Actually looks like the Fido Galaxy Nexus will launch January 10th


  • JC


  • Matt

    I will wait in line right now, lol nope! I’m buying the SGS3!

  • 0defaced

    Mobilicity sucks.

  • 0defaced

    GO WIND GO!!!!

  • Parm

    Hope it comes out tomorrow for Rogers as well

  • Eric Blanchette

    Rogers Reservation Systen

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    Status: IN PROGRESS!

  • jay

    Has anyone noticed in this memo it lists the outright price at $1000 to deter sales. Sounds kind of fishy to me. Over inflated prices for phones…lol. I love android but the lengths some companies go to in order to try to lock you in

    • Parm

      It’s pretty sad that they do this 🙁

  • Senne

    I didn’t reserve the phone through Rogers reservation system. So let’s say it does come out tomorrow will I still be able to walk into the store in the morning and be able to buy it (Hardware upgrade)?

    • Awaiting

      Yeah, I just talked to my rogers store and they said, first of all, Rogers’ release date is tomorrow and that if you dont have a reservation you can just walk in and hope they have it 🙂

  • Endless

    Quickly, Wind, quickly! I want my new phone! If they decide to release it after their Holiday Miracle Plan promo ends… I might flip a table!

  • Ben

    Ok so all I need to do is try to get a hold of a phone rep that is prepared to handle this tomorrow and is qualified enough to answer my questions without transferring me 17 times to “managers” and does not try BS me and change my plan, then spend all my Fido Dollars on HUP fees to make sure I renew for 3 years PLUS the remaining 5 months of my current contract, PLUS I keep the same crappy constraints my contract had 2.5 years ago when I signed it, and I probably wait a full week or so before I get my handset. Yayyyyy!

    The worst part about this is that I’m actually going to do this… At this point, no matter which provider you’re with, you’re getting screwed in one way or another so … *sigh*

  • Kalo

    lego wind

  • Me

    Um, 1000$ for buying it outright? I had 2 fido customer reps tell me it was 600 last week.

    • Bob

      It says that the price is set at $1000 in order to deter sales BEFORE the January 10th release date. So when it is released it will either be $600 or $650.

  • Marc

    Order in progress for my phone and GFs phone through Rogers Reservation! Hope to get it soon!!

  • rav

    went to fido today (Jan 9) and they said its coming on Jan 13.

  • KnightFire

    I took in a number of Rogers (independent and Plus) locations in Calgary today (one North mall, one South mall) – they were either totally oblivious to the Nexus and it’s release date, or said they haven’t been given any word that they were being sent any. Got similar responses from Fido, but Telus reps were all prompt to say that they had at least five or more units for sale on Friday.

    In any case the point is mute for me, as Rogers says my Reserve is IN PROGRESS ;-P

  • Ca4nalKnowledge

    My Rogers reservation says IN PROGRESS as well. I have not received an email form them yet. Have any of you?

  • Jason

    My reservation is also now “in progress”. Hopefully we will be picking up our phones tomorrow!

  • Tomas

    The 16GB 3G model has been sold for about $600 on other networks (Bell/Virgin) is it possible that this $1000 could be the 32GB LTE model?

    • nexusninja

      Anything is possible, except for that.

  • Truth about Tab!

    I love Fido. Its the only proven carrier that offers full smartphone discount on an unlimited plan. You can get the Galaxy Nexus fully subsidized and activate on CityFido on a reliable coast to coast network that actually works! Thanks Fido

  • Sipimi

    Is it just me or the Galaxy Nexus hasn’t been launched after all? No sign of it on the Fido website…

  • Mark

    In progress, but told it may be a few days before we get them in stores.

  • Rahul

    I have called extensively to Fido and all stores – 99.9% of them are not expecting it till the 13th at the earliest

    SUCKS 🙁

  • Ben

    I spoke with retention to 1) get a better plan (which I did!) and 2)confirm that the GN is now available. And it is.

    They can definitely place orders as I placed mine an hour ago or so and the guy could only tell me that “it would be shipped at the very latest on the 23rd but most likely it would be shipped way before that, as early as this week”. I told him I would like to go grab it now in stores but he told me that I could only go on Friday (13th) or, if I want to be certain to get it, next week (16-20th). I figured I would give the “by mail” option a shot.

    Price is as confirmed previously, 159,99$ on a 3 year term (plus HUP fee of 25$ if you’re upgrading early, fee that I could not get waived even if I begged and cried).

  • Parm

    Just got my GN from a Rogers Store! 🙂

    • Warren

      How much was it for 3 year term and no term?

  • Ca4nalKnowledge

    Which Store? Mine is playing dumb.

  • Mark

    picked up my nexus just now!!!!!!

  • Mark

    Rogers Plus*^808 York Mills Road, #15-17
    North York, ON M3B 1X8
    (416) 385-1730

    • Ca4nalKnowledge

      That Sucks! I chose the Store on Eglinton Ave for pick up and they didnt have. Sigh…

  • Eric

    Just got mine as well, out here in Victoria BC

  • Zia

    OK I am disappointed how google is treating nexus s for ics update. No word and complete silence. Does stock android really mean any thing? What’s going on