TELUS will be releasing the Galaxy Nexus for $99.99 on a 3-year


  • Tomas Williams

    Rogers had better match this.

  • bob

    Since they get it after Bell, the price has to be better.

    $100 / $600 should do it.

    • nexus100bucks

      I will go with $50/$550.
      And considering that this will be one of the first phones ever to be on every operator I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes for
      $0/$600 in some places and
      new entrants will have it for $550

    • nexus100bucks

      Can’t wait to see if they release the Nexus S at $0 on a 2yr term with ANY plan.
      4″ is the balanced screen size.
      (by Xmas will be 4.3″)

  • JSKershaw

    That’s a great price. I hope the Rogers one comes out with the same price (I’m due for an upgrade). Speaking of Rogers and the Nexus, I find it strange that Rogers hasn’t come out officially announcing that they will be carrying the Nexus. It was only Samsung that announced it on their Facebook page. I do hope it is coming out Friday as everyone is saying…

    • Dimitri K.

      They have announced it.. How else would Rogers costumers be able to reserve it from the Rogers website? Rogers announed they are carrying the Galaxy Nexus in Jan & opened the Reservation list to Rogers costumers that have either a 1-2-3 yea plan.

      Well i hope Rogers is able to price match this. I do not want to pay more then $140 for a phone that Telus is pricing it as $100. Speaking of Rogers people that are already on the reservation system have the status ” IN PROGRESS” i am guessing Rogers got a huge shipment.

  • Terry

    Let me guess. $550 for a 2 year contract and $600 for a 1 year.

    • Me Ted

      Gonna try to get 3 year contract pricing on a 2 year. Wish me luck. Hopefully the 11 years of tenure helps.

    • nexus100bucks

      Nope! it will be:
      $600 3yr
      $580 2yr WITH activation fee
      $550 3yr no activation and
      $99 4yr contract, oops sorry, I’m sure they will try it, but THERE IS COMPETITION in Canada, so they will go “only” to 3yr contract!

      Hope 2012 is the end of 3yr Contract.
      Imagine 3yrs from now people walking with their BBs! it will be like a bigger Motorola Startac! nothing wrong with BB just with the sillyness of holding the same phone for 3yrs.

  • Warren

    If Rogers doesn’t match this, s**t’s gonna hit the fan!

  • Anthony

    I think Rogers will have this for $159 on 3 year. $599 outright

  • GregMGross

    Was expecting to have to pay $200 on friday… but this is a pleasant surprise!

    • Sean

      Agreed was planning on spending quite a bit come friday but this is a plesent suprise

  • Big 3

    well if bell and rogers have a higher price, then telus price would include the $50 admin fee if you were to cancel your contract in advance in excess to the termination fee

  • monsterduc1000

    How about releasing ics for Nexus S now!!!

    • yarwen

      it’s already been released officially…

      Sent from my Nexus S

    • monsterduc1000

      I has also been pulled officialy, and it was for the i9020t, not the i9020a that robelus and their subsidiaries offer us. Quote from a previous MobileSyrup article, “The last few days have been awash in nervous excitement, as Nexus S owners impatiently wait for their Android 4.o.3 OTA download. While the update has been rolling out for AWS devices in North America (T-Mobile, Mobilicity, WIND and Videotron) it seems that Google has quietly pulled it on calls of bad battery life and high CPU usage.

  • john wu

    doesnt matter about the outright price anyway because most people in this land wont be able to afford to buy it

    • Me Ted

      “in this land?”

      Do you mean “in this country?” Please stop obliterating the English language, muppet.

  • john wu

    even there is 10 year contract as long as the phone is free, people will buy it for sure, only because most people in canada does not have money

    • Me Ted

      Hey Tarzan. Kill yourself. Better yet; come and clean my $750k home. Douchebag.

  • J.

    How about koodo?

  • Mike

    This makes me wanna sell my iphone4 now.

  • Collin

    What if you have one year left on your contract? anyone at telus have any clue what my upgrade fee will be?? im looking to go pick this up as soon as it’s released on friday!

    • TELUS rep

      Depends on the model you have now. Let me know and I can approximate your EDUF

    • Monkeysweat

      Telus just makes you buy out your current phone if you are going to sign up for a new contract.

      if you paid 200 for a 600 dollar phone, you would have 400 left over for 36 month contract – so for every month you have left you will have to pay 11.11, so it would cost you 133.32 to pay off your phone and sign up for a new contract (+ another 99.99 for the new phone)

    • aka

      Any contracts started/renewed with Telus in 2011 will show your device balance required on your monthly invoice, whether on paper or electronic form. This is the amount you pay to pay off your current phone. Once you agree this pay this off on your next invoice, you can redeem a full upgrade offer immediately.

