ASUS Transformer Prime reportedly back in stock, shipping, or will be released on December 30th


  • andy

    is there any indication of in-store stock at any retailers before the weekend?

    • Labrat

      Curious about this as well.

      Anyone walked in into a store and ask the personnel? Might try to see tonight or tomorrow…

    • CDNBacon

      NCIX has stock and is shipping. Just received my tracking #.

    • Ramesh

      Just got note from Bestbuy that they are shipping the unit.

  • Jim

    Sounds like they might be holding on to some so that they can offer special Boxing Day deals.

  • FollowerOfJobs

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    • Nooganator

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  • Dave

    Similar question: if I were to walk into a store in about a week to two weeks from now to get one, chances of being able to get it are?

    • Josh

      Your chances of walking into a store and picking up a TF Prime will be NIL.

  • Bryon

    ….would have made a good Christmas present…guess it aint gonna happen. The great news is that in 6 months time we will all start all over again…freaking out over the next best pre-order ever…

  • Gs

    Seen estimates of retail availability on the prime being out until late January as the earliest you’d be able to grab one just walking into a store. I’d imagine hard to find even then due to popularity. Without a preorder good luck getting one before mid february.

  • Jimbo

    I’ve been checking the news every day for availability and always come across this site – thanks for the updates.

    I just checked and they are saying the have the prime IN STOCK And shipping. However being the demand is so high – the INCREASED the price to $549…..

    I bought one anyways – just submitted my order – it says it will be shipped in 24 hours and at my door by Dec 30th.

    So for any of you that are looking to get one right now without having to wait in line at futureshop – here’s your chance!

    • Andres

      I think is a dirty trick from TigerDirect. The Delivery date is the same as or, so if you have an order with those make no sense to cancel and pay 50 more. I think they are seeing the opportunity to make some more bucks out of the desperation. I don’t like this kind of business behaviour.

    • Jimbo

      The difference is you can’t even pre-order it from BB or Futureshop – the online system just says “out of stock” – Tigerdirect is the only company I’ve found that is actually taking orders.

  • Jordash

    Anyone have any clue as to whether the “English and Bilingual packaging” is an indication that these’ll be available in Quebec as well?

  • rpsfyn

    Asus completely messed up launch. I mean if they were sold out due to huge demand then I would understand but they havent even shipped yet. I was so stoked for this but I guess I have no choice but to wait and in android world you dont want customers to wait for your product.

  • PureTO

    Just ordered from NCIX… for pickup. They have stock in hand!!

    • CDNBacon

      Just received my shipping confirmation from NCIX as well! 🙂

  • Gs

    asus started shipping last week…mine is arriving today from the retailer. Got shipPing confirmation last night.

  • corman

    The company is a complete joke. Piss poor communication with their vendors. How in the hell do you not have enough supply, this is not their first kick at the can with a tablet launch.Canadian orders are back ordered but usa orders are being fulfilled? My order has been delayed 3 times now.I ordered mine on nov 22. One more delay and I’m cancelling and waiting to see what is coming up in the 2012.

  • E

    Pre ordered 64GB model from Tigerdirect back in early December. Got email I won’t see it till end of January. Canceled this POS. Asus can’t release a product to save their life. I will buy something better in a month… Fail Asus..

  • Georgie

    I just cancelled by Best Buy order. TErrible customer service. Could not even send me an email to say the December 20 date (they sent on the 15th in another email) was changed to December 30. I pre-ordered at 8am on November 22.

    I just walked over to my local mom and pop computer shop at College and Spadina in Toronto and sure enough, he got 20 last night and had 4 left. Walked away with it for $489.99 plus hst.

    I guess it pays to deal with your local small shop sometimes, lesson learned for me.

  • EmperumanV

    Picked up mine this morning at Mini Micro in Markham.

  • Jeff

    Georgie – please post pics and receipt…no one seems to have the tablet at all and everyone’s pointing that the bigger stores are getting them first…
    i don’t want to be a cynic, but as you can see from the other comments here, we are highly anticipating this device and it’s basically a “i’ll believe it when i see it” approach because of all the delays..

    i just want to get my hands on this tablet…

    oh, and and .com do not show anywhere you can order it…i would jump on it if it guanratees that they would ship soon…

    • Georgie

      Send me your email and I’ll show you a picture of the device and the receipt. Call the store yourself Filtech Computers on Spadina, just south of College. Some buyers were buying 5 (to resell at a profit I’m sure).
      He’s a big asus seller, but only got 20 units (was supposed to be 50).

