Update: Rogers prices the Samsung Galaxy Nexus at $159.99 on a 3-year


  • Bem

    Sure, the Bell price was like that at launch a month ago, but it is cheaper on Bell from some places now. And Telus is launching for $99. Grr.

    • SAM


  • Sean

    That s actually a decent two year price since it sells normall for 299 on a two year in the states

    • bob

      for $299, however, they get the more expensive 32GB LTE version.

  • Warner

    lol getconnected.ca/cibc 🙂

  • Russ

    This bites! $159.99? 60 bucks cheaper on Telus? Come on Rogers! And when is the official release date? Is it today or Friday?

  • eh0K

    The extra $60 must be for that top-notch customer service we all love.

  • Guest

    Rogers did it finally.

  • Dave

    If I wasn’t sticking with my S2X and I was actually with Rogers.. That lowered price on a 2 year for the nexus? I definitely would go for that.

  • MXM4K

    Finally some decent 2 year contract pricing. Perhaps a sign of things to come? (I doubt it!)

  • XER

    According to Rogers’ retention, they are not in the business of price matching. So, Rogers again is acting less a Robber.

    I mean, even stores like Wal-Mart and Staples try to compete with its peer but Robber is not.

    Rogers, you are totally disgusting and shame on you!

  • shaggyskunk

    Well it doesn’t have LTE anyway, so Telus is the place to go AND they have it TODAY. rogers is the Telecom version of the GOP in the U.S.!

    • Nascar39

      Telus doesn’t launch until Friday, Fido is selling today!

  • shaggyskunk

    Oh, and is that $159 the actual price, or is rogers DECEPTIVE $50 rebate part of the equation??

  • Malevolent

    Rogers store said they would price match Telus or any other carrier.

    • Dimitri k.

      I tried that before and so have others and it has worked. If head office tells them not too then they wont. Unless they know u

  • Brian

    Another Rogers First: The GRRF, shitty reception, the most expensive early upgrade fees, the worst customer service, treats their salespeople like s**t, pays their salespeople s**t salaries, refuses to upgrade their awful activation system, renews 3 year contracts without telling you citing a “verbal contract”.

  • Catty

    Funny – they have iphone plans but not android plans. =/

    • Dimitri K.

      Every OS does not need a plan for its self. Blackberries have their own Plans because their internet uses less data then other OS’s do. Apple asked every carrier to have 2-3 plans for their iPhones but really you do not need to have those plans. You can make your own plan as long as you have data on it like every other plan.

  • Dwayne Toscano

    Rogers has the Galaxy Nexus in their stores. Employee has put one on hold for me to pick up tomorrow. I Could not buy it from the same location because they were having a systems issues and it would take forever.

  • Dannyboy

    Did I just get lucky or is everyone else get screwed? I did a hardware upgrade last month when Rogers had their smartphones for 1 cent promo and that’s what I got it for.

    • ld

      Since this phone was only available at a few stores yesterday, I am pretty sure you did not upgrade to the Galaxy Nexus for $0.01……

  • Vaughn

    Called Rogers and asked for pricing for a HUP. I have 9 months left on my 3 year contract. They said $299. I asked about the outright price and they had no idea. Just wanted to get me off the phone so kept saying it’s better to ask at a store.
    Called the store and they said they had a few in stock and outright price is $599.99. I have a reservation, #26 but they told me they didn’t get any reservation devices in, only HUP’s and new activations. It was a Rogers Plus store too. This will be my last Rogers phone.

  • Sue

    Got my device today and phoned in just now to request a price match — got denied. But they have a LOT of the devices in the store here….

    • Dimitri K.

      its been known for Rogers not to offer a price match anymore. This stopped about a year ago. They saw many people calling in & asking for price matching with Bell & Telus so they stopped doing it because they are losing money. It sucks because Bell & Telus & Virgin & Fido offer price matching YET Rogers can not.

  • Bob

    No term is 599.99. Better than the others

  • JL

    Called Rogers Plus store…they have them in stock and available for sale….drive to store during supper time traffic…wait in line and then be told by associate that phone is not set up in system for sale so he couldn’t sell me one…oh the words that almost came out of my mouth….

    • Dimitri K.

      Rogers reps open their mouths a lot yet they can not do what they are supposed to. The Galaxy Nexus IS in the system BUT the system does not allow them to put the IMEI number threw into the system. This is fault of the reps of Rogers. They need to start saying the proper things

  • ER

    Dropped by my local Rogers Plus outlet at around 6:30pm today and was able to purchase a Galaxy Nexus as a HUP. Guess I got lucky! They told me they received 7 units this aft and that I was the first person to purchase one from them. Very impressed with the phone so far.

  • JSKershaw

    I just got my Nexus at about 8:30pm at a Rogers Plus store. I asked about price matching and they can not its against policy. The phone was sold to me at the $159 price after the mailin rebate. I did have a credit to avoid the $35 activation fee. I’m currently typing this on the phone and absoluty love it.

  • Jeff

    Picked up three of them today at a Rogers in Cambridge. Got my wife and son one then upgraded my HTC Magic to one for myself. Was the $159 but I also got a Galaxy Tab since my wife and son were new accounts. While we were in there two other people also came in to buy some. One guy bought one, the other got two. So they are out there!

  • KnightFire

    I’m getting this as a HUP and was on the waiting list, now in progress… do I get a choice of whether I want a 1, 2 or 3 year term?

  • joe

    Should I get the galaxy s2 instead since the price has been dropped?

  • Raptor

    Already reserved this phone but I have a quick question. I have 1 1/2 years left on my current contract, so would I still only pay $159.99 to upgrade or would it be more?

  • akablue

    I’m in a similar situation with about 5 months left for a HUP, its $15 x # of remaining months for a HUP on a normal smartphone, $20 if you have an iphone. HUPS are at 30 months, so that means you have 12 months left for a HUP. If you have a normal smartphone, it’ll be $180+$159.99 + activation fee. If you have an iphone it’ll be $240 + $159.99 + activation fee.

  • doctor_big

    I think I’ll wait until next week for the price to drop down to $100.

  • RiverBlue

    Should i upgrade to Google Nexus or Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE? will the price of Galaxy S2 go down with the arrival of Nexus?

    • TB

      i have the same question the S2 or the nexus? the specs seem much better on the s2. Things like camera, sd slot, lte, gorilla glass. It will get ICS. Any thoughts?

  • PGill

    I still don’t see Samsung Galaxy nexus on Rogers web site anywhere.


    Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Nexus both have LTE, Galaxy S2 got SDCARD support but overall can extend the memory up to 32Go while the Galaxy Nexus comes with 32Go already. Galaxy Nexus got a bigger screen. The GN camera is 5mpx instead of 8mpx but since none of them have any physical zoom, it doesnt really matter. Galaxy S2 is suposed to get ICS early this year, but since are in Canada, it will be probably rolled out at the end of this year, like most updates on Galaxy S.

  • PortCarling Guy

    why is tv still advertising Samsung Galaxy Nexus only available at Bell and Virgin? Dose rogers offer the phone yet?