Contest: Win an HTC Titan!


  • Sean

    I realyl wish our carriers offered more second generation windows phone devices, not just nokia’s

    • Wia

      Do we need to be in all twitter, facebook and google+ and forum to enter?

    • Matt

      I think Noki is relly just opening up the door. t lest I hope so.

  • Jesse

    I seriously would LOVE this phone. I’m just waiting to ditch my HD7 for a newer device, and this would be awesome to have.

    Unless of course you guys give away a Lumia 800 ^_^

  • Michael Del Zotto’s Christmas sweater

    We wants it. We needs it. Must have the precious!

  • Tiffany Salvia

    Following, Liked and RTing! Thank your for the contest!

  • Wilson



  • Nicholas

    Its mine lol, got this

  • Novdeep Arora

    They should really make this contest available to those who participate by liking their links or re-tweeting them rather than handing out free phones to people who dont participate and just sit around… #occupymobilesyrup

  • Jesse

    Big props to Ian by the way for giving it away. I’m sure it was hard to let go of.

  • Big Dog

    cool phone I did the google+1 and added you to my cirlce

  • MikNitro

    Retweeted indeed, Thanks for all the sweet give a ways MobileSyrup!

  • christina davis

    I liked, shared, friends on google+, and tweet and follow on twitter @nickandmattsmom thanks for the chance to win a grat prize!

  • ytu

    What about forum members?

  • Vish

    Done 🙂 Titan is amazing – tried it over the holidays.

  • Kenny

    Still have my HD7 and eagerly awaiting a new Windows Phone I can get my hands on…

  • Mark Angelo Enaje

    I hope I could win that.

  • Laura Royal

    I follow and like you:) crossing fingers for a win!

  • Cindy P

    Sweet phone that I would love to have

  • allison

    Amazing contest !

  • Karl

    Hopefully I win this 🙂

  • Awkward Turtle

    the screen sounds horrible.

  • kimminer

    Awesome contest thanks!

  • astudent


  • Keith

    Wow! I want to win this contest.

  • Joel

    Cha-ching! Count me in!

    Any word btw on any Canadian carrier picking up the Radar, Titan, or Titan II?

  • McCoy

    Definitely would like to win this! Liked and +1’d this contest!

  • TJ

    Ooohhhh! ! ! Must have!

  • Joanne

    Nice phone 🙂

  • Anirask

    This phone would make such a fantastic replacement for my LG Quantum Windows Phone..

  • monsterduc1000

    Yes please!

  • inc

    I hope u got a chance to get some much needed sleep & thank you for an awesome giveaway

  • Some Guy

    Blast. I love all the contests, but I don’t use or have a profile on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. What’s a desperate guy to do? 🙁

  • DaRazorback

    OMG Ian please pick me! I just arrived to Canada, less than a month ago. I lived in Chile for the past three years, teaching English and living with my great wife. She is still there, sadly, as she waits for her permanent residency. Money has been tight this last month, as I get used to living in the GTA and I miss her ever so much. This would mean a lot, both because I had to be alone on Christmas and my birthday for the first time in my life and because this is one of my absolute dream phones. Please, please, please pick me!!!

    I know this doesn’t increase my chances, but just stating my case. I have loved MobileSyrup for almost 2 years! I read this site at least twice a day, before i leave for work and after I get home. I am loyally here reading all of the great articles you guys put out!

  • Rockstar Beaver

    I must win! Need the Titan! Please!

  • cosimo

    would be nice to win for once.

  • Henry

    Thanks Mobile Syrup for the great site and contests! This looks like an amazing phone. Good luck to all! (Me included!)

  • edubarr

    I feel like I’m missing out just because I’m a bit anti-social… It was better when forum members where included by default.

  • Jimbo

    Ya baby, Mobilesyrup rocks with another contest. Count me in!

  • Terry

    i am looking for a windows phone right now. Hope i can win this phone.