      Based on this, Bestbuy did get some stock, I’m sure, but how much and who is getting them?

  • PureTO

    BestByte Computer out in Whitby is getting some in as well for those in the Whitby area.

  • matthew

    does anyone no the release date for the u.s.?

  • Jeff

    Georgie – no worries…reports are coming in from a lot of places that they had them in stock this morning….mini micro, filtech, and like PureTO mentioned, BestByte….it’s just too bad that none of these places proactively sell stock online

    although, i called bestbyte and they are willing to ship to me if i pay for shipping, when they get it in stock…here’s hoping!

  • Jeff

    on that note…if someone in the TO area would want to get one for me…i’ll pay paypal, shipping and throw in an extra $20 for your trouble!

    email me at jrcrmr (_at_) …thanks

  • Lynda

    I just received confirmation my asus prime has also arrived. I called store to confirm that they actually have the prime that I ordered and it is confirmed. I’m sure most places will be confirming anytime now. Just in time for xmas, thanks ASUS..

    • Jeff

      Lynda – where did order yours?

  • Kevin

    Laugh Mine is on my Desk Right now, and its awesome

    • PureTO


  • NG

    Has anyone in Canada outside of Ontario or B.C. been able to get their hands on one? I’m in Calgary and put my pre-order in at Memory Express within minutes of them accepting pre-orders. I haven’t heard anything (for that matter, I haven’t heard of anyone in Alberta hearing anything).

  • Jeff

    I just was able to order mine!!
    best byte in whitby said they are getting more tonight (most are already sold) and i was able to fully pay it upfront and they are going to charge me the difference to ship it (i am not in ontario…so NG, maybe ify ou call around, someone else might be willing to do the same!)

    I think paying the extra $25-30 is worth it to make sure i get it instead of waiting the pre-order game and not knowing when it’ll actually come in..+1 if you agree with me, hehe

  • Topher

    Just called best byte in Whitby and got the last one. Said they were only getting 4 in. He also wondered why all the calls were coming in so i told about people talking about here. lol.

  • pukka

    im with georgie…went to filtech at lunch and grabbed the 32 gig one…another guy in there at the same time was grabbing 8 lol

    ran back to work and cancelled my pre order with staples

  • Lynda

    Got mine at Canada Comp. all good. Has anyone got champaigne color or everyone grey only?

  • Catherine

    I just called Best Byte in Whitby too and now they said they are getting 6 in tonight and 4 are sold already. Just bought the 5th so there is still one left.

  • Thaddeus Bolton

    just got the 6th one.. said they wont be getting any more in for a while!

  • pukka

    mine is grey

  • guest

    Just received notification from NCIX Canada that my order (a 32GB grey Transformer Prime) has shipped today.

  • soccernut

    Anyone in Alberta got one of these? It seems like only Ontario got anything

  • Shane

    Those guys in Ontario are lucky. I am in Calgary.

    Nothing at all.

  • Brandon

    Hi everyone, I’m wondering if I should buy the prime from a back-order at or spend $50 more at the website? (note: I’m willing to spend more to get it faster) SOMEONE HELLPPP

  • Brandon

    Does anyone know any stores in Ottawa selling the 32gb grey prime yet?

  • Brandon

    Lynda which Canada computers did you buy it from, or from pre-ordered websites?

  • Bestbyte Computers

    Hey all,

    Crystal from Bestbyte Computers here with an update.

    Our Supplier has replied to our inquiry on when the next order is avail. 1st wave of Shipments are sold out. 2nd wave will be ETA Dec.23rd,2011. We have placed 2 on order.

    • Brad D

      Hi Crystal,

      I am right in the area can you put one on hold for me and I will come pay for it first thing in the morning? I will call the store first thing in the morning as well to confirm.

  • Brandon

    Can you put one on hold for me? 🙂

  • Brandon

    Where is the nearest best byte store for Ottawa?

