Rogers opens up online reservations (again) for the Galaxy Nexus


  • flagg

    Don’t get it. Why am I going to drop $40 to stand in an e-line when I can just walk into Rogers on launch day and get one at regular price? I think I remember why I dumped Rogers.

    • Parm

      You get the $40 back after you get the phone I think.

    • flagg

      So you’re going to LEND them $40 to get your device weeks AFTER store walk-in traffic? Still not seeing the logic here.

    • jaydee

      What if you don’t want to wait for hours at a busy Rogers store just to get a phone and would like to pick it up a week later when it’s not as busy but still want to ensure you get a phone and they don’t sell out? Then it suddenly makes sense.

    • dinmab

      1)You can cancel this and get ur money back till it gets shipped.
      2)If it gets shipped u need to wait for only 2-3 days.
      3)If my store gets 100 devices they will reserve one for me for 2-3 days. I dont have to be the first 100, stand in line or come back disappointed !!
      4)You lose nothing by doing this.
      5)Using this Rogers will be able to approximately calculate how many people will get this phone in a particular area, which will be used to calculate the number of devices that they need to ship for the initial launch.
      6)Rogers can even use this to decide if they need this particular device in their network.

  • MIJ

    Another Rogers first… Reservation fees!

  • Ozy

    You do get the $40 credited back when you pick up the device and even if you decide to cancell your reservation. So there is nothing to loose. This begs the question though… Why have the fee in the first place if you get it back no matter what you decide to do??

    • Ben

      You have a fee to make sure people reserving will come take their phone and not change their mind at last second and preventing someone else to have it

    • benhc911

      in addition to ensuring it is used by serious customers only, they can make some free interest on the money people put down now

  • shaggyskunk

    Yeah, you do get the $40.00 credited back to your account… it’s some kind of goofy accounting shuffle, if you ask me. As far as the reservation system… Take Note!! rogers has done more to pi$$ customers off, by delays, and almost immediate price drops by B.B & F.S. etc. It’s as if rogers thinks that just because someone signs up, they have got another customer in the bag AND with out doing anything more to keep you happy!

  • David Allan

    I love fees! I love paying Rogers and I love life time contracts!

    • Etowiosee

      You are only going to live for three years? In that case you probably have something better to do with your time than worrying about your cellphone contract.

  • nick m

    Change the word “fee” to “deposit”. It’s not a new concept, this happens with video games too, for example.

  • EmperumanV

    Hey, as long its not LTE I am happy :P, otherwise I’d swap my current GN for it when it comes out. Then again the LTE version won’t work as its a different baseband like in Verizon.

    • Eluder

      It’s not LTE, the only LTE version is Verizon which has CDMA fallback, so you won’t see an LTE Galaxy Nexus on any other network.

  • MARS

    Seems this site of full of people who live in fantasy land!! Why would they want a bunch of people reserving phones who are not serious in the first place! Only to cancel at the last moment effectively screwing things up for everyone else on the list. You get the $40.00 back on your next bill after you get the phone.

    I don’t see a problem with that.

    Wish these Wind trolls would stay out of the Big 3 threads!!! It’s grown man business over here.

  • G Ciok

    I don’t understand why anyone would get their device with Rogers. With the others are dropping their price almost the next day and free gift cards flying around…

    Also, Canada is just a very messed up country when it comes to the cell phone industry. 3 year contracts are disgusting, paying for caller ID and voicemail should be a crime, buying a phone outright and yet the phone is locked??? You are forced to sign up service even buying outright of a Galaxy Nexus?

    • Jamma3

      Check your facts the Galaxy Nexus is not carrier locked.
      I also bought it outright and did sign a contract just paid full price.

  • EmperumanV

    @G Ciok This particular phone is not locked, they’re just fooling the customers so they can sign a contract. Remember all pure Google devices from the Nexus One to the Galaxy Nexus are factory unlocked.

    • hinds

      its pentaband.

  • Rookie

    Who would want to buy phone without reviews..

  • HHero

    Wait was it sold out at Virgin and Bell ? I am pretty sure it wasnt

  • john wu

    come on rogers, canada is a cheap land dont waste of your time on reservation system on this expensive unit, it wont sell that much. unless you give away for $10 each no one can afford it in this cheap country, its not like hongkong which everyone pays cash for it most of everyone in here only can afford to put on credit!

    • Me

      Wish we had more slaves in Canada so we could all be as rich as the people in Hong Kong.

  • MB

    The reservation system is great for me. I signed up in the last wave, put the $40 down and now I can just kick back and wait for the phone to arrive.

    If you want it day of, go to a store day of. I’ve waited this long, I can wait an extra week or two if it comes to that. Quite a few 4S got shipped out the day of release. Im sure my #230 in line will ensure I get the device in a resonable time from launch.

    As for the contract nonsense, you can change your plan at any time to take advantage of promotions. You’ll always have a cell phone who cares if its on a contract or not.

  • Armaan

    what kinds of positions in line are people who are now reserving nexus’s getting? 400’s, 500’s, 600’s?

  • Tom@BBM

    Seriously, f**k Rogers. I have customers come by STILL waiting for their 4s, RAZR, GSII LTE and when i tell them we have it in stock and i can get it to them in 20 minutes, they lose their minds. Rightfully so, i would be pissed as well for having been screwed by these criminals. Poorly managed FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, the entire company. I hope their business ventures fail and customers begin leaving in droves.

  • KnightFire

    Ah… but how much is it going to cost?

  • Marc

    rogers never learn from their mistakes. I remember the iphone pre order. Who did get their phone first??? that is right, the people walking directly to the rogers store without preorder did get it first!
    And last question. Why would you go with rogers anyway?

  • SAM




    • dinmab

      where did u get that info from ?

  • Greg

    I just reserved and I am currently #350

  • SAM



    AND SO ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BJG

    @SAM: Why does it sound like they are not going to release it in January? I think they’ll release it as soon as the one-month of exclusivity for Bell is up…

  • Brendan

    Reserved Mine back in November. Currently #35. Just trying to decide whether i want to buy it outright or use my early upgrade. Neither way is cheap lol but i might go outright. Love my Captivate, but its just not up to par anymore. plus the OS update delays are RIDICULOUS!

  • dinmab

    The phone will be shipped to the store within a week of its launch. If i get to know that the store near me has the device i will cancel my order and go and get mine from the store. Or if the device is already shipped i will wait 2-3 days and then go and collect my device. Remember ppl we can cancel the reservation till the phone gets shipped. If the phone is already shipped it is just matter of few days !!! and ofcourse if you want to pay full price get it from bell. i am #13 in the queue, i will cancel this if my store gets the device before the thing gets shipped. You dont really lose anything by reserving.

  • dinmab

    Just got off phone from a rogers cust care person. the phone is getting released around first week of jan 🙂 (i did ask her if she saw it in the system or just giving me an guesstimate, she did see it in the system) 🙂


    Called today the retention dept. and they told me the Galaxy Nexus was gonna be released the 23 of January!!!!

  • SamoyEd

    @KARNAG3 just went into a Rogers store this morning and the 2 flop dix there said they would not be getting the Galaxy Nexus at all- “it’s a Bell exclusive”.

    I told them it was coming this month and they both hissed “no way….”

    January 23rd sounds right…thanks for posting!

  • dineshabe

    they have shipped mine just now. was #11 😀

  • BillyBlanks

    Too late I bought the White Galaxy Note instead.