  • Rosemary Breschuk-Chiu

    We could use a stand-by phone like this.

  • mr_switzerland

    I’d definitely like to try a WP7. Count me in.

  • Nascar39

    Crossing my fingers! Hope whoever wins this phone enjoys it.

  • kenn

    I like

  • Ashley Murphy

    I need a new phone really bad lol

  • kbloke

    Oh my god, I am willing to denounce my Iphone for one of these

  • koolbreeze

    wooot! not an HTC fan but I’d really would like to try windows phone! woot woot!!!!

  • Akshar Dave

    wooww!!me this time 🙂


    this would be great, AWESOME GIVEAWAY tweeting and following @roswello

  • Alexander S

    Hope to win

  • Doris C

    Liked, google +1, tweeted & like on FB

    thanks so much for all the great & exciting giveaways and tech info:)

  • Tracey Belcher

    Thanks for an amazing chance here – have followed liked tweeted and shared xx

  • Chris2

    Want It! Need It!

  • EvanK

    Thanks SO much! You guys over at Mobile Syrup are the best! Good luck to everyone!

  • Josh

    I would love a windows phone. I am a Microsoft fanboy…

  • Georgina Ackroyd

    liked on facebook fab prize

  • walter murphy

    I need a new phone. This would help big time!

  • jellmoo

    Major props to mobilesyrup. The contests and prizes have been fantastic. Having a little (big) something for fans of WindowsPhone is just the icing on the cake. Well done.

  • Tibor Szekszardi

    I hope I could win to have a good phone to use with wind.

  • shaker

    wow. would be nice!

  • David

    Despite labeling myself as an Android loyalist, I wouldn’t mind jumping into WP7 for a while with a handset like the Titan. What Microsoft is bring to WP7 lately, and in the future, it definitely seems like the OS would have a lot to offer users. Make it happen, MobileSyrup.

  • Neil

    God I want to win this, my Atrix keeps rebooting and neither Bell nor Motorola will admit it is a problem !!!

  • Michael Wright

    Thanks for the great opportunity

  • zefoutch

    that would be a sweet upgrade from my focus

  • Jean Charestan

    yes a new win phone… i like it, one for me please

  • Ryan

    If there is one contest I want to win, more than any other; it’s this ONE!

  • TrickyD

    Haven’t entered a contest in a long time, but I would love to win such a high end Windows 7 device! 🙂
    “Liked” on Facebook.

  • nosogirl

    liked you on fb – julie.reuter1

  • nosogirl

    google + (julie reuter)

  • ren

    Like I say with every contest, I’ve got a good feeling about this one.

  • Brian J

    sure,why not me

  • kimminer

    Wow thanks

  • Marc-Andre Taillefer

    thank you !!!

  • Arthur

    Canada has the market for smartphones, wonder why they don’t push WP here.

  • Melissa Alexakis

    would love to win this… I am currently looking for a new phone, and this one seems to be pretty cool.

  • Diane G

    I need an intelligent phone !

  • Sanjay Togadiya

    I want to win this phone.

  • Dorothy Pyefinch

    Now, that is a device which I could use!

  • Unita Esau

    This phone would bring me out of the Dark Ages and into the the real world

  • Vineet

    Need one for sure….PLs

  • dineshabe

    willing to try win phone and jump from android eco system,

  • Diana117

    Done! Love the Windows phone. Hope I win!

  • Andre Lavoie

    cool phone I did the google+1 and added you to my cirlce

  • kimminer

    Super thanks

  • Diane Vescio

    I love cell phones.
    AT&T customer.
    I liked and tweeted.

  • Julie Nicholls

    Great phone! Good luck to all!!

  • Elizabeth Handel

    I could really use this HTC Titan

  • Cindy P

    wow, just what I need, a new fancy cell phone,,would be great to win,Thanks

  • daniel norr

    love to win this

  • daniel norr

    great prize

  • Catherine

    would love a new phone

  • Sandy MacIsaac

    l would really love to have a HTC TITAN!