  • Brandon

    Crystal, will you be able to ship me a 32gb grey transformer prime before Christmas? If so, how much would the shipping be? (I live in Ottawa)

  • Brandon

    Does anyone know the bestbyte phone number?

    • Bestbyte Computers


      I have also emailed you back in response to your inquiry.

      Have a great day!

  • Hyzz

    Honest byte computers I would like to buy 1 please help me too

  • got2

    mini micros sold out. they had 16. no more till january.

  • hyzzz

    how do i get one?
    filtech sold out
    they had 30
    the guy i talked to told me one of the people bought 15

  • serjik

    Just got one from NCIX….awesome, but i think i have to return it. suspicious light spots in right up corner. 🙁

  • hyzzz

    serjik how did u get it? which ncix? store pick up? do they have any more? please tell me im dieing to get one
    currently have preorder from best buy saying 30 december
    thats not fair i want one this week

  • howard olsen

    I just picked mine up and this thing is AWESOME. It feels great in the hand, the screen is super bright and it’s FAST.
    I preordered from NCIX and when I saw the news this morning I called them and they told me they would be sorting this afternoon and shipping today / tomorrow. I told them I was on a 9:00 flight in the morning and they pulled my unit out and held it for pickup at their Richmond Head office. I know I’m luck and definitely worth the wait.

  • serjik

    hyzzz, i did exactly as howard olsen mentioned above but in Toronto. i called NCIX folks and they talked me they can arange one for me for pick up. Done!!!

    howard olsen – does your have some light spots at the edge of the display? its very visible when you have a black background or the tabled is booting. i want to return it for another one.

  • k-19

    I called NCIX canada today and asked the whereabouts are all the tablets.. they told me they’ve got it in store! so 1/2 hour after the phone conversation, I got mine in my hand 🙂

  • hyzzz

    i cant get it now and i dont even have ncix store nearby but any tips for tomorrow ill be back from school at 4pm
    i want 1!!!
    live in toronto(north york)
    currently have a preorder from best buy but its hopeless

  • hyzzz

    can someone who lives in toronto buy 1 for me if you see extras at a store. i will be very thankful.

  • got2

    went to my local audiotronic store. they have 12 on order, expected tomorrow or thursday. 5 are spoken for, i put a deposit down for 2 of them. hope they’re right about their expected delivery date!

  • hyzzz

    why do u need 2?

    • got2

      i asked myself that same question after i walked out the store!!!

  • Clockwork

    Waiting patiently for my pre-order. People selling them on Craigslist for $650 to 720. Go F yourselves. Just like the 100’s of hp touchpads for sale. Good luck selling them for triple. You’re loss for buying and trying to make a profit.

  • crankyboiy

    wow whats the point 0f pre-ordering if they sell it in store first?! f*****g stupid. the people who pre-prdered shud have first dibs on the tp.

  • Davejf51

    This sucks!!!! I’m reading about all you people that have there transformer and have tracking numbers. I can’t wait anymore! I called NCIX and asked if my pre-order had shipped, the lady said that it had and I will see a tracking number tonight. 6 hrs later NO tracking nubmer. I leave town on friday and I really wanted this for the trip!!! AHHHHH!!!

  • hyzzz

    you are much more lucky than me i order from best buy(sadly) and they give you no info except a fake release date that is pushed 10 days every week. their retail stores dont have any, they havent shipped them to any one yet.if they have the supply what are they doing with it? well i guess employees need a christmas gift too.

  • Scott

    I had the 64GB on pre-order since it first showed up in November with various companies in hopes one would receive it earlier than the others. After seeing the news on mobile syrup about 32GB versions now coming out I called NCIX and quickly changed my order from the 64GB to the 32GB and within hours I was at the Mississauga store and picked it up. Amazing tablet and added a 32GB class 10 Micro SD card so I am back up to 64GB anyways

    Merry Christmas to me

  • Lynda

    I pre ordered mine, I asked how many they received and they said 17 but all were sold already, I had to pay in full at time of order, was nervous but turned out okay, received it when they said I would. My suggestion to those who are trying to get one is try NCIX, and pay in full, I know a few ppl who got their’s from there on the 19th and 20th, but again you must pay in full at time of order. Good Luck, hope everyone gets one soon.

