Skype coming soon to Windows Phone


  • Larry

    I have had Skype on my iPhone for over a year,It works great you can even switch cameras wile on a call and works with or without a WiFi conection.

  • Kid.Canada

    ^^ Cool story bro

  • Andy c

    Skype on iOS, android, desktop and soon windows phone. If they executed there IM as well as there video capabilities they would dominate the mobile space

  • Paynus in Uranus

    Skype on 4g is terrible due to data network latency (i.e the time it takes to initiate a data transfer). Carriers will not change this since they would rather make you pay 40c per min long distance for calls over their voice system.

  • David

    Would be dumb if Skype has no app for Windows Phone in the first place. MS spent a gazillion bucks for it and it has no app for its Mobile OS.

  • Nick

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they give windows phone users a certain number of free minutes per month. If Dropbox/Google/Apple can give their users free cloud storage, MS can certainly afford 50-100 free long distance minutes per user per month.

  • keithzg

    This is pretty hilarious, since the N9 (like the N900 before it) has Skype seamlessly integrated. You can definitely see why Nokia ditched their Linux-based OS for Microsoft’s more mature one, eh? 😉

    P.S. I’m writing this from an N9, and it’s pretty damn amazing.

  • nike schuhe damen