  • Aubrey Young

    We need more competition in the industry, Bell and Rogers are ripping us off!

  • Renee Lacasse

    i need a phone

  • kristine

    great contest….cool phone!

  • ginger

    cool phone

  • Raj


  • myra

    Would like to try this phone

  • Mary Warner

    Love the screen size!

  • lucy kabatoff

    great contest

  • Sharon Travis



    I’d love this fantastic phone”

  • kimminer


  • Robert Jones

    i just want to win something

  • Craig Hinchey

    I’d like to win the phone since the phone since the one I’m usuing was previously owned by Fred Flintstone!

  • Yvonne Tabaracci

    My current phone is so outdated…

  • Moira Setter

    Could sure use one of these

  • lisa johnson

    looks like a great phone

  • Tracy

    I must have this phone. Please Please Please!

  • Tracey

    I need to get a new phone!

  • Sunny

    Thank you for putting up these contest mobilesyrup!

  • Lynda Bowles

    Would love to try out this phone

  • chris2

    This could be my first smartphone!

  • Lindsay

    Love the phone. Could the paper boy explain it to me?

  • kimminer

    Groovy phone!

  • Nitin

    I wish I could win this it would be a good birthday present

  • Sandra

    What a fantastic prize. I really need a new phone and I want this one!

  • Ga-Hao Chan

    Cool phone!

  • dwayne

    I’m winning, i don’t care what you say!!!!

  • dwayne


  • laurie kinney

    i am in it to win it

  • Vikki

    This would be great to win.

  • glenn56

    it is now my turn to win……

  • Andy

    I really hope I win this! I have a WP7 developer account, so I can actually unlock it. I need a phone to test my upcoming games on.

    Tweeted and +1’d on G+. Really hoping I have a bit of luck on this one.

  • Rajan

    I NEED this phone im still using a f*****g nokia 3310

  • nad

    OMG! I really admire this phone. Its a very super stylish and I would look very gorgeous with this phone.

  • Sherry

    Would LOVE to win this! It seems like Im the only person in the universe without a Smart Phone!

  • Teri Tarrant

    All in! I need a new phone badly lol mines a Samsung m610.

  • Arthur

    I really wish to own a Windows phone, especially a good one like the Titan. They are still really scarce in Canada right now.

  • Academix

    HTC makes some of the best phones on the planet. Just wish I had the honour of actually owning such a slick device. Plus, I need a new phone anyway. 🙂

  • Jess Doub

    SO, Someone stole my phone when I was in intensive care on life support…how low…I would love to win a new one! I’ve liked your page on facebook 🙂

  • Steve Dion

    Me wants!!!

  • ethel solinski

    I would love to win. I clicked the like button 3 times and it did not work. But I am here to tell you that I like your company and your prize.

  • Karla Sceviour

    I done all three…I follow you on twitter & tweeted (@ksceviour) like on facebook(Karla Sceviour) and follow on google +
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  • WandaB

    This looks perfect for my needs!

  • Karen Massey

    I Want It–I want that!!!

  • roman santillan

    I like ATC phone

  • Rachid Bouchaara

    Be mine <3

  • carolyn metz

    This htc Titan sure looks neat, I’ve never tried a Windows phone but would like to. I am so tired of my 6 year old blackberry!

  • Marsha

    I would love to win this.

  • Quanda

    Thanks for the chance to enter this great giveaway! 🙂

  • Barnaby Jones

    They keep pushing the close date of the contest – 26th, 28th, now 30th.

  • Blue1k

    I would love this phone. Thanks!!!

  • James Kroll

    Hope I win 😀 Would love this phone. Such a big SCREEN!!!!! :3

  • Jesse

    Argh, the suspense is killing me!

  • J wright

    Who won????

  • Jesse

    Better luck next time, I guess. I’ll call dibs on the Lumia 800 for now.

  • Matt

    Have I missed something? Or has no winner been picked yet?