  • Serg

    Cooomon guys..
    “Tipple prices” , “can’t wait anymore…”
    so many emotions… 🙂
    It’s still a piece of glass and plastic …

    I’m also looking this device… but…slow down.. 🙂
    Go to you wife and children ( if you have ).. and rejoice of family values ..
    Happy New Year!

  • Fenton

    NCIX all out now. They now have a waiting list. For all of us that’s on the waiting list is like waiting for snow for xmas(in TO that is).

  • Turning_Blue

    Got mine from NCIX Mississauga ( Grey 32GB 1 of 2 in the store) but I’m amazed the keyboard is back ordered. I do a lot of travel and I’m fed up with the lap top (battery life & keyboard space on airplane). The detachable keyboard, ICS software will make this a great traveling companion.

    Can’t open it as it is a gift from the wife. Finally a toy for me to play with on Christmas – it’s been a while !

  • Louis

    The Prime I ordered from yesterday Dec 20th at 4h00AM just showed up 1hr ago at the door in the hands of a Purolator man – in Montreal; it’s a 32GB Grey one and goes under the tree.

    Good luck to all those still waiting.
    (And Merry Christmas to everyone!!)

  • hyzzz

    any tips on how i should get mine?

  • Dave

    Good news, hopefully. My wife had pre-ordered weeks ago through Best Buy. We just happened to check the delivery status today by calling Best Buy and found out the Prime shipped on the 19th via UPS Ground. It just got delivered today to Santa Rosa, CA. Don’t rely on waiting to get a shipping email from Best Buy, they advise that they are running up to a week behind on delivery confirmation emails. I’d call and check your account status. Good luck guys, hope you get your Prime soon.

  • Asa Akira

    This site is for Canadian news, not American. Thanks for the info. though.

  • Dave

    Sorry about the U.S. update, wish you folks up north get your Primes soon.

  • Jeff

    Is there any reason why I can’t see any post past Dec 20.

  • caperinto

    Picked mine up from best byte yesterday, thanks to them for it, since I had my pre-order in with BB for almost a month and they kept moving it.

  • Calvin Boettcher

    Got my prime on the 20th. Lucky to preoder early.

  • russ

    i ordered one from amazon the day it came up for preorder and bought the keyboard dock and it got cancelled about a week ago. but before it got cancelled i orderd on for me (the other one was for my dad) and mine came in 2 days ago. and i am left looking for one for my dad. i dont think ill ever order from amazon again. they are a PEICE OF SHIT

  • Pat

    Futureshop has “New” Asus Transformer… Is this even the primes? In description it is, in pic it is… But in the name it doesn’t mention PRIME… WTF

    • Shake

      I think it is prime, as the SKU number is TF-201 which means prime if futureshop not kid us.

      I also called their customer service as well and they just don’t know nothing about that:-)

  • airwave

    I just ordered mine last night. apparently bestbuy has the same item but under a different product code! i calldd bestbuy and they seemed to have no idea whats going on. I preordered mine on Nov 20 and its still waiting for preorder. the one i purchased yesterday is ready to shipped now!

  • Shake

    Futureshop put a new item named ‘New! Asus 10.1″ 32GB Tablet With Wi-Fi – Grey’ with the same SKU number TF201-B1-GR-CBIL, it shown ‘avalible online’ on Dec. 25th but it becomes ‘sold out’ now.

    I put a order and theorder status shows it is ‘in-stock’ now, but it does not get shipping right now.

  • joseph gibson

    Can’t find anyone selling them in the Halifax area,is it possible to buy straight from asus?

  • Shake

    Futureshop has it again!!!

  • F**K BESTBuy

    oh my got my order was backordered again without notice. when i ordered my prime it said the product was in stock. I had chance to order from neweggs and office depot but didn’t because already ordered from bestbuy. now they are telling me they don’t have any on the stock. Go screw yourself best buy!!!

  • Sharkie

    Still no news from Staples for my 64GB Asus tablet.

  • shake

    I got my order on Jan. 2nd.


    IF you think of using this device as GPS navigator STOP and CANCEL your order at once!

    GPS in the device totally useless and ASUS will not and can not fix the issue!!