a charity is considered a plus in my book, and if you havent donated more than 100$ in your lifetime to charity, let alone 3+ million, do you even have a right to talk? Consider this: the stipulation of this charity does not require you to pay for texting. If you have an unlimited texting option, every stupid ‘wassup brah’, ‘k’, and ‘lol’ text you mongloids bang out on your Bell phone, gives 5 cents to a charity at the company’s expense. What the hell is the matter with that reasoning? It’s like you’re creating a new demographic on the internet called ‘selective intelligence’.

    Grow the hell up.

  • owl

    I think what some people are trying to say is this:

    If Bell really wants to help mental illness, they should start by not driving their customers crazy by stealing from us with rapacious billing practises.

    As for the money the company is “giving,” it’s all tax deductible and it’s actually the customers who are being taxed to pay for it. So pat yourselves on the back, not Bell.


    UP YOURS Cope! You throw a few thousand employees out on the street and then smile to the cameras saying that Bell is concerned with mental illness? Does that give you a fuzzy feeling inside and lets you sleep at night? How about treating your workforce with dignity and respect as well? I think you’re the one requiring mental treatment!

    I say let’s NOT talk, with Bell.