Eastlink targeting mid-2012 to launch wireless service


  • Bri

    Yess.. More competition, better service!!

  • john wu

    canada is a cheap, why the hell all the company still wants investment money in this cheap lands and waste of time, waste of money!

    • Abe

      your an i***t.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    Excellent! Now if wind could learn how to build a tower!! 13 towers! thats 13 more then Wind has!! real towers gents.. not the 30 foot ones on old antenna masts of the 60’s

  • Travis

    No iPhone……so I won’t sign up.

  • Kris Morey

    NS and PEI next year, NB 5 years later… :/

  • Tom

    “The Big 3, Rogers, Bell, and TELUS have all increased their commitment…”

    It’s their customers that have increased their commitment.

    The incumbents work hard to get their customers as committed as possible to prevent them moving to the new carriers.

    Case in point – previously you only needed to commit if you wanted a phone subsidy. Now, to even get a reasonable price plan you need to make a three year commitment. In the case of a subsidized phone I understand the rationale, but why do I have to commit to a plan?

    • razkoe


      Bell with actually give you $10 / month OFF of a Fab 10 plan if you BYOP. You don’t get the Canadian LD promo though, but you DO save $10 a month, at least in Alberta.

  • crunch204

    @Tom you can change your plan even if your in a commitment, your not locked to a certain plan for 3 years, your just locked for 3 years to a certain provider

    • Tom

      Only in theory. In reality, the good plans are only available to new customers.

      Part way into a contract I needed more minutes so I called Rogers. The options they gave me were so crazy that the C/S person was really embarrassed. My existing plan was decent because I had negotiated it as a new customer – after you are dog meat to them.

  • Terry_in_Hali

    One of the cable techs told me that Eastlink will sign up cell customers the same way they do cable service: at your door. Apparently they will send the same guy (or girl) who now does cable/internet service and in addtional to HD cable boxes, they will have cellphones on board.

    No contracts either, woohoo!

  • JP

    There goes the troll Rocco Limpreddi. Claims to be a WIND customer but we all know he works for Rogers. Rocco, why don’t you go back under the rock you came from.

  • Jeff

    …and here in NB, we’re still screwed.

    i hope to God that eastlink decides to open up in NB as well…when i lived near the NS border, we got eastlink TV (take that rogers!)

    here’s hoping that the only good thing that MAY be on the horizon from the big three comes to us (meaning…if telus could put that 2 year contract price promotion towards ALL phones instead of outdated ones…)

  • MIJ

    Great… Even these guys are in the east side, more competition is clearly the winning strategy for tyhe consumers. With Wind is getting strong day by day, and others are also putting things up, the big three will eventually bend.

    The 700 MHz auction will be very interesting. As for LTE, the newbies are already running with AWS. Once LTE is getting on its feet, this will solve the poor handset selection problem. 2012 will be very interesting!

  • Daniel AJ

    They are very late to the party. Rogers has LTE in Halifax now.