      Obviously paying off a $500 discount received for your iPhone 5-months earlier isn’t going to be cheap, because you’ve only cleared $500/36 months * 5 months = $69 off the total discount received. You still owe Telus $431. But at least you can upgrade anytime if you choose the do so, and maybe sell your current phone to cover some of the cost to be an early adopter.

  • Brad

    Rogers still hasn’t priced their Nexus, and heres to hoping that they price it at 100! Telus seems like they’re smart enough to price it as the same as Bell, hopefully Rogers is smart, just this once 😉

  • Collin

    I currently have an Iphone 4, which i bought from craigslist, but when i initially resigned my contract 2 years ago i had a iphone 3gs

    • EvanK

      The word “Smart” isn’t in Rogers’ vocabulary.

  • TELUS rep

    Approximately $180 in EDUF (12 months * iphone @ $15 a month)so $280 to upgrade to the Nexu (including your device cost). But yours could be less if they have applied a loyalty credit of 25% or more.

    • Collin

      Thanks so much!! i was expecting around 350.00 so this is a nice suprise.. 🙂

  • XER

    Rogers does not spend much time advertise this phone because this phones unlocked. Robber does not want phones to be unlocked!

  • Shane

    I’m so happy that I get to pay $60 more for it for the priveledge of being a Sasktel customer.

    • Justin

      @shane Privileges has its awards !
      I got a good laugh out of your comment. Well done.

    • Jim R

      And Sasktel is a crown corporation, no?

  • XER

    Rogers again is rubbish.

    Telus, bring this to your sub-brand Koodo!

  • Nascar39

    I am getting this phone but I’ll wait until Future Shop puts on the $0 promo with a gift card, probably around the middle of March.

  • Jake

    What about the 32gb GSM version thats coming out, i wonder which carrier will get that?

    • aka

      Telus release the Samsung Fascinate, then later released Samsung Fascinate 4G, so maybe they’ll do the same with Galaxy Nexus when LTE network is launched/available later this year?

  • Mike

    I went to the Telus store the other day and asked if they had a promo model of the Galaxy Nexus I could play with. The dumb chick at the counter had no idea what I was walking about, she didn’t even know what the phone was (typical).

    Some guy behind me overheard me and pulled a Galaxy Nexus from his bag and he let me play around with it. Turns out he works for HTC. He wasn’t there to sell anything, but he told me that the battery life on the Galaxy Nexus is abysmal, it doesn’t even last a day while on standby. This REALLY turned me off. He said that I should be patient and wait until Q2 2012 before picking up a new phone, apparently there are some amazing devices coming down the pipe.

    Could the battery issues be fixed with software updates? I really don’t want a phone that won’t survive for 12 hours with very light usage. If I’m stuck with a phone for 3 years though, I think the Galaxy Nexus would get the most support.

    • nexus100bucks

      Usually you can count on a 20% increase (real life) with another Kernel. Add some MODS, ROMS, delete unnecessary aps and pretty much any Android phone will last you for the day…..for the first six months, then you upgrade again and you get the same performance for another 6 months; after one yr any battery only gets worse.
      3yr contracts are just Silly!

      Enjoy the phone!

    • Louis

      Well of course an HTC employee would say a samsung phone isnt worth it. I gotta say, i saw a battery test on GSM arena, and the web browsing seemed to be sipping battery juice like your typical alcoholic aunt at a family function.

      But for other tasks, i doubt itll be THAT bad on the battery

    • Matt

      Our demo nexus goes two days without charge.

  • Warner

    Rogers pricing for Galaxy Nexus is showing up as $159.99 (3yr) on my works corporate website and is already Out of Stock.

  • Ivan

    rogers corp site is showing ‘out of stock’ bceause they don’t have any stock yet, not because they sold them out alerady. they are updating their site ahead of time which is good since u can place an order rather than wait until friday.

    i’m getting mine through my telus corp plan instead…99$ is sweet esp since i get a 300$ activation credit as a new customer (porting from rogers)

  • ShaMarshall

    Can’t wait for this to come out on Friday!! I will be waiting with Gift Cards, and child in hand hahaha.
    How Come you guys dont post on G+?? Your profile is kinda bare…

    • ShaMarshall

      lately haha